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In bold move, Israel takes out Iranian 
forces and proxies at Syrian military base
by Erin Cunningham & Ruth Eglash  
liar-Clinton Ally clown-Schumer 
Attacks Trump for Undermining 'Sacred' Rule of Law
{ } ~ Cockroach Chuck clown-Schumer took to the Senate floor to express his support for his fellow vermin, Robert Mueller... and the entire cabal that is leading the swamp-supported globalist coup of President Trump. As if it is some kind of a validation of integrity, clown-Schumer noted that the raid on President Trump’s personal attorney was signed off on by Deputy Attorney General Rod “Rodentstein” Rosenstein. The fact that it was an act committed with his endorsement in no way indicates it was proper of objective. In fact, it only serves to make it more suspect. He claims there’s a serious and high standard that had to be met, again overstating the objectivity of a New York judge and the US Attorney’s office in New York. That’s where the deep state former US attorney who was unexpectedly fired by President Trump, Preet Bharara, plied his trade as a staunch representative of the swamp and the corrupt political establishment. Take it easy on the sanctimony, Crying clown-Chuck... clown-Chuck you have no idea what the Rule of Law is. But you are a real jerk.
Nunes reveals plan to ‘hold in contempt’ and to impeach’ Wray 
and Rosenstein if subpoened documents are not produced today
by Thomas Lifson
{ } ~ “We are at a boiling point,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told Laura Ingraham last night on Fox News... He went on to reveal A plan to hold FBI Director William Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein if a two-page document they have been seeking since August last year is not produced today. News of the plan to hold in contempt and impeach two senior officials was first revealed in tweet by Washington Post writer Robert Costa. I strongly suspect that this came from one of the “several collegaues” and this forced Nunes to go on The Ingraham Angle to follow up...
Guess Whose House Wasn't Raided by the FBI
by Daniel John Sobieski
{ } ~ If there was any doubt that Robert Mueller's Ahab-like goal is the unseating of President Trump at all costs and by any means... it was erased by the thuggish FBI raid he orchestrated on the home and office of Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen. Can't find any collusion between Trump and Russia? Hey, why not look for collusion between Cohen and professional whore and porn star Stormy Daniels?  Was she paid to go away with campaign funds? Even so, that's an FEC violation punishable by a fine and something that does not require a SWAT team. It certainly does not compare with money funneled by Team Hillary and the DNC though a law firm to Fusion GPS and British foreign agent Christopher Steele to put together a fake dossier on Trump using Russian sources.  But where were the raids on the offices of the DNC, the liar-Hillary Clinton campaign, and Fusion GPS? This is the FBI of Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok, whose mission was to keep liar-Hillary Clinton out of prison and Donald Trump out of the White House. They never raided the home and office of Cheryl Mills, did they? They never raided liar-Hillary's house or seized the acid-washed server, did they? But Michael Cohen is a threat to our democracy warranting brute force? Why wasn't Michel Cohen offered the immunity deal given to Cheryl Mills and other liar-Clinton cronies?...
Secret Service Insider Reveals Shock 
Truth About Trump Attorney Raid 
{ } ~ Dan Bongino isn’t buying it. As news spread Monday that FBI agents had raided the office of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer... “in part” because of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, the mainstream media had a field day. But it took a former Secret Service agent to shine a light on the real truth about the action. According to The New York Times, Monday’s raid opens “a new front for the Justice Department in its scrutiny of Mr. Trump and his associates.” The first sentence of a CNN analysis declared “There could be dark and unprecedented times ahead.” But for Bongino, who served for more than a decade with the Secret Service during the George W. Bush and Barack liar-nObama administrations, the raid was just more proof of how politicized American law enforcement institutions have become...
Newt Gingrich: Mueller and FBI are 
Acting Like “Stalin” and “The Gestapo in Germany” 
by Jim Hoft 
{ } ~ Newt Gingrich joined FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning to discuss the Mueller witch hunt and Paul Ryan’s departure from Congress... Newt hammered deep state Robert Mueller and the corrupt FBI.The truth is Mueller has produced NOTHING about Ppresident Trump and Russia. If you just look at what his original assignment was, it is a bust an absurdity. And instead they have gone off trying to find ways to create noise. But in terms of what he was originally asked to look into Robert Mueller has come up with a big fat zero and we ought to be honest about that. The president ought to relax, focus on on being president… The fact is that Rosenstein has not done his job. He has not supervised Mueller. This whole thing is an absurdity. We’ve now had, Paul Manafort and his wife, in their pajamas at 3 o’clock in the morning having the FBI break down the door. We’ve had this last week Cohen the lawyer had the door taken off the hinges at 6 in the morning. Show me one occasion where out of all the different crimes committed by the liar-Clintons and their staff they ever had that kind of treatment. The fact is this is a left-wing bureaucracy of justice. It is anti-Trump. It is anti-Republican...Get them Newt.
In bold move, Israel takes out Iranian 
forces and proxies at Syrian military base

