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‘We Must Persist’: Elizabeth dinky-Warren
Continues Calls for Resistance Against
Trump Admin, Republicans
by Adelle Nazarian
 Trump's FBI Nominee: Russia Investigation Isn't a 
 'Witch Hunt' 
Christopher Wray, Donald Trump's nominee to replace James Comey as head of the FBI, testified Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee at his confirmation hearing. Wray conducted himself well, as one would expect for an individual with his degree of career experience in both government and private sector employment. The most significant issue he was pressed to address was his ability to maintain political impartiality in an obviously politically partisan environment with the intelligence community plagued by leaks.
          At one point, Wray was asked if a loyalty oath had been proposed to him, clearly a reference to Comey's testimony that Trump requested he do so. Wray responded, "No one has asked me for any loyalty oath and I wouldn't offer one. ... My loyalty is to the Constitution, the Rule of Law and the mission of the FBI." Good answer.
          Wray was also asked what he thought about the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, including possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow. He said, "I do not consider Director [Robert] Mueller to be on a witch hunt." He continued, "I would consider an effort to tamper with Director Mueller's investigation to be unacceptable." While we do believe the special investigation is indeed a Demo/MSM witch hunt, Wray doesn't have the luxury of expressing his personal opinions. The FBI director's job requires maintaining an independent position as strictly as possible, and that begins during confirmation hearings.
         Comey utterly failed in maintaining that strict impartiality. And while he may not have been a partisan politician, he was overly concerned with the political impact of the FBI's investigations into both liar-Hillary Clinton and the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy, which subsequently affected his impartiality.
          All indications suggest that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle were pleased with Wray's testimony and therefore there is little reason to believe that he will not be confirmed. 
~The Patriot Post
House Democrat Introduces Article
Of Impeachment Against President Trump
by Rick Wells
{} ~ Rep Brad Sherman (D-CA) must be getting a little jealous of all the attention and admiration his fellow California Congressman “Mad” Maxine Waters is getting... and is apparently trying to steal a little bit of her thunder. He just had to be first and so he acted. Now he’s just like her, almost. On Wednesday the despicable Sherman formally introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump, accusing the President of obstruction of justice in regards to the Russia, Russia, Russia witch hunt. It’s a stunt, with the House controlled by Republicans with a 46 seat margin and a RINO Speaker who will face a primary challenger, there’s no way it’s going anywhere. But he’s got his fifteen minutes of infamy. Take that, Waters...
Hatem Bazian: The Most
Dangerous Professor in America
by Pamela Geller
{} ~ Several students said they were uncomfortable with the assignment and felt it was “unethical.” One student reportedly said, “I can’t help but feel this is unethical. This is his agenda, not mine.”... Another requirement of Bazian’s class, entitled De-Constructing Islamophobia and History of Otherness, is for students to get reactions from “people of color” on ads critical of radical Islam placed by Pamela Geller, author of the blog Atlas Shrugs. Geller said she believes Bazian is indoctrinating students. “The very idea that he is surveying ‘people of color’ about my ads is ridiculous and offensive. Jihad terrorism is not a race. The Islamic oppression of women, gays, and non-Muslims is not a race. What has Hatem Bazian ever said or done in defense of the non-Muslim ‘people of color’ who are victimized by Islamic jihadists in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere?” Geller said in an email to the Free Beacon...Professor Hatem Bazian, who teaches at the University of California, Berkeley.
DoJ Arrests Hundreds in Largest Combined 
Health Care Fraud Case in History
by Dick Moran
{} ~ Facing charges are 412 people across 41 federal districts, who the DOJ alleges have extracted $1.3 billion in false billings through a variety of unconnected schemes. The defendants include 115 doctors, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals... HHS has also initiated suspension proceedings against 295 providers, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. "Too many trusted medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists have chosen to violate their oaths and put greed ahead of their patients," Sessions said. "Amazingly, some have made their practices into multimillion dollar criminal enterprises. They seem oblivious to the disastrous consequences of their greed. Their actions not only enrich themselves often at the expense of taxpayers but also feed addictions and cause addictions to start. The consequences are real: emergency rooms, jail cells, futures lost, and graveyards."...
Greg Gutfeld reacted to MSNBC's Joe Scarborough's announcement that he is leaving the Republican Party.
White House Daily Briefing: Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders (07-12-2017)
President Trump's FBI Nominee Wray on Russia Investigation: Not a "Witch Hunt"
Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway: "What's the conclusion? Collusion? No, we don't have that yet"
TUCKER: interview goes sideways when guest accuses him of defending Putin
Dana Loesch Blasts Sarsour's Defense of Call for "Jihad" Against White House
Donald Trump Jr. tells Hannity: "In retrospect I probably would have done things a little differently"
California Sheriff: "Sanctuary State" Law "All About Sticking It to Trump"

