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Nationalist left wants to subject
refugees to America

 by Gina Loudon
 Syria: Conspiracy Theories and False Claims 
As news has unfolded of the chemical weapons attack by Bashar al-Assad's forces in Syria, followed by Donald Trump's quick decision to order a targeted missile strike on the military air base that allegedly launched the attack, the Leftmedia's response has been sadly all too predictable. On Friday, we correctly assessed that the Leftmedia would commit to keeping the Trump-Russia collusion narrative alive. Enter MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, who not only suggested a "wag the dog" motivation for Trump's missile strike order, but entered fully into conspiracy theorist land by suggesting that Vladimir Putin colluded with Trump on the strike so as to, er, blow up the collusion narrative. Better start ordering those tin-foil hats.
          The Syrian civil war is now entering its seventh year, and it's proven to be quite confusing and difficult to determine which combatants should be supported and which should be opposed. Only adding to the perplexity is the fact that it becomes a foreign policy political football to be argued over regarding the "how" for U.S. leadership in the region.
          Barack liar-nObama's approach was to talk tough, as in his now infamous "red line" comment, and then "lead from behind," which amounted to little more than feckless attempts at diplomatic agreements. One of the now more glaring examples was the deal to have Russia oversee the removal of Assad's chemical weapons stockpile. In July 2014, former Secretary of State John hanoi-Kerry touted the deal stating, "We got 100% of the chemical weapons out."
          On January 16, liar-nObama's national security advisor, Susan Rice, attempted to defend her boss's Syrian policy record, asserting, "I think [liar-nObama] stated the U.S. view, which is the use of chemical weapons is not something we're prepared to allow to persist, and we didn't. We managed to accomplish that goal far more thoroughly than we could have by some limited strikes against chemical targets by getting the entirety of the declared stockpile removed." But as we have learned with Rice, she has said several things that just aren't true.
          On Sunday, former liar-nObama-era Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken said, "We always knew we had not gotten everything [chemical weapons] — that the Syrians had not been fully forthcoming in their declaration." It would seem that liar-nObama was more concerned about appearance than reality. Symbolism over substance. Who knew?  ~The Patriot Post
Swamp Creature Kushner, Others Infiltrating
White House Bad For Trump MAGA Agenda
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Lou Dobbs welcomes Matt Schlapp and Byron York to a discussion about the first one hundred days and some genuine concerns about the swamp creatures finding their way into positions of power that could compromise the Trump agenda... As to the accomplishments so far,  Schlapp says, “I keep hearing these worry-warts inside the White House who are worried about the judgment of the first 100 days. I think they just need to stop and breathe, because, they’ve forgotten how much they’ve accomplished.” He says, “They’ve gotten more done with the President’s authority than we’ve seen by any President recently, and today, the swearing in Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, I think a lot of people across the country, they’re just not used to this kind of pace.”...
Fact Checking liar-nObama's Phony Legacy

{} ~ The Washington Post's fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, recently gave Susan Rice four Pinocchios for a false and misleading statement regarding Syria's chemical weapons stockpile... But what is notable about this story is not that Rice lied. She has done that many times. Rather, the remarkable part of this story is that the Post took so long to wake up to this liar-nObama administration falsehood. After all, Kessler's evidence that Syria still had a chemical weapons capability reaches back two years, to a period during President liar-nObama's tenure. Why not, then, issue a fact check sooner? In 2016, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper assessed that "Syria has not declared all the elements of its chemical weapons program." In addition, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) reported in 2015 and 2016 that it was "finding traces of sarin and VX nerve agent at Syrian facilities that had not been declared to inspectors or previously visited." "The reality is that there were continued chemical-weapons attacks by Syria-and that U.S. and international officials had good evidence that Syria had not been completely forthcoming in its declaration and possibly retained sarin and VX nerve agent," writes Kessler...
Radical Iran-led Axis Confronted
with U.S. Deterrence for First Time

