Islamization of Holland: “For us gays, Amsterdam was [once] the safest city in the world to live in


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Islamization of Holland: “For us gays, Amsterdam was [once] the safest city in the world to live in


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I get emails from Europeans everyday expressing similar sentiments in one way or another. And I don’t mean from gays, I mean from non-Muslims.

How Islamisation has set Amsterdam 50 years back in time

By Voice of Europe 2 December 2017

A former inhabitant describes how Islamisation changed his Amsterdam neighbourhood. According to him socialist politicians are responsible for the dissapearance of Dutch culture and the rise of Islam in the area. 

In 1990, I moved in to the “Bos en Lommer” area of West Amsterdam (in Dutch: “Amsterdam West”) to be with my lover at the time. Bos en Lommer is part of the second major expansion of Amsterdam from the city’s original canal centre outwards. It was built during the 1920s and 30s. Originally home to a mostly middle-class population, it has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last three decades, with the most rapid change happening since 2000.

For us gays, Amsterdam was the safest city in the world to live in. At least so we thought

In the summer of 1999, while biking towards the Bos en Lommerplein with my lover, we were met with the old familiar slur: “Hey! Faggots!” We were often threatened with this old and familiar slur during the fifties and sixties, but it had vanished when gay liberation took a firm hold in Dutch society. For us gays, Amsterdam was the safest city in the world to live in. At least so we thought.

“Westermoskee” mosque in West /

History has dramatically changed since then. I looked at my boyfriend and sighed. “Is this really starting all over again!?” I asked. The slurs were uttered by a group of young men of Moroccan descent. Their fathers came to Holland as migrant workers in the 1970s, together with other migrant workers from Turkey.

But their disregard for the Netherland’s tradition of tolerance sickens me to the core

There must be a special and intricate psychological reason why the offspring of Moroccan and Turkish migrant workers in Holland so deeply detest the land that took their parents in, the land where they, their children, were born. Of course not all young Moroccans and Turks are criminals, but most criminals nowadays are (as you may have guessed) of Moroccan and Turkish descent. I could not care less about their double passports or their religion. But their disregard for the Netherland’s tradition of tolerance sickens me to the core.

In 1996 I moved into my own place in the same Bos en Lommer area, about five minutes away from my former lover’s dwelling. Within the 20 years I lived there, I witnessed a dramatic change. It seemed that I had moved from a Dutch neighbourhood to a Middle Eastern or North African town, without even lifting a finger. I lived on the second floor a four-story building, sharing the staircase with my neighbours. When I moved in in 1996, all my neighbours were Dutch. When I moved out, all of them were Turks and Moroccans.

“Westermoskee” mosque in West /

Since the beginning of 2000, the Bos en Lommer area took a nose-dive. Crime rose dramatically, and gangs of hostile youth (mainly Moroccans) roamed the streets, oozing hostility and bashing gays.

I first noticed young girls of around 6 years of age being garbed in totally black, full-body covering dresses

The house I was living in overlooked a school playground. Around 2005, I first noticed young girls of around 6 years of age being garbed in totally black, full-body covering dresses, including black head scarves. Nearly all the mothers, with a few exceptions, wore headscarves and dark full-body covering dresses. It truly looked like a scene from Iran or Pakistan. But it certainly was no longer the same Dutch neighbourhood as when I had moved in.

It started to become common for there to be police raids on the building in which I lived. During one of these raids, the police rang my doorbell to gain entrance to the stairwell. In despair I asked one of the police officers, “What is going on? A third raid within a mere couple of months?” In a clear Amsterdam accent he replied: “Well, perhaps it’s high time for you to move to another area of town!” With that brief sentence he clarified for me the chasm between my daily living reality and the official picture painted by politically-correct officials and politicians.

VanderWolf Images /

Because no matter how sharp the decline in living standard, how crime ridden, hostile and dangerous this and other migrant areas of Amsterdam were becoming, the liberal politicians kept pumping money into projects meant to “elevate” the immigrant communities they had imported. Despite the lack of beneficial results, they praised themselves for their “fabulous” socialist efforts to lift these hordes of “noble savages” to a higher, more enlightened, and more socialist standard of living and worldview. Because they believed their socialist worldview and agenda was the only real, viable worldview. All other opposing voices were racist, xenophobic, populist, right-wing, deplorable, and disgusting.

