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Was liar-nObama's tap of Trump legal, American?

 by Joseph Farah
 The MSM Russian Obsession 
Mainstream media outlets across the nation this morning essentially ran the same headline — Attorney General Sessions Lied About Not Meeting With Russians. Democrats couldn't cue up fast enough to offer their best renditions of Joseph McCarthy in calling for Sessions' immediate resignation. Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren (D-MA), who had been an especially vocal critic of Sessions during his confirmation hearings, bloviated, "We need a special prosecutor totally independent of the AG. We need Attorney General Jeff Sessions — who should have never been confirmed in the first place — to resign. We need it now."
          So what's the story here? Did Sessions lie? The short answer is no, because context is crucial. It was revealed Wednesday that Sessions had met twice with the Russian ambassador before the election. One meeting was in an official capacity in his role as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the second was a public meeting at the Heritage Foundation directly after a speech Sessions gave. Neither meeting had anything to do with Donald Trump's campaign. At his confirmation hearings, Sessions was asked if he had communications with the Russians regarding the Trump campaign. Sessions responded, "I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in [Trump's] campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians." In a questionnaire, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) asked whether Sessions "had been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after election day." Sessions' replied, "No."
          In reality, there are two components to this story, the Leftmedia's fiscal bottom line and the Democrats' resistance agenda. The mainstream media is trolling a molehill of a story, seeking to play it up to scandal proportions as a means to gain attention and sell advertising. There is almost nothing to this story, but because of the juicy Russian component the MSM can feature it for great click bait. For the Democrats, the story serves as yet another vehicle to further their "Trump is an illegitimate president" mantra and the narrative of the Russian election-meddling conspiracy. We're sure it's pure coincidence that this story broke just after Trump's hugely successful speech.
          So, stay tuned, as one can expect more of these types of non-scandal scandalous stories from the Leftmedia far into the foreseeable future.  ~The Patriot Post 
The Democrats’ Russia Narrative
is Filled With Holes and Hypocrisy
{} ~ According to the organization Global Cleveland, the July event at which Sen. Jeff Sessions met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak was sponsored by none other than President liar-nObama’s State Department... The event, which took place in Cleveland at the same time as the Republican National Convention, was attended by 80 ambassadors from around the world, including Kislyak. It was coordinated by the Global Cleveland organization in conjunction with the RNC and the U.S. Department of State, according to the official website. But the media and the Democrats are trying desperately to avoid reporting the details of the event so they can make it look like Sessions was scheduling secret, private, under-the-radar meetings with the Russians. And the implication, of course, is that Sessions and Kislyak were plotting and scheming over the DNC hacks, setting up quid pro quo scenarios, and just generally cooking up treasonous acts against the U.S. government. When you see how innocuous these “meetings” really were, that storyline falls apart. But if you still think Kislyak is a nefarious Russian agent, then your questions shouldn’t be limited to Jeff Sessions and the Trump campaign team. Indeed, why not ask Barack liar-nObama himself why he felt it necessary to meet with Kislyak at least 22 times between 2009 and 2016? Was liar-nObama working to overthrow the U.S. government? Was he secretly planning traitorous schemes with Vladimir Putin? Or was he simply meeting with the official diplomat of a country that remains a huge player on the global map?...
Homegrown Terrorism is Top Threat to UK
by Soeren Kern
British soldier Lee Rigby (right, holding his son) was
murderedoutside London's Woolwich Barracks by
IslamistsMichael Adebolajo (left) and Michael Adebowale
{} ~ Homegrown terrorism inspired by the Islamic State poses the dominant threat to the national security of the United Kingdom, according to a comprehensive new report on violent Islamism in Britain... The 1,000-page report — "Islamist Terrorism: Analysis of Offenses and Attacks in the UK (1998–2015)" — was published on March 5 by the Henry Jackson Society, a foreign policy think tank based in London. The report, authored by terrorism researcher Hanna Stuart, identifies, profiles and analyzes all 269 Islamism-inspired terrorism convictions and suicide attacks in the United Kingdom between 1998 and 2015...Hey protesters you need to read this article. You might wake-up.
How the Use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Saved Thousands of American Lives
{} ~ The intelligence community unjustly suffered a black eye when its use of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT) was publicized by the media and used as a political issue by Democrats trying to discredit a Republican administration and undermine the post 9/11 war effort...  In addition, CIA black site operations were unfairly tied to an isolated case of prisoner abuse by military police at Abu Ghraib, a U.S.-run Iraqi detention facility for terrorist detainees.  What was missing from the head-on attacks on the intelligence agency was the reality of how EIT thwarted terrorist plans and potentially saved thousands of American lives. A new book, Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America (Crown Forum, 2016) by psychologist and retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, Dr. James E. Mitchell, describes the author's involvement in the development and implementation of the CIA's enhanced interrogation program from its inception in 2002 until it was shut down by liar-nObama in 2009. The book is an eye-opening account of how thoughtfully and judiciously enhanced interrogation techniques were developed, how they were applied, how much valuable intelligence was gleaned from their use and how effectively they thwarted potentially deadly attacks...
Former Intel Officer Says liar-nObama Could Be First Former President with a Felony Indictment
{} ~ While there of course has been substantial pushback against the extreme accusation by both the media and liar-nObama’s people... there does seem to be some circumstantial evidence that Trump’s allegations were correct — at least more than any proving Trump was somehow colluding with the Russian government. If indeed it does turn out to be the case that the liar-nObama administration illegally surveilled Trump’s team ahead of Election Day as some have speculated, the end result could be the unprecedented indictment of a former president on felony charges...
Limbaugh: Trump’s Wiretap Claim
Has Clear Basis In Fact
by Jack Davis
{} ~ President Donald Trump’s accusation that he was spied upon at the behest of former President Barack liar-nObama sends a message that Trump will fight against the enemies of his presidency... talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Monday. Limbaugh also noted that Trump’s conclusion is grounded in the reality of an administration stalked by leaks of sensitive information and also reflects published media reports that Trump aides were targets of surveillance. He also noted that the accusation comes in the context of a political fight to the death between conservatives and liberals...
Was liar-nObama's tap of Trump legal, American?

