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Republicans on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee voted on Wednesday to greenlight subpoenas and depositions as part of an investigation into the FBI’s Russia probe and the Obama administration. 

The 8-6 party line vote authorizes Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the chairman of the committee, to issue a combination of subpoenas and set up closed-door depositions with approximately 40 individuals. 

The votes come less than two months before the November election, injecting fresh acrimony into the Wednesday committee meeting where Johnson accused Democrats of a “coordinated spear” against his probes. Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.), the top Democrat on the panel, accused Republicans of a “partisan fishing expedition.” 

“I’m disappointed that our committee is once again meeting to discuss the authorization of subpoenas instead … of the serious challenges facing Americans,” Peters said. “Your own public comments … state that your desire to reinvestigate these matters demonstrates the alarming partisan nature of this investigation which is designed to influence the presidential election.” 

The votes give Johnson the power to set up depositions with dozens of officials he previously got authorization to subpoena in June.

But those subpoenas ran into a snag in August, when Peters accused Johnson of violating the committee’s rules by trying to set up the interview without support from Peters or a majority of the committee to formally issue the deposition notice.  

Johnson blasted Peters on Wednesday accusing him of forcing the votes to authorize the depositions “based on an absurd interpretation of committee rules.” 

But Wednesday’s vote also authorizes subpoenas of new individuals including former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr. 

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  • The wizards of Mandamus ... do waive their wands of usurped judicial power, ordering Presidents and Congress about... Charging them to give heed to their beck and call.

    Judges in their black Robes... wizards of calligraphy all, do with incantations on parchment, cast laws, imbued with otherworldly powers, these wizards of Mandamus, do with chains of tyranny, hold captive our nation.

  • Yep, some of the more radical suggestions below remind one of the BLM and Antifa protesters, as in: "Burn the whole thing down and start over!" Our constitutional system has worked better than any other in the world, and for longer than any other in the world; that's for 233 years this week. All that is necessary to overcome the latest hiccups and setbacks is for enough good, patriotic citizens to be informed and active. But those who wish to trash everything and start over may have that opportunity in November, if the radicals follow through with their apparent plan to sow discord and create more and more revolutionary chaos before and after the election. God Bless America! ...... but if He doesn't we don't have a snowball's chance in hell.

  • Time to give obammy a wedgie !

    • Obama is an "Orkle" isn't ne?

  • Just more political theater designed to placate those calling for blood... indictments, and prosecution.   More Delay and Obstruction of Justice... justice delayed is, in fact, justice denied and it is the GOP doing it... not the Dem's.  Ask yourself WHY?  Is the GOP aligned with the New World Order? 

    Has the leadership in the GOP violated the laws of the United States... Is there a defined undercurrent of deceit and disregard for our Constitution and Republican form of Government in the GOP?  Why has Hillary Clinton and her cohorts escaped indictment for a  range of serious crimes?  It certainly isn't for the enforcement of our laws by GOP leadership... in the DOJ, FBI, and Congress... among other agencies of government.

    Who's fooling whom... Dorothy and Toto are being hung out to dry, as the Wizard hides behind a curtain of shame and deciet... The wicked witch of the West is calling down fire on Oz and the land is aflame with violence and insurrection.  Where are the men of steel to demand justice and the restoration of law and order, among the leaders in DC?  Will it take the people to rise up and march on the Bastille of corruption in DC... too, let the blood of tyrants run red in our Captiols streets, or will it be by Constitutional Order and the rule of law... enforced by honorable men... who are willing to establish justice in the land ?  It appears that the People themsleves may be required to act if we are to return to Constitutional order in our Republic.

    • Colonel I feel sure you remember my advocating a COS as the ultimate solution for our centuries accumulated political ills. The People must own the responsibility and resolution to numerous issues of OUR Republic. The apathetic dis-connected attitude that "I am just one person and too busy to bother. I cannot make a change" cannot be accomidated anymore. Clear evidence of current events make freeloader citizenship not just hazardous, but suicidal. We are all connected by the hip as citizens. So with a persistant parsed call to reason must also follow the blunt appeal that the world does not owe anyone a living. Ignoring the technocrat oligarchs will not be blithe ignorance, but a self-fulfilling death sentence. These few have the long range planning, resources, and intention of killing just about all of us eventually, to take the World for themselves as an earthly paradise, with technology making up the loss of humanities utility for them. Bastards!

    • Yep, and some are acting, instead of just ranting and raving about what is wrong. Sixteen states onboard, and thousands of activist patriots are working on the remaining eighteen to call a Convention of States to take back our government.

    • Yes, Rick, "some are ACTING"  they take led rolls in the latest Kabuki Theator production of ... 'Can We Fool The People All Of The Time.'  or 'Dumb And Dummer'. a sequal based on Russia Gate and the Deep State's dance with the God Father of crime... produced by a bipartisan cabal of long term denisons of the swamp. 

    • Sorry to hear that you feel that way. But like the man said, "Lead, follow, or just get the hell out of the way." The Convention of States has plenty of room for the first two, and none for the last.

    • At one time I did not support an Article 5 Convention of States... primarily because it is a risky proposition when one doesn't trust those running the convention... or those who may hijack it.  However,  I now support is as there is no other peaceful avenue to reform... All other Constitutional means have failed after numerous tries to use them for reform.   Missouri has passed legislation to call for a Convention of states... it appears that some 21 others have either one house in support or are actively engaged. It takes 34 States to call the convention. We have 15 States that have endorsed the Convention. If14 out of the 21 working on endorsing the convention do so in their next legislative session we could see a convention in 2021 0r 2022.

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