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ANTIFAIL: ‘Massive Antifa’ Trump 
Protests FAIL ACROSS the United States
{} ~ The liberal plot to “overthrow” the Trump administration with nationwide protests in every major American city hit one major snag... on the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s election: no one showed up. According to Fox News, organizers planned a weekend’s worth of demonstrations leading up to Election Day 2017, with Antifa activists shutting down traffic and bringing US towns and cities to a virtual stand-still in protest to the Trump “regime.” The group behind the protests, Refuse Fascism, had “hoped for a million people” to gather in Seattle, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and other major cities. The actual numbers were slightly lower; with just 1,000 people turning up to “take town” Trump...
Sanctions are Working: North Korea 
Panics as Trump Tightens the Noose
{} ~ Economic sanctions passed by the United Nations and the U.S. Congress, as forcefully implored by the Trump administration... appear to be having their desired effect on the North Korean leadership. As President Trump embarks on a tour of Asia, Pyongyang leaders are beginning to panic as the noose tightens around their insular dictatorship. The crushing sanctions have imperiled the Kim Jong Un regime in a way that prior attempts have not, leading the North Korean mission to the UN to beg for a reprieve. “The U.S.-led racket of brutal sanctions and pressure against the DPRK constitutes contemporary human rights violation and genocide,” they said in a statement. “These sanctions threaten and impede the enjoyment by the people of the DPRK of their human rights in all sectors. All types of anti-human rights and inhumane sanctions against the DPRK should be terminated immediately and thoroughly.” Putting aside the monstrous irony of this regime calling out the international community for human rights violations, this plea for relief is a clear sign that Trump’s hardline stance against Kim Jong Un is bearing fruit...
Israel's Coming War with Hezbollah
{} ~ Donald Trump’s feud with North Korea’s “Little Rocket Man” notwithstanding, the most likely major war on the horizon is one between Israel and Hezbollah... the Lebanese Shiite militia that, thanks to years of experience and an increasingly lethal arsenal, has become part of the vanguard in Iran’s drive for hegemony in the Near East. Indeed, such a war would be a huge next step for Iran after its rescue of the Assad regime in Syria and its increasingly powerful posture in post-ISIS Iraq. For just such reasons, this war would be a potential tipping point in the Middle East balance of power, a frightfully violent prospect that is equally ripe with strategic opportunity for the United States. As Willy Stern chronicled in these pages last year “Missiles Everywhere,” June 20, 2016, an Israel-Hezbollah conflict would be nasty and brutish but not short. Ever since its 2006 clash with Israel, Hezbollah has been stockpiling hundreds of thousands of rockets, missiles, and mortars capable of reaching not just border areas but deep into Israel. This arsenal includes hundreds of ballistic missiles capable of carrying chemical warheads—some of Assad’s chemical weaponry no doubt made its way to Hezbollah—as well as substantial conventional explosives. More important is their improved accuracy; Hezbollah might actually hit something for a change, and not just large cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv but military bases and airports. Despite Israel’s successful development of missile defenses like the “Iron Dome,” “Arrow,” and “David’s Sling,” it’s unlikely that an all-out or sustained series of attacks could be fully blunted...
Steve Bannon: Pulosi Will Try to Impeach
Donald Trump if Republicans Lose the House
{} ~ Breitbart News executive chairman and former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon warned a room full of immigration activists on a Washington, DC... afternoon that House Minority Leader Nancy Pulosi lives for that “one more bullet in the chamber,” to impeach President Donald Trump if Democrats win back the House of Representatives. Bannon called out House Speaker Paul Ryan for attempts to “slip amnesty into a spending bill,” warning also that if he continues to press for amnesty, “Republicans are going to lose the House of Representatives.” “It’s so obvious,” said Bannon, who further alerted the crowd at the Remembrance Project conference that “if they lose the House of Representatives, you’ve already got a Wall Street billionaire in Tom Steyer up there putting what? Millions of dollars in the ads to do one thing, what? Impeach the president of the United States. That’s all Nancy Pulosi lives for.”...
by Burt Preluskey
It has long mystified me that Communism has a stranglehold on so many people. When you stop and think about it, there’s little difference in the reality of life under the thumb of Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, Hugo Chavez and Benito Mussolini.

In fact, there has never been a Communist leader who didn’t have a great deal of blood on his hands. And yet, here in America, millions of people have always had a soft spot in their hearts for tyrants, so long as they called themselves Communists.       

