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Casualty Lists From the Kavanaugh Battle
Nikki Haley out as United Nations ambassador
by Naomi Lim
{} ~ U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has resigned from her top diplomatic post... President Trump accepted the former South Carolina governor's resignation after the pair discussed her departure during a White House visit last week, Axios first reported Tuesday. The timing of when she will officially leave the role is still unclear. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders announced on Twitter that Trump and Haley will meet in the Oval Office at 10:30 a.m. ET in a meeting that will be open to news outlets. Trump tweeted soon after he and his "friend" Haley would have a "big announcement."American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp, whose wife Mercedes Schlapp is White House director of strategic communications, said on Fox News after the news broke: "Unless this is a personal issue or health concern, which I hope is not the case, it's obviously very unusual for a significant and prominent person on the president's team to announce that she is leaving so close to an election. There is something to this story. Like everyone in America I want to know what it is." Haley has been instrumental in implementing Trump's "America First" approach to foreign policy on the world stage, including withdrawing the U.S. from the U.N. Human Rights Council. Haley described her working relationship with Trump in an opinion piece for the Washington Post in September...
Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses Rod Rosenstein
by sundance
{} ~ House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appears with Laura Ingraham to discuss the ongoing congressional issues with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein... Chairman Nunes notes the motives and intents of the DOJ to hide the information within the previous declassification directive.  Exposing the FBI/DOJ dirty deeds is a major priority for a contingent within congress and a multitude of Trump supporters. Therefore HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes and Trump supporters have differing sets of priorities than President Trump. “I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents.” President Trump meeting with DOJ, meaning Rod Rosenstein. Notice “various unredacted documents”. Heavily referencing section 3 and 4 of the declassification directive. “They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe.” DOJ saying they will release; but note the word “perceived negative impact”. The full sunlight  would undermine the legitimacy of dirty cop-Robert Mueller. DOJ doesn’t want to undermine the fraudulent dirty cop-Mueller investigation. Rosenstein is now admitting to the President, that dirty cop-Muellers probe is illegitimate...
Trump Admin Under Pressure to Save Iranian Financial Access
by Adam Kredo
{} ~ An internal battle is being fought inside the Trump administration to save Iran's access to international financial markets... providing Tehran with a critical lifeline ahead of the implementation of harsh new economic sanctions, according to multiple U.S. officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon. Top officials in the Trump administration's Treasury Department—including some who hope to save the landmark nuclear agreement—are said to be pushing for Iran to remain connected to the SWIFT banking system, an international system that facilitates cross-border transactions. SWIFT leaders were in Washington, D.C., last week holding meetings with Trump administration officials to ensure that Iran retains its access to the international banking system, which has helped keep the ailing Iranian economy afloat as European allies seek to continue doing business with the Islamic Republic, according to U.S. officials familiar with the situation. While President Trump and top White House national security officials such as John Bolton have made clear that SWIFT and European allies must end their business dealings with Iran, a cadre of Treasury Department officials are said to be standing firm against this effort, paving the way for an internal showdown ahead of the Nov. 4 deadline for new sanctions, sources said...
DOJ Clinches Conviction in Murder of Gender-Fluid Teen

by Charles Fain Lehman
{} ~ The Department of Justice announced Saturday a second and final conviction in the murder of Kedarie Johnson, a gender-fluid-identified teen whose death rocked the small town of Burlington, Iowa... Jaron N. Purham was convicted of first-degree murder Friday for the kidnapping, torture, and execution of Johnson. Purham's co-defendant, Jorge Sanders-Galvez, was convicted on the same charges last year, and now is incarcerated under a sentence of life without parole. Purham, whose sentencing hearing is in November, is likely to face the same sentence, which is mandatory for first degree murder in the state of Iowa. The Department dispatched Christopher Perras, an experienced hate crimes litigator, to assist in the prosecution of the Johnson case as a Special Assistant County Attorney in October. Perras's deployment to Iowa was "personally initiated" by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to reports at the time. "This is just one example of the attorney general's commitment to enforcing the laws enacted by Congress and to protecting the civil rights of all individuals," Devin O'Malley, a DOJ-spokesperson, told the Free Beacon in October...
4% of millennial men identify as socialist
{} ~ A new poll examining the political leanings of the next generation of leaders found 31 percent of millennials identify as “dummycrats-democratic socialist” or “socialist”... while 40 percent of men in that age group say the same. The study by Maru/Blue and BuzzFeed News released Thursday, reported by the Daily Caller, asked 1,006 randomly selected 22- to 27-year-olds to characterize their political leanings. Asked what “best reflects your current political leanings,” given options ranging from “Strong dummycrats-Democrat,” to “Strong Republican” or “Independent,” a total of 22 percent identified as “Strong  dummycrats-Democrat.” A total of 31 percent say yes to the question, “Would you call yourself a dummycrats-democratic socialist, a socialist or neither?” The breakdown was 18 percent “dummycrats-democratic socialist,” 8 percent “socialist” and 5 percent “either a socialist or a dummycrats-democratic socialist.” Showing there is significant room for more socialists, 23 percent of the millennials questioned answered, “Neither, but I need to learn more.” A total of 28 percent said they would be “Much more likely” or “A little more likely” to vote for a candidate running for political office if he referred to himself as a “socialist.” The poll found 27 percent said they would be “A little less likely” or “Much less likely” to vote for the candidate. It would make no difference, 22 percent said... This shows us how our American education has done to our kids. We must re-educated them.
Casualty Lists From the Kavanaugh Battle

