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Government Punishes Disfigured Combat
Vet Thousands of Dollars - For Working
by Rachel Alexander
Despicable clown-Schumer Ignored Secrets
On liar-Clinton Server, Blasts Trump...
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Senator Chuck clown-Schumer oozes hypocrisy and reeks of sleaze as he steps to the podium of the Senate and embarks on another lie-based, innuendo-laden political attack on President Trump... clown-Schumer, the swamp snake, quotes a leak from the Washington Post which states that classified information was shared by President Trump with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador regarding the terrorist threat from ISIS, the group that Hussein liar-nObama and liar-Hillary Clinton created. clown-Schumer seizes on the opportunity to attack not only President Trump, but Russia as well, highlighting every negative aspect of their conduct that he can. He included a reference to the still unproven hacking hoax as being a fact, and failing to note that they are fighting the same Democrat-created terrorist organization and could be considered an ally in that effort...What lies.
US Approves $2 Billion Missile
Sale to United Arab Emirates
by Jason Ditz
{} ~ The Pentagon has issued a statement confirming that the US State Department has signed off on a $2 billion sale of US-made Patriot missiles to the United Arab Emirates... adding to the tiny Gulf nation’s ever growing military arsenal. The sale includes 65 PAC-3 interceptors and 100 GEM-T missiles. It is unclear when the UAE intends to do with all these missiles, though the State Department was willing to sign off on it being in the “national security” interest of the US to make the sales...
Show Us All The Comey Memos –
What Else Was Comey Sitting On
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Mark Levin, obviously disgusted with the incessant political chicanery of the Democrats in their effort to remove or seriously diminish President Trump... addresses the latest angle of attack, the supposed memo that disgraced former FBI Director Comey wrote to himself about a meeting in February with President Trump. Levin says, with sarcastic feigned excitement, “Comey wrote a memo after he met with Trump in February. February, in February? Oh yes, yes.” Levin quotes the supposed memo, in its recounting of the alleged conversation and President Trump asking Comey to “just let it go,” to forget that whole investigation into Flynn. Levin notes that if it were true, “he’s interfering with an investigation.” He points out that “the information comes from senior officials at the FBI who Comey worked with, former associates and others. So Comey is putting it out.”...
Republican Asks For Comey Memo On
liar-Clinton Meeting With Loretta Lynch
by Kerry Picket
{} ~ “If the New York Times has Comey’s memo that means we’re going to be able to see it and I would assume that would be fair... I assume that Mr. Comey also kept, if he’s disturbed by the same memos, that he gave to or about when Mrs. liar-Clinton’s husband appeared in the jet with the attorney general,” Texas Republican Rep. Pete  Sessions told The Daily Caller Tuesday. “So I assume that memo would be available to us also. And I would assume that we will see a number of disturbing trends that took place at the Department of Justice during the liar-nObama administration for whatever he’s claiming and I’ll look forward to seeing all those,” Sessions said. “But I cannot comment, because I have not seen them but I would assume that Mr. Comey that if he kept one on this visit, evidently, he has others. Now I look forward to seeing those.”...
Trey Gowdy Stops Just Short Of Calling
Collusion On The liar-Clintons And The DOJ
by Amber Athey
{} ~ Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy said on Fox News Tuesday night that the liar-Clintons’ “entanglements” with the Department of Justice run much deeper than the average viewer may know... On Fox News’ “The Story,” Gowdy cryptically told host Martha McCallum that he believes “history will be much kinder to Jim Comey in that July press conference than the Democrats were.” “I think he had access to information that, because he is a stand-up guy he’s not gonna disseminate classified information though God knows everybody else is…so all your viewers see is this meeting on the tarmac,” he explained...
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Government Punishes Disfigured Combat
Vet Thousands of Dollars - For Working
by Rachel Alexander
{} ~ Ellis “Jerry” Majetich served our country in both the Army and the Marine Corps. He was Security Team Leader, Captain's Orderly and Squad Leader with Weapons Company 1/7 during Desert Shield/Storm and a Tactical Team Leader with PSYOP, 7th Group during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In October 2005, his vehicle was struck with an IED. He suffered incredible injuries, including 100 percent face and scalp burns. He was unrecognizable.

