Amazon showed it has its limits when it comes to its dedication to diversity and inclusion when it failed to continue streaming a critically acclaimed and popular documentary on the only black Supreme Court justice during Black History Month.

Recently, Amazon Prime dropped Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words, an acclaimed and popular PBS documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas, making it unavailable to stream during Black History Month.  Thomas is our nation’s only black justice currently serving on the U.S. Supreme Court, and one would think that between Amazon’s claim to “building an inclusive culture” and the fact that it’s Black History Month, Amazon would want to stream this inspiring documentary on its platform.

In fact, Amazon Prime created an entire Amplify Black Voices page on its site that “feature[s] a curated collection of titles to honor Black History Month across four weekly themes (Black Love, Black Joy, Black History Makers, and Black Girl Magic).”  There are scores of films available to stream, including four films available on the Amazon Prime site to stream (two docudramas and two documentaries) on Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, a liberal icon and our nation’s first black Supreme Court justice.  There are even two films (one docudrama and one documentary) on Anita Hill, who came forward during Thomas’ confirmation hearing to claim that Thomas had sexually harassed her.  (Hill’s story never added up and, and as reflected in a NY Times/CBS News poll after the Senate confirmation hearings, American men and women believed Thomas by a 2-1 margin.)

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  • I already cancelled Amazon and closed my account. Sucks I have to find somewhere else to buy all the stuff I used to buy on Amazon but the hell with them. I refuse to support them. Same with facebook. 

  • We need a low NOW, not sometime in the future that makes it a Federal Crime to silence free speech.  The penalty should be 10 years in prison, and a one million dollar fine.  We have to make the penalty so great that no tech company or individual will dare break the law.

  • A couple of items:

    A few days ago some miscreant on TPO commented about Jerry Nadler being a "KIKE as are all Jews". That's a paraphrase ... not the exact words. Abominable!! That bigot should have been chastised by everyone here ... we don't need that filth on TPO!!


    Second item ... I searched high and low for the video about Clarence Thomas ... blocked by PBS, etc. "Created Equal - Clarence Thomas in His Own Words" ... finally found it:

    I've not yet removed ads in the video (I will do that).

    The video is almost 2 hours long ... profound ... please view and listen to it!!

    P.S. Sanctimonious Joe Biden tore into Clarence Thomas during Thomas' hearing re appointment to the Supreme Court ... yep, santimonious Joe Biden, like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth ... yep, the same Joe Biden in bed with the Chinese communists.

    Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words (2020)
    The notoriously tight-lipped justice breaks his silence in a rare tell-all about escaping a childhood of poverty to serve on America’s highest court.
  • Now PBS made "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words" unavailable. Damn!!

  • Regarding my note below about Amzon's appalling action re Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, here is email address for Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon:

    The cancel crap aint OK in my life!

  • Appalling!! I just sent a note expressing my disgust with Amazon to Attorney Leo Terrell. All of us here should do the same: "Attorney Leo Terrell" My wife and I have an Amazon Prime account ... FOR NOW!! If I don't get an answer from Amazon about their outrageous action, we'll be gone!! Am I pissed? Guess what!!

  • Where are the so called black leaders on this story?????????

  • I guess we should cancel Amazon Prime AND Amazon

  • You're not allowed to be black if you're  conservative. Funny how black race started out as Republicans and were hoodwinked into believing demoncraps had ever helped them. But demoncraps are skilled at stealing. 

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