Those on the left have been accusing President Donald Trump of fomenting an insurrection because of the Capitol protest. But Trump never called for violence or a riot.

But these are the same people who for four years tried to take out and undermined the duly elected president of the United States through a false Russia Collusion hoax story. These are the same people who rioted on Trump’s Inauguration Day, attacking and setting fire to thing in Washington, D.C.(By the way, all those arrested in those attacks were ultimately released without any time for their actions). These are the same people who refused to go to his election, calling him illegitimate. These are the same people who ignored attacks on federal buildings for the last several months because they were perpetrated by those on the left, ignored over 700 law enforcement officers being injured and over 32 people being killed. These are the same people who celebrated the BLM radicals at their Democrat convention. Kamala Harris and 13 Biden staffers even donated and encouraged people to donate to a fund to bail out rioters.

They’ve spent four years fomenting an effort to take Trump out. They are everything they accuse Trump of being. They failed to take him out before. But even with just 11 days left before inauguration, they’re still trying.

The New York Times ran a story today about the actions of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi behind the scenes against the president. Talk about “insurrection,” she was essentially fomenting a coup, and fomenting the military against the president, trying to remove him from the chain of command.

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  • So why is Trump not formenting the military, Trump is second to none in history for funding the military and raising the American economy.  Pelosi is essentially showing Trump what he should do to a domestic enemy...

    • I don't get it, either. One thing is for sure, the economy and therefore public finances are in excellent shape at the end of Trump's first term. So is the military that he also singlehandedly rebuilt in his first term. 

  •  Good time to clean house. Tear it down and start over. These bums in DC have done nothing but steal our money and sell us down the river. Kick out the UN, put Trump back in office and send a message to our enemies that Americans are first.

    • Hilary, I totally agree with you. America first, and Trump back in office to make America great again liked he did in his fist term. We also need Trump's honesty. He is the only one who lets us and the world knows that the US is a sham of a country, in which you can't trust elections, the courts, the legislative, law enforcement (FBI, CIA), government departments and agencies (DOJ, CDC, FDA,....). The US is not a free country and definitely not the leader of the free world. Without Trump we wouldn't be aware of any of that. Thank you, Mr President! 

    • God has the final word.

  • Agreed!!! Year five of the DEMONrat's treasonous coup against our GREAT TRADITIONAL U.S.A.!!!


  • ALL devildemocommiecrats are TRAITORS but the gop establishment is full of TRAITORS that will protect nutty nan and her ilk!!!!!

    • that's right Bob.

  • she need to be voted out of the government period.

    • Tell that to the voters in her constituency!  We know it, but apparently they are either too dishonest or just don't care. 


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