If you go back to the late 30s and early 40s, America’s card-carrying traitors vehemently opposed our getting into World War II. It was only after Hitler double-crossed Stalin and invaded Russia that the likes of Lillian Hellman, Paul Robeson, Dashiell Hammett, Dalton Trumbo, Anne Revere, Marsha Hunt, Larry Parks, Howard Da Silva, Burgess Meredith, Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin, Aaron Copland, Sterling Hayden and Edward G. Robinson, started waving the flag, having decided it was imperative that we enter the war as soon as possible.

During the 1950s, while spies like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were swiping the secrets of the atom bomb for the Soviet Union, their fellow Communists and fellow travelers were waging a campaign calling for America’s disarmament.

And when Sen. Joe McCarthy began spreading the word that our State Department was rife with Russian spies, including Alger Hiss, who was Harry Truman’s fair-haired boy and the first secretary-general of the UN, the Left did everything in its power to stigmatize Wisconsin’s junior senator. They even blamed him for the Hollywood blacklist, even though as a U.S. senator, he had nothing to do with the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), which conducted all the hearings that led to the jailing of the Hollywood Ten and turning scores of others into personas non-grata.

It didn’t help McCarthy that in real life, he came across looking and sounding every bit as thuggish as he was depicted in Herblock’s vicious cartoons.

I have never understood why so many Americans would have betrayed their homeland for the sake of the Soviet Union, a country that not only killed millions of their farmers for being unwilling to turn their land over to the state, but was as anti-Semitic under Stalin as it had been under the various czars, and then, for good measure, turned Eastern Europe into one enormous gulag.

As someone who has worked in Hollywood for nearly 50 years, I have no idea why so many in the industry are still under the impression that Communism is preferable to capitalism, and why they think that those who were blacklisted during the 1950s were innocent martyrs. There may not have been a law prohibiting membership in the Communist Party, but these were writers, producers, actors and directors, who took their marching orders from the Kremlin and who tithed a tenth of their salaries to the Politburo. You can’t help wondering what possessed them.

There is a very illustrative story told about screenwriter Albert Maltz, who would eventually be one of those who came to be called the Unfriendly Ten, and about whom Billy Wilder cracked: “Two had talent, the other eight were just unfriendly.”

It seems that Maltz, a member of the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA), had the temerity to write an article for the New Masses, a left-wing magazine, in which he chastised his fellow Party members for allowing their political agenda to trump their artistic integrity.

In Hollywood, which in many ways is like a small town, the shock waves hit as if an A-bomb had been dropped on MGM. Immediately, the card-carriers mobilized. That meant that every left-wing stooge for miles around converged on Maltz’s home for what would now be called an intervention.

For hours on end, they bombarded Maltz, doing their best to show him what an act of betrayal it had been to suggest, as he had, that one had a loyalty to something other than the Soviet Union. Eventually, he caved. His punishment consisted of writing a second article, which appeared in the Daily Worker, in which he pretty much pleaded guilty to temporary insanity.

As if that weren’t enough, Maltz then had to denounce himself at a series of CPUSA meetings.

We would all like to think we would have told the creeps gathered in his living room to go fly a kite. But you must keep in mind that Hollywood’s left-wing faction was a very tight fraternity, almost an extended family. For the most part, the husbands and wives had no social life, exclusive of the Party. The husbands all worked together at the studios. Their kids played together and went to the same schools and summer camps. To have stood up to the gang and defended what he had written would have meant that Maltz and his family would have been set adrift, treated like untouchables.

What’s more, the Communists had their own blacklist. As producers, directors and story editors, they could pretty much freeze you out of the industry.

But at least, they couldn’t ship you off to Siberia or line you up in front of a firing squad. At least not at the time. But they had hopes.

Perhaps the sorriest case to come out of the blacklist was Lee J. Cobb born Lee Jacoby. For some reason or other, HUAC had permitted him to testify in secret. It allowed him to not only continue working, but to maintain his reputation among his fellow Communists. For over a year, he was allowed to carry on the charade, allowed to sympathize with friends who saw their own careers crash and burn. However, one day, someone on the Committee, whether intentionally or accidentally, let it slip that Cobb had named names, as they used to say.

A sidebar to the story is that Cobb was soon provided with the role of his movie career, that of Johnny Friendly, the corrupt union boss in “On the Waterfront.” Ironically, the movie was directed by Elia Kazan and written by Budd Schulberg, both of whom had named names openly, claiming it was their duty as patriotic Americans. 

