• WOW ! the author of the Russian hoax coup is lecturing us about a coup ?? What an idiot

  • She should have been hung for Uranium One alone. 

    She should have been hung for Bengazi alone. 

    And over 100 "suicided" people. Where is the justice for any one of these crimes

  • When she finally ends up at GITMO for her many, many,many crimes and IS convicted and sentenced to hang they should make it available to the public to watch through Pay Per View. $25 ,$50 hell I'd pay $100 to watch this bitch make that drop at the end of the rope. Also make it available on DVD so we can watch it over and over again as we watch and toast it with a beer.

    • Heck no! As much as she already cost us it should be on all channels free, just like Saddam Hussein was!


  • How can this idiots be in our government which defend freedom and yet support communist control we have to defend all this idiots 

  • Global fascists and murdering thieves!! out to destroy our country and steal our freedom,our lives and our nation.

    Here she is, another enemy of freedom, on a global fascist propaganda network.

  • She should know what she's saying.  After all, she paid for a false dossier to illegally go after her opponent in an election that is the cornerstone of our democracy.  Talk about somebody who is deplorable.  She fits the bill to a tee.  

  • This horrible borad needs to be in jail, it's long overdue

  • never fails, whatever they are they blame us for! It's amazing to me, and what is even more amazing is that the people who vote for these anti Americans aren't seeing through all this.

  • I wish that sorry POS would just disappear. I can't even blame Bill Clinton for his extra affairs. Who the hell would want to look at that fugly bitch?

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