• Only idiots and lunatics are on MSNBC. They wouldn't know anything about being a real patriot if it slapped them in the face. And this manufactured CRT is nothing but communism invented to divide America into classes - Obama leading the way

  • Fraud election Quid Pro Joe ain't flying,

    accountabilty ain't goin away,

    and Joy Reid has none.

  • Brain dead broad

  • Keep your school boards in line, ban teachers unions, give the teachers that teach real history a raise 

  • Dear Administrator - you are being nice.  Calling Joyless Greid a lady is really stretching it!  As for Joyless' reporting, all I can say is disgusting.  She uses "buzz" words for which she doesn't even know the meaning.  She obviously cannot identify a grass roots movement when she sees it (guess her eyes must be wide shut)!

  • JACKASS‼️‼️


      Is she supposed to be a libtard counter to Tucker Carlson?

      That would bring peals of laughter to me!

    • 👏👍 🤪 ⚠️

  •  First of all, I don't know what a QAnon is either, call me stupid. The one thing I do know is that the majority of Blacks are coming to get Whites, they have been coming to get us since the "Civil Rights Act" came into law. Most Blacks judge Whites for the color of their skin not morals or respect or fairness or anything good, other than the color of your skin. "White trash”, as well are as ignorant as these types of Blacks, they can't get past it, period!! One thing I always ask myself is how many Whites died in the civil war to free the Blacks from slavery? And, yes, there are a lot of Whites who have the same ignorant thought pattern! Most of the US population dose not have Jesus in their lives and that’s the biggest problem with all of us.

    • Really funny. What party was the party of the KKK? Easy Democrats. What was the party of Lincoln that freed the slaves? Any intelligent person would know it was Republican. Which party backed and supported Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement? Republicans. Which party divided And broke up the black families using free money, free housing, Obama Phones, etc? It wasn't Republicans. Which party openly is anti-Christian, want to reduce the black population and done so very successfully via planned parenthood? Take a guess, it's not Republicans. When are people going to wake up? They even take away their guns in cities like Chicago so that only criminals can have guns and kill innocent kids. I don't understand why are they so blind? Fortunately some are starting to wake up because of people like Trump.

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