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Americans Tune Out the Bible 
by Jordan Candler
rino-McCain Dem Comrades Urge Haspel 
'No' Vote Becuase Songbird was Tortured
{ } ~ None of the cowardly Democrats in the Senate will admit they are voting against the Haspel nomination for CIA Director... simply because they oppose anything President Trump supports, that would require an admission that they don’t give a rip about America, are strictly seeking more power and put Party ahead of our nation in its current, Constitutional, pre-fundamental transformation form. liar-Clinton was supposed to finish the job but that didn’t happen, so it’s plan “B,” obstruct and impeach for the globalist enemies of this nation, which means oppose anything and everything Trump, and fabricate excuses in the process. The excuse in this case is that Gina Haspel supported torture and if rino-John McCain was tortured everyone must vote as he commands. Gun grabber Dianne Fein-stein says that rino-McCain “should be very persuasive. I mean, this is a man that has endured, immediately succumbed to real torture, and sang like a bird over a substantial period of time in a foreign setting. And he’s an American Democrat hero, so I would hope people would listen to our Heroes RINO tools of the Military Industrial Complex. I think they know best.”...
Did the FBI Plant an Informant in the Trump Campaign? 
{ } ~ Now, I want to turn to what I think may well in fact be the FBI having planted an informant in the Trump campaign, back in 2016... And I'm not really even reading that much between the lines. I want to first start with a Washington Post story that is from this week. "Nunes Sought all Documents on Person Described as Longtime Intelligence Source." That's the headline. "A subpoena that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) issued to the Justice Department last week made a broad request for all documents about an individual who people close to the matter say is a sensitive, longtime intelligence source for the CIA and FBI. "The Justice Department has refused to provide the documents," what Nunes wants. "Intelligence officials say the material could jeopardize the source, a U.S. citizen who has aided the special counsel investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign." Now, the fact that this is a U.S. citizen matters, because if the source here were foreign, then we would never reveal who it is or we would lose cooperation with foreign intelligence services... 
China Rapidly Building Advanced Arms for Use Against U.S. 
by Bill Gertz
{ } ~ China is rapidly building space weapons and other advanced arms infused with artificial intelligence capabilities as part of Beijing's bid for military dominance... according to a congressionally sponsored study. Anti-satellite missiles and orbiting killer satellites, swarms of attack drones, hypersonic missiles, maneuvering warheads, lasers, and high-speed rail guns are key systems China is fielding in the coming years in a bid to leap ahead of the U.S. military supremacy. "All of China’s advanced weapons systems are moving forward at ‘full speed' and are all seen as ‘priorities given China’s overarching emphasis on finding a vulnerability in the U.S. armor,'" the report warns, quoting a 2013 Chinese military strategy...
The ‘Russian Collusion’ Trial Is on, 
and Mueller May Be the First Casualty
by Richard Pollock
{ } ~ Lawyers for Russian company Concord Management and Consulting, LLC, formally entered a “not guilty” plea in federal court Monday... in a case Special Counsel Robert Mueller probably never thought would happen. Mueller, weathering significant criticism that his Russian collusion case was thin, unveiled a grandiose indictment Feb. 16 against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies. The 13 Russians in question were charged with waging “information warfare” in the United States, interfering with the 2016 presidential election, and conspiracy to defraud the United States. Mueller generated headlines with the February indictment, safe in the knowledge the 13 Russians were beyond U.S. jurisdiction. Therefore, there would be no trial — only sensational Russian collusion accusations. Mueller may now have to try the case, and Concord’s lawyers have put the special counsel on notice. The Russian company’s lawyers  intend to invoke “discovery” to obtain U.S. intelligence about what they knew of Russian activities... 
Congressional Hearing: Iranian Sleeper Cells Threaten U.S.
by Michael Cutler
{ } ~ It has been said that the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge the existence of the problem...  It has also been said that where there is a will, there is a way. The nexus between immigration and terrorism is well established, however, the currently fashionable denial of that nexus by globalists from both parties has prevented the application of remedies to address the vulnerabilities in the immigration system that terror sleeper cells are known to exploit -- particularly the lack of resources for the interior enforcement of our immigration laws. On April 17, 2018 the House Committee on Homeland Security, Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee, chaired by Congressman Peter King of New York, conducted a hearing on the topic, "State Sponsors Of Terrorism: An Examination Of Iran’s Global Terrorism Network."...

Americans Tune Out the Bible 

by Jordan Candler:  In 1743, Benjamin Franklin observed, “How many observe Christ’s birth-day! How few, his precepts! O! ‘tis easier to keep Holidays than Commandments.” Franklin was mocking people for not practicing what they preach. This insight is especially salient today.

             LifeWay reports, “Americans have a positive view of the Bible. And many say the Christian scriptures are filled with moral lessons for today. However, more than half of Americans have read little or none of the Bible.
               The truth is that a growing number of Americans are nominal Christians, meaning they are selective, perhaps even hesitant, about following the tenets of Scripture. There is extreme pressure to conform to secularist culture, which the Bible cautions against in Romans 12:2: “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” The Bible is also increasingly considered more of an occasional reference guide than as a daily resource for Divine truth. These two points supplement each other.
               Nominal Christianity plays out in strange ways. As Peter Heck notes, “It’s a peculiar reality, to be sure: the same people who will get up in arms if you announce plans to remove a picture of the Bible from the public square can’t read or identify much of what is in that Bible.” It also results in the surreal instance of a church’s endorsing debauchery by hosting a condom session. More churches are also throwing their support behind issues like same-sex marriage, despite Scripture’s condemnation of homosexual behavior.
               Steadfast Christians oppose cultural degradation based upon what God is revealing to them, which occurs through regularly consulting the Bible and, more importantly, living by its precepts. The nominal Christian’s response typically doesn’t bear the fruit of the Spirit. The millions of Bibles circulating the U.S. won’t result in much influence until and unless all self-proclaimed Christians seek out and accept the Bible’s tenets with unwavering dedication. In other words, we must be followers, not pretenders. “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16).   ~The Patriot Pos

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OMG!! WTF!!: Rep. Ilhan Omar Tells CNN That She Doesn’t Know Why Her Anti-Israel Tweets Would Offend Jewish People

Rep. Ilhan Omar defended her anti-Israel sentiments on CNN on Thursday, saying that she doesn’t know why those comments would offend the Jewish-American community.

Omar famously tweeted in 2012 that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

When asked about the tweet by CNN, Omar responded, “oh, that’s a really regrettable way of expressing that. I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish-Americans.”

Ilhan Omar    @IlhanMN

Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.

Omar added that her comments were “precisely addressing what was happening during the Gaza war,” and that she was “clearly” speaking about the way the “Israeli regime” was “conducting themselves in that war.” 

Embedded video
Adam Weiss@adamMatthew

“I don’t know how my comments would be offensive to Jewish-Americans.”

Without any follow-up or push back, CNN moved on to asking the accused antisemitic congresswoman about her opinions on Rep. Steve King and his “racist remarks.”

While her perceived antisemitism is given a pass — Rep. King is boldly branded without any hesitation.

King has repeatedly stated that he was taken out of context and disavowed white supremacy and all forms of hatred – while Omar stands behind her bigotry. Yet, only King is facing consequences and blow back.

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