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Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), stopped by Breitbart News Saturday and gave the following message to Democrat politicians: “Retire or you’re going to lose next fall.”

Boyle opened the show asking the Chairman his plans for Republicans to retake the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and remove Rep. Nancy Pelosi from the Speaker’s position.

“You win campaigns with great candidates, with the right message, and with enough resources to make sure that message gets out. I don’t expect that we’re ever going to have their resources. I mean, these democrats they burn money in the streets, Matt,” Emmer said. “But again, we have enough resources, we have the right candidates, we have the message. We’re going to be very successful.”

Emmer went on to discuss the Republicans’ record-breaking recruitment numbers ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

“Right now, we’re once again breaking records. Recruitment, we’ve got over 830 candidates that have already been filed as Republicans for the U.S. House,” he said. “In that number, there’s a record number of women, there’s a record number of candidates from minority communities, record number of veterans.”

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  • One hopes but with the incompetent handling of crooked elections I don't see how anything will change. Far more control is needed like 24 hour armed guards at election stations since we don't have a DOJ anymore.

  • If the "Voters" can do it in Seattle, it can be done everywhere in these United States!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • ...until the fraudulent maneuvers occur, including vote-flipping, LBD.  RINOs and dems are blocking or slow-footing forensic audits.  And now, arriving at the mid-terms, a new pandemic is announced by the dems.  Ha!  So, we must force the issue.  With mid-terms around the corner (9/11), what would you do to force clean elections in '22 and/or correct the 2020 elections.  Your plan?

  • Just pray they don';t steal the midterms like Nov 3

    • Praying for wisdom, guidance, and all other help is first.  Second is action.  Call your state reps and senators to ascertain what has been done to correct 2020 and what is being done to assure that 2022 is on secure ground.  Finally get involved with the above actions.

  • I know that all who post here want the communist dems removed. And if we are to survive, this must absolutely happen. And let’s imagine that an election is honest (enough) for that to happen. Then what? These same traitorous, scum still live here. The squad still lives here. Nobody is going to deport those vipers. Killary and Obuttholes and all the rest that have never given up power but slithered into the shadows. So what do we do IF a good administration replaces the present communist regime? Traitors used to get executed. That’s just not going to ever happen here.

  • We will see how the republicans support te newcomers! They love the next in line rule, to elect those who showed them they are willingly to do as they're told!

  • The Communist Liberal Democrats must be removed for the country to go forward.

  • What do the democrat women wear white tops for? are they wearing straight jackets or what?

    • Mike, if they aren't wearing strait jackets they should be. 


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