• In his home there exist a Shrine to the Reverend Jimmy Jones.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Evil has raised it's ugly head, and it is a many headed serpent.

    • Yes it has.   And all the snake's heads must be removed.

  • Veterinarian Supply

    It is in a tube with the weight gauge on the plunger.

  • There are a lot of Hospital Administrators, Doctors, Government Department Heads that are going to  experience the wrath of the people,  if our Justice Department does not prosecute...   With protocols and vaccines that has killed & maimed thousands, if not millions,  by the time its all over.  One wayor the other, JUSTICE will be served...  They will NOT get away with it!!

  • Any body know a good veterinarian??

  • Why are the democrats out to kill the America people???? All about money and power??


    • Population control is the goal.


    • Hit the nail on the head!

    • Yup, they lost sight of decency, th only see money signs and power!

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