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Love Wasn’t Even Allowed to Try:
Charlie and Bella and All We Have to Lose
by Jennifer Hartline
How were terror funds
transferred from Turkey to Hevron?
by Uzi Baruch
{} ~ Shabak (Israel Security Agency), the IDF, and Israel Police recently discovered a money trail used to transfer funds from Hamas in Turkey and Gaza to Hamas representatives in Hevron... The money pipeline began functioning at the beginning of 2016, at the initiative of senior Hamas representative Mahmoud Maher Bader, who found two emissaries - Hamas terrorist in Hevron Mutsav Hashlaman, who was sent to Turkey on a "business trip," and Hevron resident Taha Ottaman. Mutsav was asked to transfer terror money from Turkey to Hevron, to fund the activities of Hamas' Hevron office, especially the organization's legislative branch. He was also asked to transfer money for Hamas terrorists who were released from prison...
Socialized Medicine Kills
by Daniel Greenfield
{} ~ As the health care debate goes on, Senator Bernie Sanders will toss in a socialized medicine bill... Bernie’s bill won’t be a realistic piece of legislation... The 1 percenter Socialist from Vermont has three successful bills to his name. Two of those involved renaming post offices. He was a marginal figure during the liar-nObamaCare debate. The financials of the plan won’t work. But they never do. liar-nObamaCare insurers are losing billions. Aetna pulled out after $700 million in losses. United Health jumped after losing $720 million. The single-payer that Bernie wants to propose will be even worse. Vermont’s single payer experiment cost $4.3 billion out of a $4.9 billion state budget. The California Senate passed single-payer with no way to cover the $400 billion cost in a $183 billion budget. Democrats who wouldn’t vote for it faced death threats and accusations that they were “murderers”...
State Department Officials Quitting Over
“Complete and Utter Disdain for our Expertise”
 by Robert Spencer
{} ~ The New York Times reported last Friday that “an exodus is underway” in the State Department. The Times didn’t think this was good news; it gave space to one career diplomat who lamented that there was “complete and utter disdain for our expertise.”... This could be the best news to come out of Washington since the Trump administration took office. We can only hope that with the departure of these failed State Department officials, their failed policies will be swept out along with them. Chief among these is the almost universally held idea that poverty causes terrorism. The United States has wasted uncounted literally, because a great deal of it was in untraceable bags full of cash, billions of dollars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, and other countries in the wrongheaded assumption that Muslims turn to jihad because they lack economic opportunities and education. American officials built schools and hospitals, thinking that they were winning over the hearts and minds of the locals... Boy, they are badly mistaken.
Maryland City Set to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote
by Rusty
{} ~ The City of College Park, Maryland, will hold a council vote on August 8th to determine if non-citizens – including illegal immigrants – will be able to vote in local elections... College Park’s mayor and council are considering a move to allow residents who are not United States citizens to vote in local elections. The move would require change the city’s charter amendment, but College Park would not be alone in allowing noncitizens to vote in municipal elections. Other Maryland municipalities that allow residents who are not citizens to vote include Takoma Park, Hyattsville, Somerset, Glen Echo, Martin’s Additions and most recently, Mt. Rainier...This must be stopped.
Senate Confirms Second
GOP Board Member to NLRB
by Bill McMorris
{} ~ Republicans are no longer the minority at the National Labor Relations Board after the Senate confirmed Marvin Kaplan on Wednesday... The Senate voted 50-48 to approve Kaplan nomination to serve as on the agency's top board, which oversees workplace disputes, unfair labor practices, and union elections. Kaplan, who has served as the chief counsel of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission since 2015 after working for the house oversight and workforce committees, will shift the dynamic of the agency's top board. Democrats hold a 2-1 majority on the board with President liar-nObama's Republican appointee Philip Miscimarra serving as acting-board chairman. Kaplan's appointment means that Republicans can hold majorities on three-member panels that handle most of the agency's day-to-day caseload...
Love Wasn’t Even Allowed to Try:
Charlie and Bella and All We Have to Lose
by Jennifer Hartline
{} ~ Charlie Gard’s death was infuriatingly wrong. I don’t mean his death due to his terrible illness. I mean his death which was decreed and enforced by the courts at the urging of doctors and lawyers who decided Charlie’s life had to end.