by Erin Cunningham & Ruth Eglash 
{ } ~ A missile strike on an air base in central Syria was carried out by Israeli warplanes in the early hours of Monday morning causing multiple casualties, according to the Syrian and Russian governments, amid fears of renewed regional confrontation.

Israeli officials did not immediately comment on the reports. The raid on the T4 airfield in Homs province comes as tensions rise over possible U.S. military action in Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on a Damascus suburb late Saturday.

U.S. officials to say they were weighing options to strike Syrian government targets and the Syria's state news agency initially blamed Monday's strike on the United States. It backtracked following Pentagon denials.

"At this time, the Department of Defense is not conducting airstrikes in Syria," the Pentagon said in a statement.

President Donald Trump had said Sunday that there would be a "big price to pay" for the attack that killed dozens of people in Douma outside Damascus, according to local medical personnel. Both Syria and Russia have denied the Syrian government's involvement in that attack.

A Syrian military source and the Russian Defense Ministry said Israeli fighter jets carried out Monday's strike from Lebanese airspace.

According to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, most of the 14 killed were either Iranian forces or Iran-backed proxies supporting the Syrian government.

Iran is a staunch ally of the Syrian government, and has deployed forces and assets inside Syria, including a network of pro-government fighters it uses as shock troops in battles with Syrian rebels.

Israel has grown increasingly alarmed as Iran and its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, extend their military reach and influence in the region, including an expanded presence near Israel's northern border.

In February, Israel confirmed that it had targeted the same airfield in Homs, after an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace. Eight warplanes were used in that attack, Israel's military said, including one F-16 fighter jet that was downed by Syrian antiaircraft fire.

"The timing of the strike isn't coincidental," said Michael Horowitz, a senior analyst at Le Beck International, a Middle East-based geopolitical and security consultancy.

"By striking Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Iranian allies just a day after Trump warned them of the price they would pay ... Israel mitigates the risk of an Iranian response," he said. "Israel has been trying to convince Washington to adopt a more pro-active, anti-Iran strategy in Syria, and certainly sees Trump's rhetoric in the wake of the chemical attack as an opportunity."

Monday's strike also comes amid a reported deal to evacuate rebel fighters from Douma following Saturday's alleged chemical attack. The militants from Jaish al-Islam had been negotiating their exit with Russian representatives.

Russia's Tass news agency reported Sunday that 8,000 fighters would be allowed to leave Douma for other opposition-held areas in northern Syria.

Douma is one of the opposition's last strongholds near the capital, and had come under heavy bombardment by Syrian government and allied forces in recent weeks. According to the United Nations, more than 1,700 people have been killed since February in the Eastern Ghouta area.

On Saturday, Syrian doctors and rescue workers in Douma said that at least 40 people were killed in the apparent chemical attack.

More than 500 people "were brought to local medical centers with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical agent," according to the Syrian American Medical Society, a Washington-based nonprofit group that supports health facilities in the area.

Footage from the area showed bodies strewn across the floor of an air raid shelter. Among them was a young man who appeared to have died foaming at the mouth and clutching his child. Other images showed piles of bodies inside homes or slumped in concrete stairwells, foam visible on their noses and mouths.

