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  • We know this is a shot that is useless just like the mask they should go to the trash. This idiots get so much money from the taxpayers and as long it continue nothing will improve time to look somewhere else where people live matters more than profits 

  • Some will never be "Indoctrinated." No matter the methods, attempts and means to persuade.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • IDIOT! They are educated about this shot.....that's why they will not take it!


  • The same people that say My Body My Choice when it comes to killing unborn babies, yet they have an opposite opinion when it comes to taking the demonic jab. No thank you. I don't need to be fed false information about the Bill Gates/ Rockefeller graphine oxide AI technology so called Vaccine. My body, my choice. I don't need any of the vaccine induced blood clots. I already gave my own I'm dealing with and don't need any more thank you. Saying no to depopulation and new world order. So I wonder, why don't they educate congress. They must need to be educated as well, since they are not mandated to take the jab.

  • Walensky added, “There is a plan should these people not want to be vaccinated towards education and counseling to get people the information they need so that they are feeling comfortable in getting vaccinated.”

    There are many calibers of reply by many repliers, to and for those who would insist on imposing their will on others bodily autonomy. And that is informational awareness that is vital to the health of those that intend so.

  • Here is a stupid question....Is ALL of biden adminastration total brainless isiots????

  • F..K You and your plan I have an education for you It’s called Freedom and it’s worth dying for

  • We don't need to wait until the mid terms.  We need to act now to rid this country of a blight, that will eventually take our country down.  No democrat should be left in office.  The party should be banned as terrorist.  Their sole purpose is to move this country left into a communist ruled country.  It will take nothing short of a shooting war to stop this movement.  They are importing radical warrors across the souther border everyday.  It is time to act now.  


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