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President Donald Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19 late Thursday, hours after he confirmed that White House adviser Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus earlier that day.




Despite receiving well wishes and safe recovery from some, other comedians, actors, political candidates, former political staffers, journalists, and other verified Twitter users celebrated and mocked Trump’s diagnosis.



Former MSNBC co-host of “The Cycle” publicly announced that he would not pray for Trump or the First Lady’s recovery. A former Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson also expressed her desire that both Trump and Melania die.

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  • There are vile, insane & cruel people in the conservative movement -- but they are a tiny -- miniscule -- minority...while on the Left vile, insanely cruel speech & action seems to be a mode behavior... perhaps even the norm.


    • Bob...well & wisely said, my brother.


    • Jim, another way to say it is that on the conservative side vile, cruel, and insane are the exception rather than the rule while on the libtard side they are the rule rather than the exception.  Leftists hate God, America, liberty, and anyone who loves them.  Libtards have no decency in them and the common libtard is too stupid to see what happens to them if they get their way.  Every dictator in history has turned on theoir supporters once they had murdered or imprisoned all their enemies and this current bunch won't be any different.  I daily pray for our nation, all of the politicians, bureaucrats, judges, and minions.  I pray that God will either soften the hearts of the radicals or remove them from positions of authority and that includes the propagandist media drones.  I NEVER pray or hope they die.  I am glad ginsberg no longer defiles the supreme court but am not "happy" that she died.  There are others who should resign or God will hopefully remove from the bench as they have continually violated the oath they swore to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  Love of God and country has become evil in our nation.  It started when the deep state murdered John F. Kennedy and took over in a coup.

    • you are right that's the reason why we need to know and be informed about the people that's running for office.


  • Biden these are your idiots followers that you defend now you know why Americans don't support your socialist party you don't care about the country as President Trump 

    • that's the fact


  • Well, well God is greater than Man and he is in charge of everything

  • 7995040665?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • America frirst, AMEN,  AMEN,  AMEN,  AMEN,  AMEN!!!!!

  • Americans are praying to God that you and the President stay healthy and safe. God bless the entire Trump family!

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