• Damn commie/marxist's....hang them ALL

    • That works for me

    • Works for me as well!

  • Time for the department of education, set up by Jimmy Carter, to be disbanded. 

  • The voters in that school district need to throw the bums out in the next election.  They are committing treason at best, socialism education aligned with communism at worst.

  • Time to fire those responsible...................arrest them as well.

  • First fire the teachers !!! Then go after the teacher Unions! They are the root of the problem!!

  • Local prosecutors need to be read in on Child abuse, endangerment, and neglect laws... use them to prosecute the psychological abuse of our children.... offering sexually explicit materials to young children, exposing children to transvestites and sexually confused students and administration, singling out a child for public discipline for nothing more than the color of their skin and all the other social and educational subject matters that ABUSE or put our children at risk.

    If the Prosecutor or DA won't pursue such crimes FIRE THEM and let them know they will not be able to make it in private practice either as they will be professionally blacklisted.  Prosecutors need to be seriously reminded of who they serve.... and it isn't some school administrator.

    • That's the problem Colonel.  The system isn't very conducive to accountability.  It's become impossible to fire some of these elected officals and they know it.

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