New FBI Documents Show How Little
liar-Clinton Cooperated With Investigation
by Jack Davis
{} ~ Documents released by the FBI on its investigation into liar-Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state paint the picture of “a serious, but flawed investigation hindered by a lack of cooperation,” according to a new report... “They (the FBI) were played by Mrs. liar-Clinton’s lawyers and didn’t care,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, told Fox News. The FBI documents note that the material gathered included potential grand jury materials. The FBI chose not to indict liar-Clinton, although she was chastised for carelessly handling classified information. The FBI released 42 pages that were heavily redacted, and said an additional 325 pages were not released at all...

‘We Must Persist’: Elizabeth dinky-Warren
Continues Calls for Resistance Against
Trump Admin, Republicans
by Adelle Nazarian
{} ~ Sen. Elizabeth dinky-Warren (D-MA), who is running for reelection in 2018, called for greater resistance and political warfare against the Trump administration during a town hall discussion at the Robert Boland Theatre in Berkshire Community College’s Koussevitzky Arts Center in Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, on Saturday morning.

“The point is that we must persist,” dinky-Warren told the crowd of approximately 800 people, according to the Berkshire Eagle. Only 600 students fit into the auditorium, and 200 stood outside to hear the progressive senator speak.

“People say to me, ‘Oh, but it’s tiring’ and ‘we’ve done this for six months’ — well yeah, nobody said that a fight was easy…you’ve got to fight because it’s the fight that’s important,” she said...

“Keep in mind that right behind Trump is another Republican who does not share our values,” dinky-Warren said. “You get to fight because it’s the fight that matters.”

At one point during her talk, dinky-Warren told the audience, “If this isn’t a moment to  stand up and fight back, then I don’t know when it comes.” She reportedly also noted that the Democrats “can’t shoot at everything that moves” when it comes to fighting for the issues that matter most to them.

Last month, dinky-Warren stood on an empty New York stage, reading excerpts from her latest book, This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class, and read what sounded like a warning for President Donald Trump: “Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet.”

In May, dinky-Warren half-joked, at an event in Chicago that she wishes Republicans would donate their bodies to science so she could “cut them open.”

Saturday’s nearly two-hour-long town hall was mostly focused on the Republican’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act also known as liar-nObamacare. “It is not a healthcare plan. It’s a tax-cut plan,” she reportedly said of the American Health Care Act (ACHA).

Last month, Breitbart News profiled the Senate healthcare bill, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), and noted that it offers “more generous tax credits and a slower rollback of liar-nObamacare’s Medicaid expansion compared to the House’s American Health Care Act (AHCA).”

dinky-Warren suggested that increasing access to healthcare will save money in the long run.

“I say to the Republicans, if you won’t do it out of humanity, do it out of concern for your pocketbook… That we will save more money in the longer run if we get good, effective healthcare in place.”

In an interview with the media after the town hall event, dinky-Warren said, “I think our conversation should be about how to expand Medicare for more and more Americans.”

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The cartoonist's homepage,


Schumer Refusing To Help Border Kids
Wants To Hurt Trump Instead

The controversy over how underage illegal aliens are handled at the border is heating up — but Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer just rejected a good-faith proposal to fix the problem.

A growing number of people on both sides of the political aisle have expressed concern for border separations, which occur when migrants are caught breaking the law along the border while they have children with them, or when the often exploitative relationship between adults and minors at the border cannot be established.

A vast amount of mis-information and outright lying about the situation has muddied the water, making it tough to understand the situation in its entirety.

Both liberals and conservatives, however, have voiced their support for a better system that results in fewer family separations, and even President Donald Trump has indicated that he is willing to stand with Congress if they change the law.

Shockingly, however, it looks like one of the most well-known faces of the Democratic party isn’t willing to take action, and is instead playing politics in order to attack Trump.

