UK: Muslim cleric calls on Muslims to “be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt”

UK: Muslim cleric calls on Muslims to “be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt”

Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC said: “Much of the content of Mr Hussain’s sermons was unobjectionable….But some of the sermons strayed beyond mainstream Islamic thought into support and encouragement to those carrying out acts of terrorism.”

Eventually Sarah Whitehouse QC will discover that calling for the killing of Infidels and the establishment and defense of the caliphate, as well as hatred of unbelievers and the necessity to impose Sharia upon non-Muslim states, is not “extremism,” but mainstream Islamic thought going back to the time of the origins of Islam. But by the time she realizes this, it will likely be too late.

“Muslim preacher, 40, ‘who urged worshippers to support ISIS claimed followers should behead ‘infidels’ and ‘raise the black flag over Big Ben and Downing Street,'” by Scott Campbell, Mailonline, September 11, 2017 (thanks to Paul):

A Muslim preacher was secretly recorded urging worshippers at a charity-funded mosque to support ISIS and carry out terror attacks, a court heard.

Kamran Sabir Hussain, 40, allegedly gave a series of sermons encouraging terrorism every Friday lunchtime at a converted high-street shop in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.

In one audio recording he is said to have told worshippers: ‘Inshallah we will see the black flag rise over Big Ben and Downing Street.’

At a meeting last August, in front of between 10 and 15 children, he claimed that the British government funded groups like the English Defence League and Britain First to attack Muslims.

He urged the audience to ‘stand up and be ready to sacrifice, be ready to stand in the face of the elements of Shaytan [Satan], be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt.’

Hussain also posted chilling messages on social media urging his followers to ‘die in your rage’ and referred to the elimination of unbelievers, the Old Bailey heard….

Prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse QC said: ‘Much of the content of Mr Hussain’s sermons was unobjectionable.

‘They took the classic form of any sermon preached in a mosque on a Friday, which is that they fall into two sections, the first dealing with current affairs and the second being reminders to fear God and the Day of Judgement.

‘But some of the sermons strayed beyond mainstream Islamic thought into support and encouragement to those carrying out acts of terrorism.’

Miss Whitehouse said: ‘The prosecution case in essence is that in preaching the words he did he was encouraging his listeners to engage in acts of terrorism and support so-called Islamic State or ISIS.’

Jurors heard the mosque was funded by a charity and set up in what used to be shop premises on Tunstall High Street….

Jurors heard in March 2016 he posted a message referring to the ‘Khilafah knocking on your door’ and ‘the fulfillment of Allah’s command is near and if you are enraged by it then our message to you is simple: Die in your rage’.

Hussain called for the beheading of ‘infidels’ and claimed that not even the Queen or Prime Minister could stop jihadi fighters establishing the ‘law of Allah’….

Hussain compared the situation in Syria to the military victory of the Prophet Mohammed against a much larger army at Bad’r 1400 year ago.

He said: ‘In this day and age you have a small fledgling state who is standing in the face of a pompous and arrogant army who have invaded Muslim lands.’

Miss Whitehouse said: ‘The prosecution say that is a reference to the Islamic State and the armed struggle undertaken by them.’

He then asked his audience to pray for Islamic State to be victorious and for their oppressors to be annihilated.

In another sermon on 22 July he prayed for everybody to live under Islamic Sharia law and branded voting for people to pass laws an ‘unforgiveable sin’.

Hussain also urged the congregation to behead the sinners, oppressors and infidels, saying: ‘Finish them and remove their heads for what they do… when you don’t fulfil the command of Allah, I’m coming to remove your head.’

On 5 August 2016 he claimed that the mujahideen and jihadi fighters were at the top of the community of Muslim believers.

He preached that ‘they take over a land; they stand a black flag and establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people, whether they like it or don’t like it’ and that not even the Queen or Prime Minister could stop it, jurors heard.

Hussain allegedly glorified martyrdom on 2 September and said that it was a greater success than achievement at school or college.