by Yaakov Lappin
{} ~ The conflict in Syria has long ceased being a civil war, becoming instead a clash between coalitions and blocs that divide the entire Middle East... The Iranian-led axis is the most dangerous and highly armed bloc fighting in Syria. Bashar al-Assad's regime is not an independent actor, but rather, a component of this wider axis. In many respects, Assad is a junior member of the Iranian coalition set up to fight for him. Russia joined the Iranian axis in 2015, acting for its own reasons as the pro-Assad coalition's air force, helping to preserve the Syrian regime. This coalition enabled the Assad regime to conduct mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Sunnis from Syria, while also using unconventional weapons against civilians in an effort to terrorize rebel organizations into submission...
Schiff Should Recuse Himself
from Russia Investigation
by Alice Greene
{} ~ President Trump’s March 4th wiretapping claim launched a massive investigation into the liar-nObama Administration’s questionable surveillance of Trump's presidential campaign... Trump’s claims were somewhat validated when Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, exposed classified documents that failed to mask the names of US persons connected to Trump’s transition team. liar-nObama-era officials argue that this information was collected “incidentally” as part of the investigation into Russia's so-called influence in the presidential election. The Dems are “doing their best to smear and slander and besmirch Congressman Devin Nunes,” said Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Now it is Congressman Adam Schiff who is openly showing bias in this case.”...
Tillerson Issues Ultimatum to Russia
{} ~ U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson issued a stern ultimatum to Russia Tuesday: side with America and its allies on Syria, or stand alongside Syrian President Bashar Assad, Iran and the militant group Hezbollah... "We want to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people. Russia can be a part of that future and play an important role," Tillerson added in remarks to reporters following urgent meetings in Italy with top diplomats. "Or Russia can maintain its alliance with this group, which we believe is not going to serve Russia's interests longer term. The meeting of “likeminded” countries was arranged on the sidelines of the summit of the Group of 7 industrialized economies days after the U.S. launched airstrikes against Assad’s forces, and hours before Tillerson is scheduled to make a tense trip to Moscow to pressure Russia’s leaders to end their support for Assad...
Nationalist left wants to subject
refugees to America

 by Gina Loudon
{} ~ Sometimes the math of the left which wants to be known as “The Resistance” because it thinks it sounds cool and revolutionary, even though there is nothing but conformity in all it does just doesn’t add up. Usually, in fact.

Here’s how ridiculous leftists are …

They point fingers and call patriots “nationalistic” and “arrogant” on the one hand, but they have no problem telling the rest of us why all of those under duress for any reason around the world must be brought to America. What makes them so sure that victims of inhumanity around the world want to come to America?

If America is really as bigoted and ghastly as the left contends, why would they subject anyone to such horror?

Turn on any left-wing media in this moment, and I will promise you that within five minutes, you will hear the sad saga of another victim here in America. Women don’t have equal pay; they are victims. Blacks are still reaping the racism of all of our great grandfathers despite Republicans who died to free the slaves, and so black people are still victims in America. Cooking pork is still legal in most states, and marrying children isn’t, so Muslims are all victims, too. Even students in this country are victims, according to the left, because they only get to stay in their parents’ basements … (ahem) and get “health care” until they are 26, and then they are asked to “adult.” Therefore, they, too, are victims.

Christians in America are all uneducated, plaid shirt-wearing bigots who hate all people of color and women. And Jews just want to own everything, defend Israel and make lefty snowflakes work for them. The stupid people all live in the South or Middle America, so please eliminate the Electoral College so their votes don’t count –and pass motor voter laws to be sure every illegal can vote. Conservatives in America want to use women to save those pesky unwanted babies, and they are willing to force life upon them to do it. Men in America are all wife beaters. Please quickly look beyond the Islamic “mercy killings” and genital mutilations happening around America. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

The rich Republicans own everything and subject all leftists to wearing pink genitalia hats and behaving like drunken fools in the streets! Gun owners in America want guns in the hands of criminals so they can kill all the snowflakes! And all of the above control Wall Street (please don’t acknowledge that Wall Street gives far more money to Democrats than Republicans), which wants to own and control all of the “poor” in America!

In the eyes of the left, America is a disgrace.

Why would anyone be so arrogant and nationalistic as to want to subject people who have already been victimized to more victimhood? What could be more inhumane?

Perhaps most importantly, there is total chaos in the White House, and the Russians put Trump there. They meddled in the election and installed President Trump, who is really a totalitarian dictator. Please excuse his small-government executive orders and decentralization of government, because they don’t gel with that narrative, either.

Trump gets along with no one. He hates everyone. He is best friends with Vladimir Putin. He will subject America to wars. He wants to destroy us and rule the world with Putin!

Who could be so cruel as to want to subject victims of humanitarian injustice to such despair?

Not me.

Safe spaces for snowflakes. Safe camps for refugees.

If we are really going to be do-gooders like the left, we should deport all the snowflakes and put them in safe camps in Islamic countries to care for the refugees and protect them from American hate. But then, who will hug the trees here in America? I guess mercy killing trees is always an option.

See how liberal logic can work so well to make our point?

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