On Tuesday, Schumer openly rejected a Republican proposal to fix the immigrant separation problem at the legislative level, and instead whined about the president.

“There are so many obstacles to legislation and when the president can do it with his own pen, it makes no sense,” Schumer stated, according to The Hill.

“Legislation is not the way to go here when it’s so easy for the president to sign it,” he complained.

Democrats Reject Bill To Keep Families Together At Border – Schumer Says He “Wants To Keep Focus On Trump”

Think about that for a second: The president’s job is to execute existing laws. The legislature’s job is to change or enact new laws when needed.

A senator elected to the legislature for exactly that purpose is now refusing to do his job and pass legislation, while simultaneously blaming the president for enforcing the existing laws, as he is sworn to do.

If there was any doubt that Schumer and the Democrats are playing politics instead of trying to actually help migrant families, the senator made his intentions clear: Obstruct and point fingers at Trump.

“Asked if that meant Democrats would not support a bill backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to keep immigrant families together while seeking asylum on the U.S. border, Schumer said they want to keep the focus on Trump,” The Hill explained.

Make no mistake: The Democrats dragging their feet and refusing to back legislation already drafted by Republicans will prolong the problems at the border.

“Schumer’s opposition to a legislative fix means there likely won’t be a quick end to the emotional images of immigrant children being separated from their families unless Trump backs down,” The Hill reported.

“Democrats want to keep the pressure on Trump instead of having Congress assume responsibility for the growing crisis,” the news outlet continued.

Again: There’s a solution ready to go, with Republicans including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ready to support it. Yet Democrats like Schumer apparently believe that scoring political points against Trump is more important than helping broken families on the border, even as their own liberal voters demand action.

“Congress alone can fix it,” stated Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday.

“I support, and all of the senators of the Republican conference support, a plan that keeps families together,” McConnell agreed.

“We need to fix the problem and it requires a legislative solution,” he said.

Yet Democrats refuse to budge.

This “do nothing but blame Trump” response from the left should prove beyond a doubt that all the tears and hand-wringing from liberals are disingenuous. They’re for show. If it was truly about helping innocent kids at the border, Schumer and his fellow Democrats could act right now.

If their priority was actually to solve the problem and help broken families, scoring points against Trump shouldn’t even be a concern. Even if they believed he was being stubborn on the issue, they could take the high road by doing their jobs and supporting bipartisan legislation.

They don’t, because solving the problem was never their goal. They are playing political games and using devastated children as pawns, while pretending that the president is the monster.

That’s sick… and the American people need to see exactly who is doing the obstruction.


Washington Post Compares
Jeff Sessions To Slaveholder’

The Washington Post compared Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “slaveholders” after he quoted the Bible on Thursday while discussing his department’s policy of prosecuting all illegal immigrants who cross the border.

Sessions made the statement during a speech to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

WaPo ran a story entitled “Sessions cites Bible passage used to defend slavery in defense of separating immigrant families” by general assignment editor Keith McMillan and religion reporter Julie Zauzmer on Friday.

Rather than detailing the statistics Sessions cited in the speech that explain the immigration policy, the story quoted John Fea, a history professor at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

“This is the same argument that Southern slaveholders and the advocates of a Southern way of life made,” Fea said.

Sessions spent much of the speech discussing the numbers behind current immigration policy, including separating families at the Southwest border.

“I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes,” Sessions said.

“Orderly and lawful processes are good in themselves. Consistent and fair application of the law is in itself a good and moral thing, and that protects the weak and protects the lawful.”

“The previous administration wouldn’t prosecute aliens if they came with children,” Sessions said.

“It was de-facto open borders if you came with children. The results were unsurprising. More and more illegal aliens started showing up at the border with children.”

Sessions laid out the numbers in the speech.

“In 2013, fewer than 15,000 family units were apprehended crossing our border illegally between ports of entry in dangerous areas of the country,” he said.

“Five years later, it was more than 75,000, a five-fold increase in five years. It didn’t even have to be their child that was brought, it could be anyone. You can imagine that this created a lot of danger.”

The U.S. has the “opportunity” to fix its broken immigration system now, Sessions said.

“I believe that’s it’s moral, right, just and decent that we have a lawful system of immigration,” he said. “The American people have been asking for it.”

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