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UN Says Alexa, Siri Voices Are 
Harmful Stereotypes
Culture Beat
Lindsey Graham: scumbag/liar-nObama Officials Worried About Being ‘Exposed’ By Declassification  
by Chuck Ross } ~ Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham asserted Sunday that the former government officials opposing declassification of Russia probe documents “are worried about being exposed.”... In an interview on “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, Graham also argued Democrats are unconcerned with whether the FBI misled the federal surveillance court in order to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. “I want all the documents around the FISA warrant application released. I want to find out exactly how the counterintelligence operation began,” Graham said. “I think transparency is good for the American people. Not one Democrat seems to care.” “I wish some Democrat would come forward to find out if the FISA court was defrauded by the FBI and the Department of Justice.” On Thursday, President Trump granted Attorney General William Barr the authority to declassify documents from the Russia probe. He also instructed the heads of several federal agencies, including the CIA and FBI, to provide documents to Barr as part of his review of the origins of the investigation. Barr is looking into the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation, as well as the surveillance activities carried out by the FBI and CIA against Trump associates. Republicans have sought declassification of documents related to the FBI’s handling of the Steele dossier. The bureau relied on the document, which was unverified and funded by the scumbag/liar-Clinton campaign and DNC, in applications for the Carter Page FISA warrants...
Joe diGenova Discusses Declassification and 
Origin of Obama Political Surveillance Operation
by sundance
{ theconservativetreehouse ~ Former U.S. Attorney to the District of Columbia, Joe diGenova, discusses the declassification of intelligence documents relating to political surveillance; and the origin of the database abuses outlined by FISC Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer…With President Trump returning from Japan tomorrow (5/28); and with the upcoming state visit to the U.K. coming June 3rd; a declassification “window of opportunity” opens between this Wednesday 5/29 and Saturday 6/2. Given last weeks visit to Main Justice by congressman Mark Meadows; and considering the visit was specifically to review unredacted Page-Strzok-McCabe messages; it could be surmised the first series of declassified documents might be those communiques. Additionally, John Solomon has stated “Bucket Five” is likely the first release prior to the IG report: Bucket Five – Intelligence documents that were presented to the Gang of Eight in 2016 that pertain to the FISA application used against U.S. person Carter Page; including all exculpatory intelligence documents that may not have been presented to the FISA Court. Presumably this would include the recently revealed State Dept Kavalac email; and the FBI transcripts from wiretaps of George Papadopoulos also listed in Carter Page FISA...
Corrupt Green New Deal bills will pass 
by stealth state by state
by S.Noble } ~ commie-AOC and her idiotic comments are the shiny objects distracting Americans from what is actually going on and what just happened in New Mexico... Stealth Green New Deals are being slipped into bills in red and purple states despite the wishes of the people. Daniel Turner, executive director of Power The Future, a national nonprofit group that advocates for U.S. energy jobs, warned we are being distracted by the antics of Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The eco-groups are working covertly and just succeeded in New Mexico in implementing their Green New Deal. The same can happen in every state.The eco-extremists get friendly with left-leaning state legislators and governors, most of whom they financially backed in the past election, to do their dirty work,” he said. While everyone’s watching commie-AOC, no one is reporting about the bad laws passed in secret. Turner called the New Mexico law “destructive,” saying that it “essentially a hidden carbon tax and will threaten the jobs of thousands of energy workers, raise utility rates, cut state revenue, and make green energy companies rich at the taxpayers’ expense.” These groups rebranded ‘carbon tax’ as ‘renewable energy mandates’ and the goal is to end fossil fuels. The electricity rates will double to start as they did in California. Turner said he assisted the Associated Press going through the Energy Transition Act and what they found was disturbing...  
Crop Catastrophe In The Midwest – Latest
USDA Crop Progress Report Indicates
Nightmare Scenario
by Michael Snyder } ~ The last 12 months have been the wettest in all of U.S. history, and this has created absolutely horrific conditions for U.S. farmers. Thanks to endless rain and historic flooding that has stretched on for months... many farmers have not been able to plant crops at all, and a lot of the crops that have actually been planted are deeply struggling. What this means is that U.S. agricultural production is going to be way, way down this year. The numbers that I am about to share with you are deeply alarming, and they should serve as a wake up call for all of us. The food that each one of us eats every day is produced by our farmers, and right now our farmers are truly facing a nightmare scenario. According to that report, corn and soybean production is way behind expectations. Last year, 78 percent of all corn acreage had been planted by now. This year, that number is sitting at just 49 percent. And the percentage of corn that has emerged from the ground is at a paltry 19 percent compared to 47 percent at this time last year. We see similar numbers when we look at soybeans. Last year, 53 percent of all soybean acreage had been planted by now. This year, that number has fallen to 19 percent. And the percentage of soybeans that have emerged from the ground is just 5 percent compared to 24 percent at this time last year. In other words, we are going to have a whole lot less corn and soybeans this year...
Iran Must Understand Returning to the 
Negotiating Table is the Only Way Forward
by Con Coughlin } ~There is one simple way for Iran to defuse the mounting tensions with the US and its allies in the Gulf: return to the negotiating table and agree to a new deal on Tehran's nuclear programme... Amid mounting concern that Washington's recent military build-up in the Gulf region will lead to renewed conflict, many commentators appear to have lost sight of the Trump administration's key objective when it withdrew from the 2015 deal negotiated, in large part, by former US President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama. The aim of US President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the agreement was not, as his Democrat critics have alleged, to provoke a military confrontation with Tehran. On the contrary, as Mr Trump has made clear at his press conference in Japan, where he is currently on a state visit, his main objective is to agree a new deal with Tehran, one that, unlike Mr scumbag/liar-nObama's flawed arrangement, addresses all aspects of Iran's nuclear ambitions, as well as its malign activities in the Middle East. And, despite all the talk of increased military tensions, with the US recently deploying an aircraft carrier battle group, a fleet of B-52 bombers and an extra 1,500 troops to the Gulf region, Mr Trump's over-arching ambition remains to persuade the ayatollahs to return to the negotiating table. "I really believe that Iran would like to make a deal," Mr Trump remarked  during a press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Akasaka Palace state guest house in Tokyo this week. "I think that's very smart of them, and I think that's a possibility to happen. It has a chance to be a great country with the same leadership." The president's optimism was certainly in contrast to the predictions, especially from European leaders, that his robust stand against Iran had increased the possibility of a major military confrontation in the Gulf. But this view constitutes, as is so often is the case with Trump administration's many critics, a fundamental misreading of the president's approach, as I discovered during my recent exclusive interview with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in London...  
UN Says Alexa, Siri Voices Are 
Harmful Stereotypes
Culture Beat:  A recently released report from the United Nations serves as a classic example of the often worthless nature of the anti-American world body. The UN’s Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization contends that female-voiced artificial intelligence (AI) assistance programs, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, are damaging to society because they reinforce gender stereotypes.