The thing that I find weird is that whether you named names or refused to name them determined who, for the next 50 years, would be your friend or who would want to see you dead, who would spit in your direction or cross the street if they saw you coming. 

The saddest thing of all is that HUAC already had a complete list of Hollywood Communists. The hearings were merely a test to see who would sell out their friends to save their own necks and who wouldn’t.

Still, if Hollywood had been home to hundreds of Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, nobody would have dared object if you identified them at a congressional hearing. Only when the names were those of Communists did it suddenly become a case of “squealing,” “snitching” or “ratting out.”

● I recently heard from a friend who, while describing his life as an engineer, mentioned that the Peter Principle prevailed.

For those too young or too old to remember, the Peter Principle was the brainstorm of Laurence Peter, who formulated a theory that stated the selection of a candidate for a position is more often based on their current role than on an ability relevant to the intended position, which is why managers tend to rise to the level of their incompetence.

One sees examples bearing out the principle in all areas of life, not just in engineering. Someone is a great teacher, but along the way he is likely to be promoted to principal or member of the school board, a job for which he will prove himself eminently unqualified.

Or take Jeff Sessions, who was a perfectly fine senator, where he was merely called upon to vote occasionally, but has shown himself to be an embarrassment as the Attorney General.

One might even say that the Peter Principle was itself an example of the concept, which had initially been put forth in an amusing magazine article. But because it got so much attention, a publisher suggested that Mr. Peter expand it to book length. The result was filled with charts and numbers and was nearly unreadable.

The book was nevertheless a best seller, but like other best-sellers, such as “Dr. Zhivago,” and those various sagas churned out by the liar-Clintons and other politicians, I doubt if most people got past page 10.

I prefer to remember Laurence Peter as the man who observed: “Noblest of all dogs is the hot dog; it feeds the hand that bites it.”
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Rush Limbaugh Explains How Robert Mueller
Will Attempt To Financially Destroy President Trump

 Special Counsel Robert Mueller has crossed President Trump’s “red line” after issuing a subpoena for documents related to the Trump Organization’s business dealings with Russia.

New York Times reports:

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has subpoenaed the Trump Organization to turn over documents, including some related to Russia, according to two people briefed on the matter. The order is the first known time that the special counsel demanded documents directly related to President Trump’s businesses, bringing the investigation closer to the president. […] The Trump Organization has said that it never had real estate holdings in Russia, but witnesses recently interviewed by Mr. Mueller have been asked about a possible real estate deal in Moscow. In 2015, a longtime business associate of Mr. Trump’s emailed Mr. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen at his Trump Organization account claiming he had ties to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia and said that building a Trump Tower in Moscow would help Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh theorized on his program Friday that one of Mueller’s true objectives is to financially destroy President Trump.

Partial transcript via Breitbart News:

And these requests, the subpoena for documents from the Trump Organization, I ask you again, what has that to do with the campaign and with collusion and with the Russians? They’ve already been looking into Trump business in Russia with the Miss, what is it, USA, whatever his pageant is.

Do you all remember during the early days of the campaign there was news that Trump, in a tax return something like 20 years ago, took a $900 million deduction that was granted and survived an audit by the IRS? Now, I forget the details. It had to do with losses that he had incurred in that year in building things. It was around 900 or $920 million deduction. I’ll never forget when it was reported because most people will never come close to ever having that in a lifetime, and to have a guy personally write that much off?

Anyway, I think Mueller wants that $920 million back. I think Mueller wants to prove that that was a faulty deduction. I think that they want to go back, they want to get Trump’s tax returns because they want to nullify that $900 million deduction, and then they want to collect 20 years of interest and penalties and wipe Trump out.

In the meantime, President Trump’s lawyers are in the process of negotiating with special counsel Robert Mueller to bring the Russia probe to an end, reports Rebecca Ballhaus and Peter Nicholas of the Wall Street Journal.

Mueller’s tentacles continue to reach further and further.

CNN reported that investigators are attempting to determine whether former Blackwater chief Erik Prince misled the  House Intelligence Committee about a meeting he had in Seychelles in January of 2017.

Prince is accused of using the meeting as an opportunity to establish a secret back channel with Russia.

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge spoke with one of President Trump’s personal lawyers about the new subpoena request by Special Counsel Mueller.

According to Herridge, Trump’s lawyer was unaware of the subpoena and said it may be a ‘wrap up’ subpoena or ‘clean up’ subpoena which may signal the end of the investigation.


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