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  • Gentle readers I take great pride pride in the fact that I am a nsty old retired federal law enforcement officer and everyone who has ever worked with knows I hate doing paper work but this does not preclude me from reading everything in federal law from the Code of federal regulations to Title 18 the Federal Criminal Code and as much as it may shock you I have even read  Section 230 of Communications Decency Act which I find very funny and very inetersting at the very same time. Gentle readers consider the imlications which neiter Twiter’s Jack Patrick Dorse nor Facebook’s Mark Elliot Zukerburg have nor have even considered and which I learned when I was a little boy from some of my father’s lawyer friends “a lawyer who has himself for a client has a fool for a clieant.” So anytime you see any politician from the lowest ward healer from former Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden’s father to a very distinguished federal jurist who shale remain unnamed the get their own lawyer since the Cannos of the American Bar Association require a lawyer to protect the rights of their clients. I do not care how intelligent you are nor how intelligent you think you just remember the phrase “how no pride when it is time to ride out of Whiekey Creek.”

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