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Unfair Charges of Systemic Racism
by David Limbaugh
Scalise's Return Reminds Us What's at Stake
by Nate Jackson:  That Republican Rep. Steve Scalise is alive is a miracle. That he can walk is another, as evidenced in his dramatic return to Congress yesterday. Three months after being wounded by a would-be assassin, Scalise needed two walking crutches to make it to the House floor, and he entered to a long, rousing and emotional standing ovation from his colleagues.

          The congressman’s return is a welcome sight during a time of political discord, and it’s also a reminder of that discord. Remember, it wasn’t just some nutcase who attempted to murder Scalise and numerous other Republicans practicing for the congressional baseball game, it was a socialist Bernie Sanders fanatic inspired by left-wing hate rhetoric.
          Columnist Gary Bauer puts it in perspective: “After the Charlottesville riots, Congress passed, and President Trump signed, a resolution condemning white supremacist hate groups. The resolution also called on the federal government to investigate groups that are ‘fomenting and facilitating additional violence.’ Scalise’s would-be assassin was a fan of a Facebook page called ‘Terminate The Republican Party.’ Is the FBI investigating this group? Incredibly, that page is still active. Facebook doesn’t hesitate to pull content it finds offensive. But I guess that doesn’t qualify as ‘hate speech’ to the progressives who dominate Silicon Valley and the tech industry.”
           Our national politics would be far better if more men like Scalise dominated the discourse instead of antifa thugs and NFL ingrates.
          During his inspiring remarks, Scalise spoke of the role of his Christian faith in his recovery, saying, “It starts with God.” Laying bleeding on the ballfield that day in June, Scalise recalled, “I just started praying.” We too are grateful that he can now say, “Pretty much every one of those prayers were answered. [God] really did deliver for me and my family, and it just gives you that renewed faith and understanding that the power of prayer is just something that you cannot underestimate.”
          Scalise also thanked the two U.S. Capitol Police responsible for saving his life: David Bailey and Crystal Griner, both of whom were wounded in the exchange with the assailant. President Donald Trump awarded both officers the Medal of Valor in July. Were it not for a couple of good guys with guns, many people would have died that day.
          “I’m definitely a living example that miracles really do happen,” Scalise said. He’s right, and it’s heartening to see it.  ~The Patriot Post

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Trump Administration Lobbying Hard 
for Sweeping Surveillance Law
by Alex Emmons
{} ~ THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION is pushing hard for the reauthorization of a key 2008 surveillance law — section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA... three months before it sunsets in December. To persuade senators to reauthorize the law in full, the Trump administration is holding classified, members-only briefings for the entire House and Senate next Wednesday, with heavy hitters in attendance: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, NSA Director Mike Rogers, and FBI Director Christopher Wray will give the briefings, according to an internal announcement of the meetings provided to The Intercept and confirmed by multiple sources on Capitol Hill...
Larry Klayman Slams 
'Unconstitutional' Moves to Protect Mueller
by Todd Beamon
{} ~ Democratic efforts to protect Russia special counsel Robert Mueller are "unconstitutional," former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman told Newsmax TV on Thursday... "The power to appoint Mueller, the power to remove him lies with the Justice Department," Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, told "Newsmax Now" host Bill Tucker in an interview...
Pulosi mutters ‘oh God’ during question, 
suffers brain freeze, stares at reporters
{} ~ Nancy Pulosi wanted to talk about a bailout for Puerto Rico today, but a reporter wanted her opinion on “gun legislation” moving through Congress instead... The House Minority Leader couldn’t hide her disdain for — or fear of — the question. While addressing reporters today, Pulosi muttered “oh God” into a hot mic while a reporter was asking about the bill...
Chuck Todd Belittles Roy Moore For Agreeing
With Jefferson And Constitution On Rights
{} ~ In a Condescending, judgmental and anti-Christian biased report, NBC’s leftist political hit man took aim at Judge Roy Moore following the Alabama primary election... Todd also demonstrated that he knows nothing about the Constitution as he falsely demeans the future Senator over his positions, beliefs and interpretation of our rights. Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”...
Unfair Charges of Systemic Racism
by David Limbaugh

{} ~ No matter how often leftists slander conservatives as racists, no matter how much they try to shame NFL fans for objecting to players kneeling during the national anthem, flag-waving patriots are not going to be cowed into surrendering on this issue.

Why is it that anytime leftists engage in political debate or protest, no matter how inflammatory their content or manner of expression, they are glorified and defended? Conversely, why are conservatives automatically condemned as insensitive or censorious when they express their views or object to those of the left?

In this upside-down culture, the left is always treated as occupying the moral high ground, and criticism of liberals is deemed injurious to their right to free speech.

So when certain NFL players kneel during the national anthem, the dominant liberal media culture celebrates them, while anyone who objects to their action is accused of infringing on their liberties, even though no state action is involved and no constitutional question is at issue.

It is leftists who want to chill the speech of those criticizing the protesters for disrespecting the American flag. Instead of invoking bogus free speech issues, shouldn't we talk about the content of the protesters' complaints and the propriety of their manner of expressing them?

It seems the thrust of the protesters' complaint is that American law enforcement and America itself are systemically racist.

But if a protest movement seeks to be constructive, its complaints must be considered on the merits, and that means a full and substantive discussion of the facts. Those who disagree with the gravamen of the complaint have just as much right to express their opinion as the complainants. Bullying them into silence is hardly going to facilitate a resolution.
If the complainants truly are asserting that America's law enforcement institutions or America itself are systemically racist against African-Americans, they bear the burden of proving their assertions, especially when facts and statistics appear to contradict those claims. The Washington Post reports that of the 963 people shot and killed by police in America last year, only 17 of the victims were unarmed African-Americans. On its face, that's a troubling number, but it does not suggest systemic racism of law enforcement. This is not a dispositive statistic, but it is one that must be considered among others.