He claimed those who died fighting would be forgiven ‘when you go in front of Allah with the bullet wounds and the sword wounds and you are raised in that situation with the blood still coming from your body’.

Two weeks later he criticised the Prevent programme, which tries to intervene when young people are at risk of radicalisation.

Speaking about Islamic State – which he referred to as the Caliphate on the Path of Prophecy – he said they would call for the dominance of Allah across the world.

He added that ‘the Caliphate would be attacked and oppressed and attacked by drones but would gain more and more territory.’…

He gave a short written statement claiming he was exercising his freedom of religion and freedom of speech, jurors heard….[-

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Nuclear Official Says Hillary Clinton Engaged In Extortion
Secret FBI Informant Is Set To Blow Open Uranium-One Scandal

According to “Clinton Cash,” author Peter Schweizer, then Senator Hillary Clinton extorted a Kazakh official involved in the Uranium-One deal. It is possible Schweizer misspoke and meant to say Secretary of State Clinton.

The Breitbart News editor-at-large did not go further into detail, merely alluding to the fact that the secret FBI informant’s testimony on the Uranium-One scandal next week will be “very interesting.”

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Transcript via Grabien:

SCHWEIZER: “Well, I have to say upfront, I have not met him. I don’t know him. But, what I understand by looking at legal documents involving this case. This guy was an insider’s insider. He was being paid by the Russian company $50,000 a month to serve as a lobbyist. And in the legal filings, what you find is his job was to basically carry the flag for this entity in Washington, D.C. And that job included setting up meetings with high ranking administration officials.

This would have been the Obama Administration. People on Capitol Hill. And other elite influence, you know, makers. So, he was working in a very, very high level. And what has leaked out seems to indicate he has got a lot of information that relates specifically to uranium one. So, it’s going to be very exciting and I think it’s important to point out, judge, also, remember, we already have a foreign government official saying that involving uranium one that he and his fellow government employees were extorted by the Clintons then senator Hillary Clinton.

This comes from the head of their atomic agency saying that Senator Clinton refused to meet with officials unless and until they granted uranium concessions to ended up giving more than $100 million to the Clinton Foundation. So we have got that testimony. We have got this new witness coming out. It’s going to get very interesting here in the weeks ahead.

William D. Campbell has come forward as the secret FBI informant in the Uranium-One deal. The informant revealed he is eager to testify because of his “concerns about Russia’s activities in the United States, but declined to comment further,” reports Reuters.

“I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist, and I have it,” Campbell told Reuters.

According to a report by Andrea Noble, Campbell personally bribed a Russian businessman working for state-owned energy giant Rosatom. The informant then attempted to recoup the money — but failed.

Washington Times reports: A FBI informant who gave the government information about a Russian bribery plot implicated in the sale of U.S. uranium rights tried unsuccessfully last year to recover upwards of $700,000 in bribes he said he was authorized to pay as part of the FBI investigation.

William D. Campbell has emerged now as the key figure in a congressional probe into Russia’s 2010 purchase of U.S. uranium rights and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in approving the deal.

His identity had been shielded for weeks, but court records obtained by The Washington Times, as well as a report by Reuters, identified the man.

Mr. Campbell has not returned calls from The Washington Times seeking comment, but his civil suit, describing his involvement in the FBI investigation, matches details of the criminal case brought against Vadim Mikerin. Mikerin, who was the head of U.S. operations for Tenex, a subsidiary of Russia’s atomic energy giant Rosatom, was convicted of money laundering and other crimes and in 2015 sentenced to four years in prison.

As The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported on Thursday evening, Investigative reporter John Solomon told Sean Hannity that the Campbell has video of briefcases full of money in the bribery of case on Hillary Clinton.

Solomon says the Reuters report today downplaying the informant is completely inaccurate.

The informant says he is in fear for his life since he was outed by the Sessions DOJ.
Campbell will reportedly testify on Monday.

The informant will testify next week before Congress.


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