 by Joseph Farah
{} ~ After Donald Trump blew the whistle on the eavesdropping of his 2016 campaign headquarters by Barack liar-nObama’s administration, few in the media or elsewhere seem to be asking the obvious questions:

Was it legal?

Was it ethical – in the American way?

One thing is for certain: If the roles were reversed and the Trump administration bugged Democrats, you can imagine the media would take a much different view.

Let’s first take a look at how the media reported this travesty of justice, political decorum, the Constitution and American legal tradition:
  • Washington Post: President Trump on Saturday angrily accused former President Barack liar-nObama of orchestrating a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to tap the phones at his Trump Tower headquarters in the run-up to last fall’s election, providing no evidence to support his explosive claim and drawing a flat denial from liar-nObama’s office.
  • CNN: Trump’s baseless wiretap claim
  • Atlantic: Trump’s Unfounded Claims of a “Nixon/Watergate” Wiretapping Scheme
  • Huffington Post: liar-nObama Refutes Allegation that He Wiretapped Trump Tower During Campaign
  • New York Daily News: Trump’s poor understanding of national security investigations may prove dangerous
  • New York Times: President Trump on Saturday accused former President Barack liar-nObama of tapping his phones at Trump Tower the month before the election, leveling the explosive allegation without offering any evidence.
The emphasis of all of these “fake news” reports is disingenuous to say the least. liar-nObama didn’t deny his administration wiretapped Trump. He said no one at the White House did. That is a virtual admission that his administration did, probably Justice Department, meaning the “apolitical Loretta Lynch” who just called for “blood and death” in the streets to stop Trump, much to the approval of Senate Democrats. It’s an obvious parsing of words by the slick liar-nObama.

The accusation is indeed bigger than Watergate, which began with an attempt not to eavesdrop directly on Richard Nixon’s opponent in the 1972 presidential election, but on Larry O’Brian, the head of the DNC, whose offices were in the Watergate Hotel. He was the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of his day, but she and liar-Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta didn’t bother securing their email communications, and you could read them all on WikiLeaks.

And that brings us to the excuse for Trump’s campaign being undoubtedly bugged – the elusive evidence for Russian hacking and interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

If you doubt there is no evidence, just carefully read every New York Times story on the fake scandal. Way down near the bottom of every story, the paper that has trumpeted this story the most admits there’s no evidence.

So, here’s the way this thing obviously went down.

liar-nObama’s team first tried to get a broad FISA warrant to investigate the Russian fantasy. The judge turned it down.

It tried again with a narrower FISA warrant request. The judge turned it down.

Then it tried a third time, and the judge approved it in October. Coincidentally, that is the exact time Trump says the wiretapping began.

Not one of these big news organizations will tell you that.

It’s the attorney general who would request such wiretap authorizations for heavy-duty, politically charged requests such as this – not that any have ever been requested or authorized in the history of the republic.

Do news organizations really want to be covering up stuff like this? Don’t they understand the same tactics can be used against them? liar-nObama, or (wink-wink) Lynch, just set the precedent.

Nixon never did anything remotely like this – and he was forced from office as a result. liar-nObama or Lynch could well be prosecuted by the Trump administration. And one or both probably should be.

Misuse of FISA statutes is a clear violation of the law.

FISA can only be used for “foreign intelligence information” as the basis for surveillance to protect the U.S. against a “grave” or “hostile” attack, war-like sabotage or international terror.

Does anyone suggest such a thing with regard to Russian hacks?

That’s what makes this scandal, pardon the expression, “bigger than Watergate.”

Out of more than 35,000 FISA court requests, only 12 have ever been rejected. But two out of three requested by the liar-nObama administration to investigate the Russia deal were. What does that tell you?

It tells me this was a political fishing expedition to build a case against Trump if or when he beat liar-Hillary.

Since the election, the hysteria over Russia’s role in the election has only increased exponentially.

And that’s why:
  1. I believe Trump.
  2. I don’t believe liar-nObama.
  3. I don’t believe the “fake news cartel,” which is all in for finding the elusive Trump-Russia link.

What we’ve got here at first glance is a prima facie case for “bigger and worse than Watergate.”

But the Washington Post and New York Times have already signaled they won’t be investigating. They are already publishing front-page editorials that stake out a rather shrill “see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil” approach.

Was it legal? No.

Was it ethical in the American political tradition? No.

Is it one of the most dangerous developments in American political history? Yes.

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