“Incompatible With Life”

I can’t help but think of Bella Santorum. Rick and Karen Santorum’s youngest daughter has Trisomy 18, a severe chromosomal disorder that often proves fatal before birth and soon after. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking personally with Karen about Bella on more than one occasion, and she said something I will never forget. It’s Karen’s motto and her mission statement: You never lose with love.

Rick and Karen have had to fight tooth and nail for Bella’s life since she was born. They encountered doctor after doctor who deemed Bella “incompatible with life” and told them to just let her die. Doctors didn’t want to treat Bella. They didn’t want to help Rick and Karen care for her. They judged Bella’s life to be unworthy of the effort, and her “quality of life” too low to justify any treatment.

They determined she was “better off” dead, and everyone around her would be better off as well. The best thing would be to “let her go” and end her “suffering.”

They made vague value judgments, and then wanted to enforce their values on Bella, and on Rick and Karen.

Rick and Karen had other values. They valued their daughter and her life as a gift from God. They decided Bella’s life or death was God’s prerogative and no one else’s, and they determined to do everything in their power to help Bella live. They were warriors in her defense. And they prevailed. Today, little Bella is 8 years old and a very happy, smiling, doted on little girl. She’s surrounded by a family that loves her and couldn’t imagine life without her.

The Wrong Values Prevailed

Chris Gard and Connie Yates were also warriors in defense of their son. Unfortunately, this time, another set of values prevailed. This time love wasn’t even allowed to try.

There was nothing at all to lose by trying, but instead love was shut out. False mercy was cloaked in misleading talk of “dying with dignity” and “quality of life.”

Katie Gallop led Great Ormond Street Hospital’s legal team. She told the court the “experimental” treatment would not help Charlie. Therefore, “there is significant harm if what the parents want for Charlie comes into effect,” she told appeal judges. “The significant harm is a condition of existence which is offering the child no benefit.”

She added: “It is inhuman to permit that condition to continue.”

Ms. Gallop unjustly portrayed Charlie’s parents as wanting “significant harm” for their son simply because she didn’t believe an acceptable “condition of existence” could be achieved for Charlie, and any life below that arbitrary threshold was “inhuman.” She painted Chris and Connie as the enemy of mercy for Charlie, and the court as the rescuer who had to spare Charlie such a heartless fate.

In truth, there was no way for her or anyone else to know what sort of benefit Charlie might have gotten from treatment. More importantly, she cruelly argued that his parents were wrong, even derelict in their duty as parents to even want to try this new treatment.

This argument clearly ruled the day, and the court took away Chris and Connie’s right to decide what happened to their son. Somehow his parents’ love for Charlie disqualified them from any authority over his care and future.

The Bottom Line is They had the Right to Try

Lawyers and judges inserted themselves into this family’s sovereignty and ruled that Charlie must die. No other outcome would be permitted. No hope would be tolerated, no chance allowed. Only death, and death on their terms.

Charlie wasn’t being abused or mistreated. His parents were by every measure lovingly devoted to their son. They had not forfeited their parental rights through abuse, neglect or any other offense against Charlie. They simply valued his life more than the doctors and lawyers, and they were determined to fight for him.

They had the God-given right to pursue treatment for their son, period.

The hospital wrongly usurped Charlie’s parents’ rights and waged a cruel court battle that never should have happened in the first place.

No one knows with any certainty whether or how the nucleoside therapy might have helped Charlie. No one knows because no one tried. Is this not how medicine advances? By trying new treatments? His parents would not have allowed anyone to harm Charlie for the sake of “experimenting” on him. They simply wanted to give him every possible chance.

You Never Lose With Love

If they had tried, and the treatment had failed to help, they would have lost nothing, but gained something precious. The end of Charlie’s life would have been a very different experience. His parents would have no bitter regrets. There would likely have been some peace, because in love’s timing, the heart comes round to acceptance a little easier, and peace can come. Chris and Connie and Charlie all deserved to truly let Charlie go freely, out of love and in love and peace, not to have him wrenched away from them by force, after being held hostage to a death sentence.

