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Farm Subsidies and the Farm Bill: 
Truth vs. Fiction 
by Jordan Candler
Steve King - Ryan Handing Control 
of House to Dems in Treasonous Amnesty Push
{ } ~ It’s as if the establishment globalists have decided that the Republican Party of President Trump must die and in order to kill it... they are recruiting sufficient numbers of RINOs to join with Democrats in an election year to push death by amnesty. It’s a twist on the same kind of maneuvering that Mitch McConnell used to give us the Iran deal, where Americans are first stuck with something and then forced to attempt to remove it, if they can. Their plan includes a component to completely demoralize the base that elected President Trump and give the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate back over to globalist control. They’ll then impeach him and the coup will have been successful. Patriots and others who voted for President Trump and the return of sovereignty will see the futility of a vote cast for one of the traitors who is pushing amnesty, or any Republican, and stay home in frustration and the realization that the United States is lost, that it may well be time for another American Revolution...
Trump to Cut Millions in Funding 
for Planned Parenthood, Abortion Providers 
by Leonardo Blair
{ } ~ Taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers under Title X... which provides $260 million annually for contraception and other family planning initiatives, will be cut under a proposed rule the Trump administration will announce on Friday. The proposal by the Trump administration, to be filed by the Department of Health and Human Services, seeks to disentangle taxpayers from the abortion industry by requiring a clear physical and financial separation between Title X services and services that perform, support, or refer to abortion as a method of family planning according to The Washington Post. The requirements would be similar to rules put in place during the Reagan-era, and will not prohibit counseling clients about abortion, an unnamed administration official told The Washington Post. The changes are being instituted to reflect the view that taxpayer funds should not be used to provide abortion services and that abortion is not family planning...
 Swamp Rino Rubio - Let Mueller 
Finish Coup liar-nObama, Brennan, Clapper Started
{ } ~ With all the spine of a Florida jellyfish, Senator Marco Rubio... when pressed on whether more than a year of completely unwarranted and unfruitful harassment by Robert Mueller and similar investigations is enough, Rubio replied, “I continue to say what I’ve said the whole time. Let Mueller finish his work, let all of the truth come out. I think that’s the best thing for the President, I really do.” No he doesn’t. So Rubio’s position, over a year into this witch hunt in its various incarnations, is to just wait, maybe something will turn up and the establishment fat cats he represents will have some pretext to toss Trump out of office. Of course Rubio is too much of a politician to actually say what he’s saying. He took the common, circuitous route of talking around what he’s saying so as to avoid having to actually take a position that might conflict with his donor masters...
Anti-American Cleric Slated to Win Iraqi Election 
by C. Mitchell Shaw 
{ } ~ A decade and a half after President George W. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” in the U.S. invasion of Iraq... Muqtada al-Sadr — the anti-American Shi'ite cleric who led his followers in attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq — appears to be the clear winner in the country’s fourth parliamentary election since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. As of this writing, all of the votes have yet to be counted, but the results appear overwhelmingly in favor of Sadr. His almost-certain electoral victory is due to his populist appeal: He advocates expelling all outsiders especially Americans and creating an Iraqi government that is made up of Iraqis looking out for Iraq. In a nutshell, Sadr promises to Make Iraq Great Again. Sadr’s success in riding the populist “Iraq First” wave is due, in large part, to his 2015 alliance with the Iraqi Communist Party and other secular groups “under an umbrella of security and corruption concerns.” The secular/Communist coalition has used Iraqi discontent toward the current government — created in the wake of U.S. occupation — to stoke the fires of anti-American sentiment. The underlying “security and corruption concerns” stemming from the current government — which is seen by many Iraqis as a puppet regime with the strings leading to Washington — played a major role Sadr’s campaign...
Democrat Tsunami Looking More Like Ripple
{ } ~ Nancy Pulosi recently affirmed that upon seizing the speaker’s gavel she plans to force through tax hikes... Her admission follows a memo released by Senate Democrats earlier this year calling to increase the corporate tax rate from 21 to 25 percent and push the top personal rate back to its pre-Trump level of 39.6 percent. Consequences follow elections. Electoral consequences also follow rhetoric. A recent poll pegged support for the Trump tax cuts at 51 percent, a bare majority of Americans but nearly double the level of support gauged by Reuters/Ipsos back in October. Americans like the reality of the cuts better than the idea of them. Democrats endanger themselves by relying on familiar rhetoric in the wake of changing circumstances... 