Majetich was honorably discharged and given several awards, including the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. His recovery has been a long, uphill battle. He has had 73 surgeries, including extensive facial reconstruction. Parts of his fingers have been amputated; his right hand is basically a nub.

He was eligible for full-time disability, but Majetich thought if he was capable of working and supporting himself, he would. He discovered Drexel Hamilton, a Wall Street firm that trains returning combat veterans in finance. Up until then, it hadn’t been easy for him to find a job. He had no ears, and many employers did not want to deal with his appearance.  

Things finally started to look up for Majetich, and he married a longtime friend. He had no idea of the bureaucratic financial nightmare he was about to embark upon. He told me that he has received nothing less than outstanding medical treatment from the VA. But I am skeptical about its administrative side.

About two and half years ago, Majetich received a bill from the Social Security Administration for about $68,000. He was told that he must repay disability income that he had wrongly received. But he hadn’t done anything wrong.

When Majetich began working, he asked the Social Security Administration to discontinue the disability income. He was told that the pay would continue for six months, on a sort of trial period before being stopped, and would not have to be repaid. After the six months passed, the pay continued but was reduced a little. He immediately went to the agency again to tell them this, and was informed that his benefits had been halted and whatever he was receiving was because he was a combat veteran, or for his children because they were in college. He told them that he did not believe this was a proper benefit and that everything should stop, but they refused.

Over the next year, Majetich went to or called the Social Security office 13 times, which was documented in their computer system, telling them to stop paying him. If he attempted to pay them back, all payments made were simply paid back to him. On one of the last few trips there, his then-fiancee came with him and they both refused to leave until the agency produced something in writing showing he was entitled to the benefits. After almost an hour of research, the agency admitted he was right and finally agreed to halt the benefits. While Majetich was receiving the extra pay, he used it for what they told him it was for. He paid for his children’s schoolbooks and helped with their rent and other expenses.

Majetich again went to the Social Security office to at least try and have part of the $68,000 written off — but in the fine print there were three rules in order to have any part of the bill withdrawn. First, that it was a mistake by SSA. This was easy, it obviously was. Second, the SSA had to have been notified of their error. Again, easy, as shown in their own computer system, Majetich had been in their office 13 times to do this. But, ah, that third and final clause: Were you financially capable of living without the benefit? Due to the work Majetich was doing, he could have survived without it.

He began paying Social Security back $2,000-$2,500 every month.About a month before his wedding, Majetich received a bill from the IRS for about $9,800 saying that because he wasn’t entitled to the Social Security payments, they were being taxed. He dutifully paid the IRS debt off last year.

But then his disability pay from the VA stopped. When he inquired about it, he was told that he had been overpaid $17,600 because he never told them about a 2009 divorce to a previous wife. They said he’d received an extra $200 a month for his spouse after the divorce — curiously providing him with no evidence of this. But Majetich did tell the VA of his divorce immediately after it was finalized, because he didn't want his ex to have any access to his records. The response? It was a different division of the VA and the two departments did not communicate with each other.

How are veterans supposed to know they have to contact several different branches within the VA? He was told there are five different branches that should be notified with any marital changes, dependent changes or moves (the VA Medical Center, the VA Regional Office, Vocational Rehabilitation, Benefits and Finance). None of these offices use the same computer system and their computer systems cannot communicate with each other!

The VA said they sent Majetich a letter last October notifying him of this action and how to set up a payment plan — but the letter was sent to an address he had seven years ago.

Majetich was told if he didn’t set up a payment plan with the VA, he would not receive his $3,360 monthly payments for the next six months. But without this money, how could he pay Social Security back every month? He eventually obtained a partial benefits payment, but in return the veteran had to set up a monthly repayment plan of $1,400 for the next year.

In the past two and a half years, Majetich has received approximately $96,000 in bills from the government, of which he has paid back $55,000 so far. He now must pay Medicare premiums, since he is no longer receiving Social Security. This is ridiculous given that someone who is considered 100 percent disabled is not charged premiums!

Considering what Majetich went through due to his injuries, and the extensive efforts he took in order to clear up the disability payments, he should not be penalized for the government’s gross mistakes. He is one of the last Americans this should happen to.

Majetich is still undergoing extensive medical procedures. He is being treated for pre-cancerous cells on his lip and is waiting to receive laser treatment on his lips where the skin grafts are ripping at the corner of his mouth. He needs surgery on his right elbow for heterotopic ossification, where bone forms in the soft tissues, typically after a trauma or burn. He also needs surgery on what remains of his right hand to loosen the tendons, because it puts his hand into a fist and pulls it down at the wrist, causing significant pain.

