Congressman Calling For Public Oversight Hearing On Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Congressman Calling For Public Oversight Hearing On Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Congressman Calling For Public Oversight Hearing On Special Counsel Robert Mueller Getty Images

There have been a lot of questions raised about Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Many are concerned about him going beyond the scope of his commission and potential conflicts he may have.

Finally, someone is trying to actually do something to address those questions.

From Daily Caller:

Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin is asking for congressmen to sign onto a letter requesting that special counsel Robert Mueller appear publicly in a congressional hearing, The Daily Caller has learned.

Babin’s letter, which was obtained by TheDC, was sent out to congressmen Thursday and asks for members to cosign a letter he plans to send to House Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte and Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley

Babin’s point? There’s virtually no oversight over what Mueller is doing.

“Every nominee for United States Attorney must be confirmed by the Senate, a process that brings to the forefront any concerns regarding the nominee’s ability to hold their position in a decent and impartial manner. However, as Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and his team of lawyers investigate our very own president, we as a nation wait in the dark with very little information about those given this great authority,” Babin wrote in the letter to his fellow representatives.

Babin writes in the letter that there are “serious concerns” about conflicts of interest with regard to members of Mueller’s counsel who donated “generously” to Democrats or even represented Clinton herself.

In addition to employing Democratic donors and people who have had Clinton connections, Mueller, of course, has his own conflict of interest because of his relationship with James Comey.

Babin said there’s no check on the scope or the expense of the investigation and that’s why he wants the public hearing.

Babin’s goal is to have one or both of the judiciary committees “bring Mr. Mueller and his team out of the shadows” to answer questions about the “potential expenses incurred by Mr. Mueller, the scope of his investigation and the selection of his special council team.”

A spokesman for Babin said that they expected a great response to the letter.

Great idea.

This is insane that this guy has virtually unlimited money and power to do a fishing expedition.

Rep. Trent Franks said Mueller’s potential conflict over Comey was a “clear violation” of federal law due and due to this conflict Mueller has to resign.

It’s a real legal conflict which should not be ignored.

The GOP needs to check Mueller and hold him to account.

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