• MaxiePAD needs a STRONG taste of CANCEL CULTURE, PERIOD! Remove this VERMIN from our misery NOW!

  • Need to have more proven information before going that far.  I am not convince that the CP and the dems. were not the guilty party.  


  • She's not only a stupid idiot with a big mouth, she's 100% evil.

  • This is how major domestic crack downs, round ups, and even civil wars get started.

    The Biden administration, fresh off of months of embarrassing defeats to their legislative agenda, is now completely turning inward on Patriotic American people to paint them as “enemies of the state.”

    Interesting: Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced on May 11 that Biden directed Homeland Security to establish an internal, dedicated, intelligence team to focus on domestic terrorism. Today June 16 the Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family. History Repeats its self: As Famous German Guy in the late 1930's to mid 40's called for the same action from the people and established the exact same type of team! In fact the Team had a phrase: "Fur Ihre Sicherheit" translation: "It's For Your Safety" and we all know how that turned out for 6 million Jews and 9 million Polish people!

  • She is so full of S*** the demoncrats are completley responsible

  • Martha, I suspect the various people like this ass hat, pelosi, Omar, aoc, get elected because of long standing fraud and pathetically weak minded biased, or simply ignorant people. I too have often wondered how it is possible .

  • I really wonder about the people who keep re-electing this lying disreputable jackass.  She is completely evil without any good atgtributes.

    • From rigged elections of corse.

  • Give Maxine the troublemaker  tin medal !!!

  • it's well known that the Democrats are responsible for and planned the Capitol Riots

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