• In the end the discussion is a waste of time because Almighty God has the final word and the homosexual, trans crowd will find out God's rules, not what they choose to think, will determine their eternal destination!!!!!!!!!!


  • Doctors may "guess" at gender but Almighty God DOES NOT GUESS and it is HE who determines gender and how it is defined!!!!!  The satanic left thinks they have the final word but God's final Word to them will be "depart from me, I never knew you" as they are cast into the Lake of Fire to suffer for all eternity!!!!!!!!!!

  • Name-calling in this matter is not enough for a truly enightened and aware society.  Such a society would investigate the causal realm for things going on in their society.  In this instance, lo and behold: It turns out that at a particular, early stage of fetal development an imbalance in the hormona bath that said fetus is developing in can result in a male-patterned brain being 'wired' into a biologically female body and vice versa and every stage along the abnormal spectrum in between, like trannies.  The causes are varied.  An abnormality in the adrenal glands of the developing fetus or the mother or both.  Endocrine disruptors/estrogen mimics in the environment, from the likes of plastics, pesticides/herbicides, and The Pill.  Stress - of all kinds, physical, mental, emotional (there are a higher number of homosexually-inclined chidren born in the wake of wars than the normal background 'noise' can account for, e.g.).  And a biggie: Drugs ike barbiturates, prescribed to pregnant females without sufficient regard for their potential effects on the developing fetus.  In short: This LGBTQ+ phenomenon is like a canary in a coal mine, alerting the society to the fact that there is something amiss in its environment; and it would do well to start paying attention to that factor, and make some necessary corrections; not simply to point fingers at the strange bird lying  (lieing??) at the bottom of its cage.                

    • Your theory might be correct if you believe homosexuality is genetic/ environmental..... not a choice!

    • Stan, with a number of highly respected Medical Doctors whom have opined on this subject, and the strange sex manipulation being documented. One has to think is this just a simple occurrence or (Hold on let me get my Conspiracy Theory hat on... LOL!)...  Something more evil being instilled via our food, medicines and environment? My personal feeling it's Something more Evil! 

    • Given everything that is going down these days, one definitely has to wonder.  But  the basic facts can still cover it; particularly our polluted environment and our fixation with Western allopathic Medicine and their bag of tricks.  However, it is certainly aso true that given the NWO crowd's control of so many of our institutions - and their philosophy that Crisis = Opportunity - they would dearly love to create class warfare in this country, and using the LBGTQ+ as a 'class' is working wonders for them, along with increasing the use of American blacks as their cannon fodder, via the CRT and 1619 Project 'things'.  They are nothing if not clever.  Our one hope is an awakening of the massof the American Public to what is going on, and putting a stop to "the best-laid plans of mice and men" in this regard.          

    • Apologies for the typos.  (I get carried away sometimes, and don't prperly vet my posts.)

  • "LGBTQ Alphabets" - So lop body parts off, but what if like the Hollywood Chihuahua trend... this fad dies out too? Oops...

    • Have you noticed the left's shift from abortion to LGBTQ? It was all about women's health...get an abortion! How th twisted abortion into health is puzzling to a Normal mind! This also will pass, the question is how much damage will be done before the left moves onto the next thing they can divide us on?

  • A blind man can Tell the difference between a boy and a girl, doesn't take science or a genius! People figured it out for thousands of years before there was such a thing a science!

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