Dutch culture, which welcomed them with world famous Dutch tolerance and gave them every social benefit, is despised and spat on

Almost no one in that area speaks Dutch anymore. In the streets you hear all kinds of guttural Babylonian confusion. Any Dutch that you do hear is mangled and no longer sounds like Dutch. It all seems intentional. The migrants seem to possess a silent rage, a smouldering hostility towards their host culture. Dutch culture, which welcomed them with world famous Dutch tolerance and gave them every social benefit, is despised and spat on. And there is no improvement in this attitude in their children. The second and third generations appear progressively more hostile to the original Dutch culture, and lock themselves more and more into their own culture. Islamic ideology has deepened this chasm with alarming rapidity.

If you pay a visit to the employment office in Bos en Lommer you can see for yourself. All you see are headscarves everywhere, both in front of and behind the counters. Clerks and customers alike are rarely Dutch. The entire socialist machinery appears to be run by immigrants.

Have the socialists who rule Amsterdam woken up since then? Far from it!

The socialist Felix Rottenberg made a documentary about the area in 2001. Suddenly he was confronted by the harsh reality of this alien cultural enclave. “NOBODY speaks Dutch over here,” he exclaimed on camera. No, indeed.

Have the socialists who rule Amsterdam woken up since then? Far from it! The “new” policy to lift up these degraded areas is to renovate the buildings and sell them at high prices to well-to-do folks who are eager to buy themselves a place anywhere in the overpopulated city. And indeed, sometimes these areas transform and become liveable again. But on the outskirts of town the situation becomes direr each day.

From the central park in Amsterdam, towards the entire west of the city, the population has by now been transformed into “penguins”. Black Islamist penguins. The expression comes from an Iranian refugee who fled the Iranian dictatorship some 15 years ago. When he arrived in Holland, he was warmly welcomed by the Dutch. His neighbours were Dutch. The area of town where he lived was mainly Dutch. Now he feels as if he has moved back to Teheran. He hates it.

berkut /

He is again surrounded by “all these penguins”, as he calls them (due to their full black Islamic garb). Now he wants to get away and move towards the east or south of Amsterdam, where there are still some areas with relatively few migrants. The centre of town is still mainly Dutch but houses are unaffordable. Holland looks still quite Dutch here, and since all of the tourist hotspots are in the centre of town, Amsterdam can still show a Dutch face, while pretending that its socialist agenda of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” have been a success.

Amsterdam, which once proclaimed itself the proud gay capital of the world, has fallen into multicultural oppression

Gay freedom has suffered greatly. As a young queer, I could freely roam the streets of Amsterdam while holding hands with my lover. These days that is an open invitation for harassment. But in the centre of town, where there are much fewer Islamic immigrants, lo and behold, you can sometimes spot two men holding hands. But it is a rare sight these days. Amsterdam, which once proclaimed itself the proud gay capital of the world, has fallen into multicultural oppression. Leave the centre of town and you are on your own. At best you are met with condescension. More commonly there are insults and outright danger, especially if you are white. I myself now avoid these areas like the plague.

A year ago I moved from the Bos en Lommer to the Rivierenbuurt in the centre of Amsterdam, an expensive, mostly white neighbourhood. I love that area. It is where I rented one of my first rooms as a dance academy student moving from Rotterdam to Amsterdam, which was at that time still the cultural hotspot of Holland. I love the area deeply because it is still so wonderfully Dutch. It still breaths the original Dutch culture of neighbourliness, tolerance, friendliness, ease, gentility, and courteous manners. Does it sound overblown? Well, it is my daily living environment now. After moving back here from Amsterdam-Teheran after having been away for fifty years, I welcome this neighbourhood with a kiss and a smile each and every day.

Now I live by myself, but if I had a boyfriend, I would freely walk hand and hand with him in this neighbourhood. One can regularly see gays do so here. One also can see dashing young women jogging along in tight shorts, displaying their lovely bare legs, with their hair flowing loose and carefree about them. They appear free from all worries, oblivious of the great multicultural threat their very own socialist parents are importing into their white paradise. And this multiculturalism is all imported with good, albeit misguided, intentions.

As we all have learned from history, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The hell we face today is multicultural diversity. The mosques that it brings are popping up everywhere, with their minarets pointing an ever increasing number of Islamic middle fingers at their welcoming host, the free and tolerant Dutch culture.

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