{} ~ After a 50-year siege, the great strategic fortress of liberalism has fallen. With the elevation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court seems secure for constitutionalism – perhaps for decades.

The shrieks from the gallery of the Senate chamber as the vote came in on Saturday, and the sight of that bawling mob clawing at the doors of the Supreme Court as the new justice took his oath, confirm it.

The dummycrats-Democratic Party has sustained a historic defeat.

And the triumph is President Trump’s.

To unite the party whose nomination he had won, Donald Trump pledged to select his high court nominees from lists prepared by such judicial conservatives as the Federalist Society. He kept his word and, in the battle for Kavanaugh, he led from the front, even mocking the credibility of the primary accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

Trump has achieved what every GOP president has hoped to do since the summer of ’68, when a small group of GOP senators, led by Bob Griffin of Michigan, frustrated and then foiled a LBJ-Earl Warren plot to elevate LBJ crony Abe Fortas to chief justice in order to keep a future President Nixon from naming Warren’s successor.

Sharing the honors with Trump is Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Throughout 2016, McConnell took heat for refusing to hold a hearing on Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s nominee, Judge Merrick Garland, to fill the chair of Justice Antonin Scalia, who had died earlier that year.

In 2017, McConnell used Harry Reid’s “nuclear option” to end filibusters for Supreme Court nominations, and then got Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmed 54-45.

Last week, in one of the closest and most brutal court battles in Senate history, McConnell kept his troops united, losing only Sen. Lisa Murkowski, to put Kavanaugh on the court by 50-48. McConnell will enter the history books as the Senate architect of the recapture of the Supreme Court for constitutionalism.

This was a huge victory for conservatism and for the Republican Party. And the presence on the court of octogenarian liberals Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer, both appointed by liar-Bill Clinton, suggests that McConnell may have an opportunity to ensure the endurance of his great achievement.

The ferocity and ugliness of the attacks on Kavanaugh united Republicans to stand as one against what a savage Senate minority was trying to do to kill the nomination. And at battle’s end, the GOP is more energized than it has been all year for this fall’s election.

How united is the GOP? Conservatives are hailing the contributions of Sens. rino-Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, who delivered a masterful summation of the Kavanaugh case Saturday afternoon.

For the 
dummycrats-Democratic Party, the Kavanaugh battle was the Little Bighorn, as seen from Gen. Custer’s point of view.

Unable to derail the judge during the regular confirmation process, they lay in the weeds until it was over, and then sandbagged the judge by leaking to the Washington Post a confidential letter Dr. Ford did not want released.

They thus forced a public hearing of charges of attempted rape against a nominee, demanded the FBI investigate all charges of sexual misconduct when Kavanaugh was a teenager, and ended up losing anyway.

Then the 
dummycrats-Dems watched protesters dishonor the Senate in which they serve by screaming from the gallery. It was among the lowest moments in the modern history of the Senate, and it was the dummycrats-Democratic minority that took it down to that depth.

Understandably, they are a bitter lot today.

And the #MeToo movement has been set back. For many of its champions were, in Kavanaugh’s case, demanding a suspension of the principle of “innocent until proven guilty,” and calling for the judge’s rejection in disgrace, based solely on their belief in a wholly uncorroborated 36-year-old story.

So where are we going now?

While Republicans are united and celebrating a great victory, the left and its media auxiliary are seething with rage and doubly determined to deliver payback in the elections four weeks away, where 
dummycrats-Democrats could pick up the two dozen seats needed to recapture the House.

Should they do so, however, they will face two years of frustration and failure. For the enactment of any major element of their liberal agenda – a $15 minimum wage, “Medicare-for-all” – would die in a Republican Senate, or in the Oval Office where it would face an inevitable veto by Trump.

So, what does 2019 look like, if 
dummycrats-Democrats capture the House?

Speaker Nancy Pulosi. A House Judiciary Committee headed by New York’s Jerrold Nadler who is already howling for impeachment hearings on both Kavanaugh and Trump.

And, by spring, a host of presidential candidates, none of whom looks terribly formidable, led by scumbag-Cory “I am Spartacus” Booker, trooping through Iowa and New Hampshire, trashing President Trump and each other and offering themselves as the answer to America’s problems.

Bring it on!

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