Lest you accuse me of exaggerating the protesters' position, note that I'm just listening to what many of them and their supporters say on national television and radio. Universities are replete with courses railing against white supremacy and racism in this country. The professional leftist protest cabal, Antifa, is certainly making these claims unambiguously, and mainstream Democrats and the media are championing their cause. Antifa is so extreme on white privilege that you can sometimes hear its members berating fellow white colleagues for joining protests because they are "inherently racist."

No reasonable person can defend specific acts of racist behavior, especially by law enforcement officers. But protesters shouldn't get away with misstating facts to prove their claim. Such distortions cannot possibly help correct actual instances of racism. Protesters should be challenged, for example, if they claim racism is involved when a black officer shoots a black civilian. When protesters cite Michael Brown and Ferguson as an example of "hands up, don't shoot," they should be called out for misrepresenting the facts. Brown was not shot in the back by a police officer while peacefully trying to surrender, yet many have intentionally perpetuated that destructive myth.
People are tired of police officers being attacked and accused of systemic racism. The overwhelming majority of citizens would be appalled and outraged if they believed it was true. People are alarmed at being presumed racist based on the color of their skin. No one wants to be unjustly accused of racism -- one of the most damning charges that could be leveled in our society. As the charge is so damaging, it shouldn't be made freely and indiscriminately or without a strong factual basis. Those who do systemically engage in such baseless accusations should themselves be condemned for it.

People are certainly free to claim America or American law enforcement is systemically racist, but fairness requires that they back up their claims factually.

Protesters are free to kneel during the national anthem, assuming the NFL chooses not to discipline them for a rule violation, but fans are also free to express their disapproval of the protesters' overt disrespecting of the American flag.

Many fans believe that regardless of the merits of the protesters' claims, it is inappropriate for them to express their complaint in this form -- because it implies, if not outright expresses, that the nation itself is somehow guilty of the type of racist behavior they are protesting.
Many Americans are fed up with the ongoing effort in our culture to trash this nation and its historical symbols -- not just controversial Confederate symbols but many others, as well.

Evidence of racial tension in America is not limited to football players kneeling. There has been an ongoing effort by race agitators on the left to stir the pot for political and other reasons. A conservative can hardly take a political position on any issue, no matter how innocuous, without someone on the left's accusing him of racism. Talk about chilling speech and political dissent!

President Trump provides a convenient scapegoat for the left and many on the right. Criticize him if you must for fanning the flames, but don't fool yourself that he is responsible for the overall problem we face, which is serious and must be taken seriously. And be aware that many appreciate it when people in leadership positions defend the sanctity of the flag.

It should go without saying that racism of all kinds and in all directions is unacceptable, including unwarranted claims of racism, which are themselves grounded in race.
If protesters genuinely want their problems addressed, they must quit stating more than the facts allow, refrain from outrageous and damaging hyperbole, and support their specific claims with concrete evidence. And unless they want to continue to draw as much ire as they draw constructive attention to their concerns, they must quit targeting the American flag and other sacred national symbols.

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Tom Fitton: Trump Was Victimized, Targeted by FBI,
Clinton Campaign, Russian Operatives, Obama Admin
and Fusion GPS

Judicial Watch founder and President Tom Fitton hammered the corrupt Mueller investigation on FOX and Friends Weekend on Saturday morning. Tom blasted the corrupt Obama Justice Department and declared the Trump-Russia collusion investigation over after Friday’s sham announcement of the indictment of 13 Russians.

Tom Fitton calls out the corrupt Justice Department on their criminal activity against candidate and President Trump.

Tom Fitton: At the end we have the massive Russia investigation that finds no collusion with the Trump Campaign. I don’t understand why we are still talking about a Special Counsel investigating the president in light of this indictment… Look those who say the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians are going to have to start providing evidence other than the Clinton-DNC dossier. Look this was in the news this week. We had the Susan Rice memo indicting Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Sally Yates, James Comey and Susan Rice in a conspiracy to get Trump on Russia. You had information that the number four at the Obama Justice Department, Bruce Ohr, hid information on his relationship with the Clinton Campaign cash machine – basically Fusion GPS that was collaborating with the Russia to launch dirt or really defamatory dirt against President Trump into the FBI-DOJ apparatus. And now you have this indictment of Russians abroad, an indictment that’s never going to see the light of day in short of trial because they’re never going to come here. It’s never going to be tried. We’re never going to find out whether anything in the indictment’s true. And what would they rather be talking about? This indictment where they found, despite all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, not one American colluded with the Russians.

Why isn’t this Justice Department looking into the abuse of the FISA process? Look the Russians were trying to make it clear to the Clinton Camp that they had dirt on Trump and they were going to use it against him. And all of that was false. And Trump was victimized and the FBI, rather than trying to protect him, used it as a pretext working with the Clinton campaign to target him under the corrupt Obama administration. Look this indictment shows the Russian scandal is over as far as Trump is concerned.


Obama is center of anti-@RealDonaldTrump effort -- when will he be questioned on the Clinton-DNC dossier? And, do what do we have the FBI for -- the shooter screw-up? New Lawsuits on Unmasking, the DNC Hack and Comey DOC. My @JudicialWatch update.


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