The report asserts that the AI assistants’ default female names and voices send the message that women are “docile and eager-to-please helpers, available at the touch of a button or with a blunt voice command like ‘hey’ or ‘OK.’” In fact, the UN laments, “The assistant holds no power of agency beyond what the commander asks of it. It honors commands and responds to queries regardless of their tone or hostility.” Maybe this is because these AI assistants are simply computer programs designed to respond to user commands, and they’d be otherwise be useless if they didn’t.

As Saniye Gulser Corat, the direct of gender equality at UNESCO, explains, “Obedient and obliging machines that pretend to be women are entering our homes, cars and offices. Their hardwired subservience influences how people speak to female voices and models how women respond to requests and express themselves. To change course, we need to pay much closer attention to how, when and whether AI technologies are gendered and, crucially, who is gendering them.”

Not surprisingly, Amazon defended its decision based on actual scientific research that found customers generally prefer a gentler female voice. “We carried out research and found that a woman’s voice is more ‘sympathetic’ and better received,” said Amazon’s “Smart Home” division chief Daniel Rausch.

Nevertheless, we’d venture to guess that if the AI assistants’ voices were defaulted as male, these same UN busy-bodies would warn us of reinforcing masculine gender stereotypes such as dominance or authority. “Toxic masculinity!” they’d shout.

What makes this report even more ridiculous is the fact that customers are often free to change these default AI voice settings to male should they desire to do so. Is it any wonder that so many of us see the UN as little more than an expensive joke?  ~The Patriot Post  

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Yikes !!! Ocasio-Cortez: We Need A ‘Multigendered, Multigeographic’ United States

The United States of America needs to be “multigendered” and “multigeographic,” according to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who endorsed fellow socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) at the “Bernie’s Back Rally” in New York on Saturday.

The freshman lawmaker and “Squad” member officially endorsed Sanders during a rally in Queensbridge Park in Long Island City, New York, on Saturday and called for more diversity in the U.S., arguing that it should not only be “multiracial” and “multigenerational” but “multigeographic” and “multigendered.”

“We need a United States that really, truly, and authentically is operated, owned, and decided by working – and all – people in the United States of America,” Ocasio-Cortez said to applause.

“That is what it – it is multiracial, multigendered, multigenerational, and multigeographic,” she said, failing to elaborate on what that specifically looks like.

“We have to come together, not ignoring our differences but listening to them, prioritizing them, understanding injustice,” she continued.

The socialist lawmaker also implied that rampant racism is still alive and well in the U.S., telling the crowd that it is essential to understand “that we operate in a context where slavery evolved into Jim Crow, evolved into mass incarceration, [and] evolved into the realities we have today.”


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