two hate groups will always equal violence

This is as F...ed up as it gets.What is going on in the heads of with these lost young Brothers and Sisters in theses hate groups today? Are the youth so easy to manipulate, to go off course, do they even understand the message of freedom? Do the know how precious our freedoms are? Does in not compute how these hate groups jeopardize all of our freedoms with their ignorant actions..Jason Kessler, Richard Spencer, and their Nazi assholes represent a hate faction that has no business in today's society. Soros groups like ANTIFA have no place in today's society. Obama and Black lives matter the Muslim brotherhood have no place in today's society. And they don't represent a populous any bigger than the trannies. These are all hate groups that should never be able to march, parade or go anywhere near the public. Free speech is not free riots violence and destruction those are felonies. Those of you that are smart enough to get past the Globalist agenda and understand that the Media is covering for the corrupt Government that was quickly destroying America and the American people by design, If you can fight through that by using common sense, and give the effort to think for yourself and stop parroting phrases told you . Then you can start to comprehend the Trump Movement. Then you can understand that'snot just about the man . Its about the people of America, the forgotten majority, the people that go to work love there kids and still believe in the American dream. Those that will stand up and knock down all comers that get in the way of us passing that dream to the next generation.At that time you will see that is exactly what our President has been doing for us from the day he announced he was running for President. The President has been preparing himself for this for 40 years.his policies are the same as they were long ago. They are common sense policies. to make our country the greatest that has ever been. He is not out to help a certain group ,He is out to make life better for all Americans. He Believes that all Americans deserve the opportunity to work for a living wage job. That All Americans should be safe in their homes and in their cities. That all Americans deserve affordable health care.That the tax system should be simple and fair for the people and fair for business to grow our economy(These policies were platforms for many other Presidents The difference is he is following trough).He not going to waste time on trivial stuff that effect very few the Government is not their to take care of us and rule us ,The Government is their to Govern to make smart deals. To spend our tax money wisely,To keep us safe from outside enemies And to get rid of the few that have been draining our country for personal gain and power.The Man has flaws , and the man will not play the PC game. But this is a movement of all America and we all have flaws, and some of us are blunt and a little crude sometimes. But our President is making every decision with America and Americans first as his guide. On my eyes I guarantee that. THIS IS FOR THE CHILDREN OF TOMORROW GOD BLESS THE USA

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