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Miserable Military Housing 
but Billions for Illegals
Political Editors
Senator John Kennedy Rebuttal 
to Andrew McCabe
by sundance
{} ~ Senator John Kennedy (R-GOPe/Tom Donohue’s candidate) responds to Andrew McCabe and the politicization of the FBI under the tenure of scumbag-James Comey and Deputy McCabe...
scumbag-Adam Schiff: dirtry cop-Mueller
making a 'mistake' without Trump
testimony under oath
by Zachary Halaschak
{} ~ House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff said special counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller would be making a “mistake”... if President Trump isn't brought in to testify under oath for the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin. Speaking to Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” scumbag-Schiff, D-Calif., said that he hopes dirty cop-Mueller subpoenas Trump or finds a way to get him in front of a grand jury. dirty cop-Mueller hasn’t done so yet, and reports indicate that his efforts are winding down and a final report may soon be incoming to the Justice Department. “Yes, I think it is a mistake, and I’ve said it all along that I don’t think dirty cop-Bob Mueller should rely on written answers," scumbag-Schiff said. "When you get written answers from a witness it’s really the lawyer’s answers as much as the client’s answer.”Trump submitted written answers to questions posed by dirty cop-Mueller's team in November. Some of those answers were leaked to CNN: Trump denied having contact with WikiLeaks and knowledge of the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between members of his team and a Kremlin-linked lawyer promising dirt on his 2016 rival scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton. Trump could face criminal charges if his answers proved false. scumbag-Schiff said he thinks during investigations of this nature, the prosecutor should be able to ask follow questions in real time. He said that he thinks dirty cop-Mueller feels some “time pressure” to conclude the investigation but said “the best way to get the truth would be to put the president under oath.” Under new Democratic leadership this term, the House Intelligence Committee is embarking on a sweeping investigation into President Trump’s financial transactions and Russia... No mention of scumbag-Schiff's meeing with Russia. Umm, he should also be put under oath.
NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow -vs- Chris Wallace
by sundance
{} ~ National Economic Council Chairman Larry Kudlow appears on Fox News Sunday to discuss economic policy, budgets and taxes. Since the discussion is the economy, Wallace quickly puts on his doomsday hat.
Growing Missile Threats Demand Increased Investments in U.S. Missile Defense
by Bradley Bowman and Andrew Gabel  
{} ~ According to a press report this week, the Pentagon may request $500 million less than it did last year for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA)... A reduction in MDA funding would be difficult to reconcile with the administration’s own 2019 Missile Defense Review (MDR), which underscored the growing missile threat. Outpacing such threats will be difficult if MDA lacks sufficient funding. Yet, sources say the Defense Department plans to request $9.4 billion for MDA, down from the $9.9 billion requested for FY 2019. This would represent more than a 10 percent cut from MDA’s FY 2019 enacted level of $10.5 billion. The 2019 MDR noted that potential adversaries – including China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea – are “fielding an increasingly diverse, expansive, and modern range of regional offensive missile systems that can threaten U.S. forces abroad, allies, and partners.” It reported, “Offensive missiles play an increasingly prominent role in China’s military modernization, its coercive threats, and efforts to counter U.S. military capabilities in the Indo-Pacific.” The MDR also noted, “Moscow is fielding an increasingly advanced and diverse range of nuclear-capable regional offensive missile systems, including missiles with unprecedented characteristics of altitude, speed, propulsion type, and range.” Yet the growing threat goes beyond China and Russia. Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats testified in January that “Iran’s ballistic missile programs, which include the largest inventory of ballistic missiles in the region, continue to pose a threat to countries across the Middle East.” Worse yet, Tehran is improving the capabilities of its missiles. The MDR noted, “One of Iran’s primary tools of coercion and force projection is its missile arsenal, which is characterized by increasing numbers, as well as increases in accuracy, range, and lethality.” Indeed, Iran continues to develop technologies it could eventually use to field an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) to strike the U.S. homeland...
Decepticon Barrasso Discusses National 
Emergency Border Declaration
by sundance
{} ~ Beware of the Decepticons. Senator John Barrasso is one of Mitch McConnell’s key small council members, which includes: McConnell, Cornyn, Barrasso, Earnst, Young, Thune, Lee, Crapo and Gardner. All the Decepticons make moves based on ulterior motives. The Decepticons are the UniParty constants in an ever changing universe.
Miserable Military Housing but Billions 
for Illegals
Political Editors:  After a growing number of complaints sparked a Reuter’s investigative story, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing recently to determine the degree and scope of unsafe living conditions many military families had experienced while residing in on-base housing units.

As Reuter’s reported, the unsafe living conditions included some bad stuff: “Lead paint hazards threaten children; rampant mold sickens others; ceilings leak or collapse into bedrooms, and rodents soil cribs and carpets. Even some new homes are riddled with defects, and the housing often isn’t accessible to state or county inspectors. Families have limited tenant rights and can be left penniless or powerless to challenge property managers in business with their military employers.”

While the Leftmedia has sought to place blame for the problem on the government’s decision to contract out on-base housing to private companies rather than on the actual issue of poor program oversight, what we find more disturbing and frustrating is how U.S. military personnel and their families are treated versus illegal aliens.

The U.S. has been catering to the welfare of illegal aliens, costing taxpayers billions annually. In fact, as we’ve previously noted, the Center for Immigration Studies found that “63% of noncitizen-headed households got some form of welfare benefit in 2014, compared with 35% for citizens.” How many of these noncitizens are paying taxes? Or to put it into context, how many noncitizens are actively serving the U.S. by defending her to the point of giving up their lives, as do members of America’s military? It’s indeed a shame that those who serve our nation to preserve our freedom should be subjected to such poor living conditions.  ~The Patriot Post  

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CONFUSION:   Pelosi Says Constitution Spells Out ‘Two Co-Equal Branches’ Of Government

No Nancy. No.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be taking night classes at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Government.

Pelosi, the 79-year-old third-highest ranking official in the U.S. government, was speaking to the Center for American Progress today when she mistakenly said there are “two co-equal branches” of government, before correcting herself to say there are three.


“First of all, let me just say, we take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Pelosi said.

“Democrats take that oath seriously, and we are committed to honoring our oath of office. I’m not sure that our Republican colleagues share that commitment, and I’m not sure that the president of the United States does, too,” she claimed.

“So, in light of the fact that the beauty of the Constitution is a system of checks and balances— two co-equal branches— three co-equal branches of government,” she corrected with a laugh.

“A check and balance on each other,” she continued. “Con— Constitution spells out the pri— pa, uh, the duties of Congress and one of them is oversight of the president of the United States, another one of them is to impeach the president of the United States,” Pelosi said.

In November, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied supporters on Facebook to pitch in and help Democrats take back “all three chambers of Congress.”

“…the Progressive movement works and it wins in all districts…If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress– three chambers of government…,” she said during the virtual appearance.

She clarified that she meant the “presidency, the Senate and the House.”

According to the Constitution, the three branches of government are the legislative, executive and judicial.

Below: Nancy Pelosi is continuing to promote the false narrative that President Trump is involved in a cover-up and therefore may be guilty of an impeachable offense. Millie Weaver joins Alex to break down the propaganda being used to overturn the democratic election of 2016 


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