• AMEN!!

  • It's called dementia. He's had it for years, even in his basement where he conducted his illegal campaign 

  • Just another proof that Biden is not capable of being President.

  • Ronald, no argument, pray that they repent, if nothing then pray God to remove them.

  • Proves joe is just a front man.  Sad !!

  • joe biden is a communist so both of them should get along just fine.

    • At least Putin is a Christian. Trump & Putin got along just fine. Some even say he is one of the white hats. The old Putin that was part of the KGB was executed years ago. He even fired one of his generals that said the USA was one of the top targets for his country. Instead. Putin said the Anunnaki was his # 1 concern. Same as cabal. 

    • Define what is a Christian because Mr. Putin is far from being a Christian?

  • What else can you expect from a puppet?

    • I totlly agree. They tell what to say on the cards or through a speaker in his ear.

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