August 4th would have been Charlie’s first birthday. Yes, he had a rare disease that began taking his health away many months ago, and the odds were against him. He also had loving parents — and friends around the world — who moved mountains to provide Charlie a chance at life.

Bella Santorum shouldn’t be alive according to every nay-saying doctor who refused to value her life. They were all obviously very wrong.

Charlie was worth the chance, no matter how small it was. Doctors are not God, and too often their values leave no room for love.

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BREAKING: Hillary Admits She Was Wrong About ‘Deplorables,’
White Nationalists Only ‘0.15%’ Of U.S. Population

( – Hillary Clinton, the failed liberal presidential candidate who sealed her fate by slamming half of U.S. voters as a load of racist, sexist, xenophobic “deplorables,” just came out and admitted she was wrong, Breitbart reports.

Speaking with Hugh Hewitt on his radio show about her book “What Happened,” he asked her if she actually believes that half of the American population are white nationalists and racists.

“Of the 62.9 million people who voted for President Trump, do you have a number in your mind that you think are actually white nationalist racists of that 62.9 million, a real number?” he asked.

“No, I don’t,” she said.

Still have any doubts? Later in the conversation, Hewitt asked the same question again. “Do you think there are more than a half million, you know, honest-to-God white nationalists running around the United States?”

Clinton: “Probably not, no.”

A white nationalist would like to establish a sovereign country for people of white European heritage, an idea everyone across the political spectrum finds unspeakably intolerable and offensive. Now, the woman who declared that this was the desire of more than half of Americans is saying that virtually nobody wants it. On both counts, she’s completely wrong.

There’s no doubt that Clinton is probably going to try running again for president in 2020 – if she’s even alive that long – and might be trying to absolve her guilt and pander to all those “undecideds” who instantly went MAGA the second she blasted them as no-good racist deplorables for not voting Democrat.

However, Clinton did later admit that there were more white nationalists in America than she had thought. Expressing her worries that the internet and the presidency of Trump is giving them a voice and a platform, she hinted that under her iron scepter, she will attempt to silence them.

“Unfortunately, their views, which used to be quite beyond the mainstream, you know, have a much broader audience now, because you know, of being online and having outlets and media presence that can promote those attitudes,” she said.

How many white nationalists are there in the United States? That’s a question with troublingly few answers, since for some mysterious reason the liberal mainstream media – even though it claims all the time that white supremacy is on the rise – hasn’t actually bothered to take polls and just ask people whether they are white nationalists.

Actually, there’s a simple answer to that. If such a poll were to be taken, our bet is that liberals would be very disappointed to discover that almost nobody is actually a white nationalist, and so there would be no way they could continue scaring people with those fears. A tactic Clinton has apparently given up on.

Left-wingers are entirely convinced that some vague but large majority of people who say they aren’t racists or white nationalists, actually share a lot of views with them – which is why Nazi and white supremacist have become interchangeable with Republican and libertarian.

An article by Newsweek, which polled around 5,000 in order address this very question, came up with this response:

About 70 percent of respondents strongly agreed that people of different races should be “free to live wherever they choose” and that “all races are equal,” and 89 percent agreed that all races should be treated equally. At the same time, 31 percent of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage,” while 34 percent strongly or somewhat disagreed and 29 percent said they neither agreed nor disagreed.

Reality is, it’s a little true that some Americans do have overlapping views with white nationalists, but the overwhelming majority of respondents STRONGLY believe that the races should be free, are equal, and should be treated equally. Sounds like none of these respondents would be joining a lynch mob or waging a second Holocaust any time soon – trying to equate the preservation of white heritage with support for slavery and genocide is obviously one of the Left’s biggest lies, and the very reason why 39 percent of people in this same survey believe white people are under attack.

So Clinton changes her mind, and now says she believes less than one percent of the American population are white nationalists – did she believe there were even LESS than that during the campaign trail? Either way, she’s either just lying or plain stupid.


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