Farm Subsidies and the Farm Bill: Truth vs. Fiction 

by Jordan Candler:  Like immigration, health care and other seemingly endless legislative quarrels, agriculture is a highly contentious issue every time Congress grapples with it. So this week’s House farm bill is simply par for the course. The Heritage Foundation’s Daren Bakst has produced an excellent compilation of critical amendments that should graduate to the finalized bill. Unfortunately, these amendments — just like past reform proposals — will be in the crosshairs of subsidy-obsessed special interests.

             As Bakst explains in a Daily Signal op-ed, “Agricultural special interests try to make it sound as though touching even one farm subsidy — regardless of how unreasonable the subsidy is — will be the end of agriculture as we know it. Using scare tactics, they will assert wild claims without any support, or they will cherry-pick data to provide a misleading picture.” Sound familiar? That’s because global warming scaremongers apply the same tactic.
               The truth is less menacing. For example, while special interest groups assert that farmers are financially strapped and therefore require subsidies, Bakst points to the opposite: “Farm households have far greater median income and wealth than non-farm households.” This means that, as of 2016, 70% of farm households reported higher earnings, and farmer wages averaged about 29% higher. In terms of aggregate wealth, farmers’ average of $897,000 dwarfs that of other households, which stands at a relatively paltry $97,300.
               Another farce revolves around the supposedly deteriorating economy. While the agriculture economy is admittedly off its peak, Bakst notes that “key financial indicators such as debt-to-asset ratios are near historic lows.” Besides, he reminds us: “What other sector of the economy expects regular taxpayer handouts when things aren’t going well? The very assumption that taxpayers should protect farmers from competing in the market like every other business shows the egregious nature of the current subsidy system.”
               A few additional pointers: The rural economy’s troubles have little to do with farming — “only about 6 percent of rural jobs are in farming,” says Bakst — and subsidies are disproportionately divided among small family and commercial farms (guess which one profits the most?). This contradicts the narrative that subsidies are primarily needed to propel small family farms. The number of family farms, by the way, is not in a tailspin, as special interests claim. Believe it or not, there’s even a national security angle when it comes to subsidies. But as Bakst points out, “There are no national security problems for almost all commodities that receive little to no subsidies,” which happens to be most agricultural commodities.
               Let’s also not belittle the most important fact — taxpayers are on the hook for every subsidiary element. Even with crop insurance, taxpayers foot 62% of the premium bill. And when it comes to sugar, the economy takes a $3.7 billion hit annually  despite the special interest groups’ laughable claim that it’s a financially neutral program. The reality is that the poor are hardest hit. The farm bill is currently constructed in a way that ignores these realities. It can, however, be amended. We’ll soon see how Congress considers a priority — special interest groups, or taxpayers.   ~The Patriot Pos

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All on what you said is true...

Comment by Bonnie Somer on May 21, 2018 at 8:54am





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CONFUSION:   Pelosi Says Constitution Spells Out ‘Two Co-Equal Branches’ Of Government

No Nancy. No.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be taking night classes at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez School of Government.

Pelosi, the 79-year-old third-highest ranking official in the U.S. government, was speaking to the Center for American Progress today when she mistakenly said there are “two co-equal branches” of government, before correcting herself to say there are three.


“First of all, let me just say, we take an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Pelosi said.

“Democrats take that oath seriously, and we are committed to honoring our oath of office. I’m not sure that our Republican colleagues share that commitment, and I’m not sure that the president of the United States does, too,” she claimed.

“So, in light of the fact that the beauty of the Constitution is a system of checks and balances— two co-equal branches— three co-equal branches of government,” she corrected with a laugh.

“A check and balance on each other,” she continued. “Con— Constitution spells out the pri— pa, uh, the duties of Congress and one of them is oversight of the president of the United States, another one of them is to impeach the president of the United States,” Pelosi said.

In November, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rallied supporters on Facebook to pitch in and help Democrats take back “all three chambers of Congress.”

“…the Progressive movement works and it wins in all districts…If we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress– three chambers of government…,” she said during the virtual appearance.

She clarified that she meant the “presidency, the Senate and the House.”

According to the Constitution, the three branches of government are the legislative, executive and judicial.

Below: Nancy Pelosi is continuing to promote the false narrative that President Trump is involved in a cover-up and therefore may be guilty of an impeachable offense. Millie Weaver joins Alex to break down the propaganda being used to overturn the democratic election of 2016 


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