Edward Snowden-Hero or Traitor?

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President Donald Trump should pardon Edward Snowden.


I know, it's embarrassing -- Assange, Manning, Snowden... Who did what?

I got them confused before I researched this topic. National security isn't my beat. I finally educated myself this month because I got a chance to interview Snowden, the CIA/NSA employee who told the world that our government spied on us but lied to Congress about it.

Now Snowden hides from American authorities.

We talked via Zoom.

Fourteen years ago, when Snowden worked for the CIA, and then the NSA, he signed agreements saying he would not talk about what he did. I confronted him about breaking his promise.

"What changed me," he answers, "was the realization that what our government actually does was very different than the public representation of it."

The NSA's mass surveillance program was meant to find foreign terrorists. When congressmen asked NSA officials if, without warrants, they collected data on Americans, they lied and said, "No."

"There was a breathtaking sweep of intentional knowing public deception," says Snowden. "We're capturing everything that your family is doing online."

I asked Snowden if his co-workers had qualms.

"In private, some said, 'This is crazy. I'm not sure this is legal, but you know what happens to people who talk about this.'"

What does happen?

Nothing terrible, said President Barack Obama, who claimed Snowden could have revealed the government's lawbreaking legally. "There were other avenues available," he told reporters.

"What he said was incorrect," Snowden tells me.

Government officials protect themselves by discrediting those who reveal inconvenient truths. Previous whistleblowers lost their jobs. Some were shocked to be subjects of dawn raids by federal police with guns drawn.

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  •  I would not extend a pardon to Manning, though. That guy was a traitor.


  • We would not even be aware of the "Deep State" if it were not for Edward Snowden. President Trump should very secretly pardon him; because, you would not want Vladimir to be tipped off in advance. Bring him home and seriously debrief him, and I would even give him an Officer's Commission to keep him safe (he would be in just as much danger from Deep State actors as he would from Vladimir) and then use him to figure out how to defang the Deep State forever. I would grant the pardon contingent up 6 years service as an Officer in the Military Intellegence.

  • Personally, I am not sure which Snowden is, traitor or hero. I lean towards the latter given the scenario I have observed today.  LaSange I believe has done nothing a good journalist wouldn't do.  I think he should have a legal case against his antagonists. I am not familiar with the Manning case. 

  • Well I remember every one, and they are HEROES who deserve pardon and Heroes welcomes home!

  • PARDON BOTH on the condition they both meet with Trump and his leagal team and tell them everything they know.

    • This sounds like a really great idea.


  • Only my HO, if not for Snowden, Asange and Manning, WE THE PEOPLE would have known "nothing" of what was plotted against us during the entire illegal fraudbama reign of criminality.  So, to my way of thinking (and I could be wrong, I sometimes am) they should ALL be pardoned; they are not traitors, but were the ones who outed the real traitors, for all of US to see!

  • All evil needs to succed is for good men to do nothing.

    They heard the rattle of our chains of bondage.


  • So, does anybody really believe that Hillary's transgressions weren't at least 10X more damaging and she's still taking up space on this planet!

  • Yes.  Assange and Snowden should be pardoned.

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