"We tried to send people to the area to rescue the injured, but even the rescue workers began suffocating," said Mohamed Samer, a medical worker in Douma.

The images recalled earlier chemical weapons attacks on civilians in Syria, including those involving the nerve agent sarin. A year ago, nearly 100 people were killed in a strike on the northern town of Khan Sheikhoun that the United Nations has blamed on the Syrian air force.

In 2013, also in Eastern Ghouta, a sarin attack killed more than 1,000 people - an event that prompted then president Barack liar-nObama to threaten military action against the Syrian government.

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Breaking:  FBI Admits Comey Leaked Memos 
 That Were Classified   Material! 

The FBI turned over the Comey memos to Congress today after missing their deadline earlier in the week.

Congressional leaders threatened to impeach deep state leaders if they continued to stall on the memos.

Fired FBI Chief James Comey wrote about the memos in his book and leaked the documents to reporters last year. Congress has not yet had a chance to look at the memos — Until tonight.


Meaning Fired FBI Chief James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS TO THE PRESS.

From the report:

From the DOJ to Congress:

Therefore, pursuant to your request, we are providing the requested memoranda in both the redacted and unredacted formats for your convenience. Consistent with your request, we are providing an unclassified version of the documents redacted to remove any classified information.

The DOJ wrote Congressional leaders this evening.

page 2

Hannity: Good news for Trump, crushing blows for the left

GOP Congressional Leaders Nunes, Gowdy And Goodlatte Release Statement On Comey Memos

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) issued a statement on the memos later tonight.

The House chairmen note that the memos prove that fired Director Comey never felt obstructed or threatened from his relationship with the president.

And… former Director Comey leaked at least one of these memos for the stated purpose of spurring the appointment of Special Counsel.

The Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence published the statement tonight:

Today House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) issued the following statement:

“We have long argued former Director Comey’s self-styled memos should be in the public domain, subject to any classification redactions. These memos are significant for both what is in them and what is not.

Former Director Comey’s memos show the President made clear he wanted allegations of collusion, coordination, and conspiracy between his campaign and Russia fully investigated. The memos also made clear the ‘cloud’ President Trump wanted lifted was not the Russian interference in the 2016 election cloud, rather it was the salacious, unsubstantiated allegations related to personal conduct leveled in the dossier.

The memos also show former Director Comey never wrote that he felt obstructed or threatened. While former Director Comey went to great lengths to set dining room scenes, discuss height requirements, describe the multiple times he felt complimented, and myriad other extraneous facts, he never once mentioned the most relevant fact of all, which was whether he felt obstructed in his investigation.

The memos also make certain what has become increasingly clear of late: former Director Comey has at least two different standards in his interactions with others. He chose not to memorialize conversations with President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, Secretary Clinton, Andrew McCabe or others, but he immediately began to memorialize conversations with President Trump. It is significant former Director Comey made no effort to memorialize conversations with former Attorney General Lynch despite concerns apparently significant enough to warrant his unprecedented appropriation of the charging decision away from her and the Department of Justice in July of 2016.

These memos also lay bare the notion that former Director Comey is not motivated by animus. He was willing to work for someone he deemed morally unsuited for office, capable of lying, requiring of personal loyalty, worthy of impeachment, and sharing the traits of a mob boss. Former Director Comey was willing to overlook all of the aforementioned characteristics in order to keep his job. In his eyes, the real crime was his own firing.

The memos show Comey was blind to biases within the FBI and had terrible judgment with respect to his deputy Andrew McCabe. On multiple occasions he, in his own words, defended the character of McCabe after President Trump questioned McCabe.

Finally, former Director Comey leaked at least one of these memos for the stated purpose of spurring the appointment of Special Counsel, yet he took no steps to spur the appointment of Special Counsel when he had significant concerns about the objectivity of the Department of Justice under Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

As we have consistently said, rather than making a criminal case for obstruction or interference with an ongoing investigation, these memos would be Defense Exhibit A should such a charge be made.”


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