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A Communist Graduated From West Point 
Now Republicans Want Answers
by Andrew
Paddock Double Raises New Questions – 
Video Shows Identical Gambler Five Days Later
{} ~ This video is not proof of anything but it certainly can lead to some questions that go to the very root of the Las Vegas massacre... and the identity of the perpetrator or perpetrators. After a couple of free frame or camera  photos of a gambler who looks an awful lot like Stephen Paddock, the video portion picks up. It documents the date with a promotions flyer from the casino in which they are playing as being Friday, October 6th. The man in question is seated next to a woman who is Asian, although not Marilou Danley and who is probably just another player. She doesn’t seem to be with him. They’re also playing a table game, and Paddock supposedly preferred high limit video poker machines...
Last Night Tucker Carlson Broke Down and Said
the One Thing Leftists Did NOT Want Getting Out
After Vegas Shooting, Man Arrested with Cache
of Automatic Weapons & Ammo in His Car
by Tim Brown
{} ~ Some have said that 43-year-old Scott Edmisten, who was arrested hours after the Las Vegas shooting for doing 55mph in a 30mph zone at 4am on Monday... and found with a cache of weapons and ammo including fully automatic rifles was possibly Stephen Paddock's accomplice. So, far it seems unlikely. First, for the record, I have no problem with people having weapons of all sorts and under the Second Amendment, that should be protected. With that said, it is curious that all of this was in his car, not his home, at 4am in the morning...
Trump Patriots Vs Becerra In CA Town Hall – 
No Pledge Of Allegiance, They Say Their Own
{} ~ Whittier College hosted the anti-American duo of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and State Democrat Assemblyman Ian Calderon... The first clip below features the opening segment of their visit to the college, where the reception was less than warm and the always vocal Trump patriots made their opposition to the railroading of America by these illegal-invasion facilitating operatives known. As the event opened, Calderon begins reading his prepared statement and it becomes clear to the Trump supporters that he is not going to include saying the Pledge of Allegiance as part of the program. He was already getting down to his dirty business...
UNLV Professor Brags – 3 Years of Telling
Students People Will Die from Trump Election
{} ~ A leftist history professor at UNLV, Tessa Winkelmann, claims that since three semesters ago, a year before he was inaugurated and at a time when the Republican nominee had not even been determined... she’s been predicting that people would die because President Trump was elected. Of course most of the folks who did, in fact, lose their lives at the country music concert in Las Vegas were likely Trump supporters or at least patriots with many similar views. They may even have been targeted by a leftist or Islamic terrorists, as ISIS claims, in large part due to their political beliefs. That doesn’t matter to Professor Winkelmann, whoever died and for whatever reason, she’s blaming President Trump and his “love for violence.” It’s got nothing to do with the racial upheaval orchestrated by Hussein liar-nObama and Eric Holder or the false claims of racism that she’s repeating or in other ways perpetuating...

A Communist Graduated From West Point 
Now Republicans Want Answers

by Andrew
{} ~ Florida Sen. Marco Rubio sent a letter to Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy this week, demanding that the U.S. military take disciplinary action against a West Point graduate who promoted Communism on his uniform, cheered anti-American traitors on social media, and appears to general despise the country he enrolled to serve.

“I respectfully request the Unites States Army immediately nullify [2nd Lt. Spenser] Rapone’s commission and pursue all available disciplinary options under the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” wrote the Republican senator. “Rapone should be required to pay back in full the cost of his education and the United States Military Academy should consider revoking his degree.

“It is extremely concerning that someone who so often expressed such hostile views towards the United States’ system of government was able to obtain a commission,” Rubio continued. “Rapone’s revolutionary ideas were harbored long before he was commissioned as an Army Second Lieutenant. Were West Point administrators or faculty aware of his views and behavior?”

Rapone went viral this week when he came out of the closet as a Communist sympathizer and a supporter of “Antifa” in the U.S. He is now the subject of an internal Army investigation – an investigation that is also taking a close look at a West Point professor who may be responsible for radicalizing the young man in 2014.

Currently serving in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team for the Army, Rapone drew gasps when he began posting photos of himself promoting various Communist messages such as “Communism will win.” He also posted pictures glorifying Cuban dissident Che Guevara and Karl Marx. In tweets, Rapone praised another internet Communist for his bashing of Defense Secretary James Mattis: “Was so pumped for you to go in on Mattis in latest ep. Definitely the most vile, evil f**k in the current administration.”

In a Reddit post, Rapone gave credit to convicted traitor Chelsea Manning for inspiring him to infiltrate the military with his anti-American ideology.

In remarks to The Daily Caller this week, Rapone’s sponsor to West Point, former Rep. Jason Altmire (D-Penn) said he was disgusted by what the young man had become.

“Several years ago, I met Spenser Rapone when he was a high school student seeking an appointment to West Point,” Altmire told the news site. “At the time, he was an outstanding, well-rounded student who came from a good family. I have not been in touch with him in the years since the appointment, and I was shocked and extremely disappointed in the recent reports of his indefensible actions.”

The story of Rapone’s radicalization is yet to be told, but it cannot be in dispute that he is a disgrace to the uniform and an active danger to both the U.S. and those who serve with him in the military. The sooner he is given his walking papers, the better.

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