Email from a Muslim: “Speaking the truth about Islam is NOT Anti-Muslim

Email from a Muslim: “Speaking the truth about Islam is NOT Anti-Muslim”

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I received this extraordinary email from a Muslim who has awakened to the threat posed by Islam, only to be shut down by sharia-compliant leftists. What delusion has overtaken these people? Do they not think this woman, who was born a Muslim and grew up in a Muslim environment, knows what she is talking about? Do they really hold to their religion-of-peace nonsense so tenaciously that they will discount and try to silence her firsthand testimony, and that of others like her? This is a suicidal course of action for them to take, but they will probably only find that out when it is far too late.

I am deeply grateful for this, “You are a friend to all moderate Muslims.”


Ms. Geller,

This is [Name Withheld]. I sent you an email awhile ago. I am not sure if you received the email. I wanted to let you know that I have been criticized by others because I have the courage to dare criticize Islam. Recently, I have engaged in a twitter war with a liberal. I was trying to explain to them that all the violence happening in the Middle East was due to Islam. The user immediately accused me of this: “You’re a Muslim who is against Muslims?” I don’t know how criticizing Islam meant I am against all Muslims. They’ve tried to shut me down, but I refused to be shut down.

Speaking the truth about Islam is NOT Anti-Muslim. I tried to explain that I wasn’t talking about all Muslims. I was talking about jihadists who are devout Muslims who are practicing Islam. Both Democrats and Liberals just do not understand. Labeling me as Anti-Muslim is just absurd.
I have been very critical of Islam recently, and I have expressed my views on Twitter. However, for some reason, when you criticize Islam, Liberals immediately shut you down. They say I am just self-hating. They say I am a hateful person. They say I am not a good person. All for what, just for speaking the truth about the violent nature of a religion that has been stoning people for centuries, killing Jews and Christians, throwing gays off the roofs, oppressing women.

I don’t see how anyone could defend this. Liberals are aligning themselves with actual Jihadists like Linda Sarsour. They are not listening to the brave voices of the Muslims and former Muslims who understand the threat of Islam. I came to you because I know you understand what I have been going thru. I have been shut down by Leftists. I just don’t get it. I feel much safer talking to you about this instead of liberals. I don’t want to talk to anyone else but you and Robert Spencer about this.  I would be happy if you could publish this on your website so that your readers can read this and understand that Liberals are siding with the Sharia-compliant jihadists instead of with the true moderate Muslims who want to see change in the Middle East and all around the world.

Please , if you could publish this message on your website, that would be great. However, I would prefer my name to not be used. I just want it to be an anonymous message. Thank you for your understanding and caring for the Muslims who are living in fear because of Islam. You are a friend to all moderate Muslims.

Thank you and God Bless you, Ms. Geller.


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