Some medical issues he will live with the rest of his life. If he reads more than an article or something brief that requires comprehension, he has severe headaches due to traumatic brain injury. When he's overtired, his speech slows down and it is very difficult for him to speak. He aches from his injuries. He suffers from PTSD that worsens when he takes pain medication.

How do you fix this? Ellis Majetich doesn’t want pity. There needs to be a veterans’ advocate for seriously injured veterans. Congress can do this. And the rules need to be standardized across the board within the VA. Overall, the VA has provided Majetich with excellent medical care. But the lack of communication within the agency and with veterans is a real problem that needs work. All Majetich wanted to do was work to support himself and his family, instead of having taxpayers pay for his regular living expenses. President Trump said he is fixing problems within the VA. He or Congress need to fix this one, fast. 

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OMG!! -> Government Now Wants To Seize Your Car For Going 5MPH Over The Limit

We’ve discussed this on and off for several years now. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets and cash from citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.

You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. You are assumed guilty unless you can somehow prove your innocence.

Of course, not everyone has this ability… if you aren’t local, state, or federal law enforcement, this is called stealing, and you go to prison.

But the government is actually a bigger problem than common thieves.

A 2015 report showed that law enforcement used civil asset forfeiture to steal more from US residents than every thief, robber, and burglar in America combined.

About $4.5 BILLION worth of cash, cars, homes, and other property is taken by civil asset forfeiture each year – hundreds of millions more than common criminals steal.

And it happens at every level. Your local cop can use civil asset forfeiture just like your state trooper. And then any one of the armed agents of the US government—from the FBI to the Fish and Wildlife Service—can rob you for whatever reason they want.

This travesty continues to grow because the cops who take your stuff get to keep it. Police departments and government agencies around the country depend on civil asset forfeiture to boost their budgets.

Cops will literally keep some of the cars they take as squad cars. And they make a fortune auctioning off the houses, boats, and anything else they confiscate.

Obviously this gives cops an incentive to steal, whether or not they actually think the property was used in a crime, or acquired illegally. Remember, civil asset forfeiture adds billions every year to their bottom line.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case of civil asset forfeiture.

Tyson Timbs was convicted of selling a small amount of drugs to an undercover police officer. He was sentenced to house arrest, and paid about $1,200 in fines.

But then police used civil asset forfeiture to take his $42,000 Land Rover which Timbs purchased with money from a life insurance policy after his father died. The money did not come from selling drugs, or any other illegal activity.

Timbs sued, and the case made its way to the Supreme Court, because every lower court in Indiana said the forfeiture was perfectly legit.

The case revolves around whether or not the seizure of the Land Rover was an excessive fine under the 8th amendment, and whether or not this protection against excessive fines applies to state governments.

And the public got some crazy insight into the government’s position.

The Indiana Solicitor General was arguing in favor of civil asset forfeiture when Justice Stephen Breyer asked him a hypothetical.

Breyer asked, if a state needs revenue, could it force someone to forfeit their Bugatti, Mercedes, or Ferrari for speeding? Even if they were going just 5 miles per hour over the speed limit?

And the utterly appalling answer from the Indiana Solicitor General was, yes.

That’s right… the official government position is that they can steal any amount of your property in “connection” with any crime whatsoever, no matter how trivial the crime may be… even exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles per hour.

This is how overbearing and authoritarian the government has become in the land of the free.

This is how much power your local cop has… and the power only grows as you go to state, and federal officials.

If there is any solace in any of this, it is that the other Supreme Court Justices were reportedly laughing at this exchange.

The justices seemed incredulous that Indiana’s top lawyer was using such absurd assertions and flimsy reasoning in his arguments.

So, for now, we can keep our cars if we get pulled over for speeding. But that may not always be the case…

Depending on how this is ruled, it could pave the way for even more egregious abuses of power… or it could curb the practice, and reign in these thieves in uniforms.

Just understand where the government is coming from. These politicians, bureaucrats and officers think they can do whatever they want. Absolutely anything goes, with no limitation whatsoever.

And that makes it a little tough to feel like you really live in the land of the free.

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