Afghanis kill UN people over koran burning

How about inviting those responsible for the murders to our country, all expenses paid, so we can give them a taste of their own medicine, only this "taste" will be one that will insure they won't go to where ever those ugly third grade girls are, ya now like death by seeing how many pigs heads we can stuff up their asses before they reach room temperature. I know they deep down inside like pigs, cause that's what most of them marry. Been there, seen that. Allah be praised, piss be upon him.

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Comment by Robert Estess on April 2, 2011 at 3:16pm

Do we expect anything less from these filthy, goat smelling, camel breath,  brainwashed enemies of the

one true God and of the American people???  Burn the Koran then dig up Mohammed and wrap his bones in pigskin and let the sewage of American's waste wash over him and his convoluted stolen words of the Koran...these people can't think for themselves, they need a mullah to tell them how to feel, how to think, what to wear, what to say, when to wonder they are losers on the World stage... 



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Gohmert: Dems Will Drag Out Impeachment — Try To Get ‘Best Socialist’ Nominated For President

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s WVNN on Thursday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) offered his best assessment of what House Democrats were trying to accomplish with their impeachment efforts.

Gohmert told WVNN’s “The Jeff Poor Show” impeachment could tie up the Democratic Party’s presidential campaign efforts but predicted Democrats would use the occasion to nominate “the best socialist” they can.

“They would lose in the Senate,” Gohmert said on impeachment. “And besides that, the entire time it was on trial in the Senate, the Democrats who are running for president wouldn’t be allowed to campaign. That’s in the Constitution. They wouldn’t be able to campaign. I just can’t imagine them wanting to do that because if they send it to the Senate, they have now perfectly set up the scenario of 1996, where they will reassure Donald Trump is reelected as president. They don’t want to do that. They’re probably going to drag this thing out as long as they possibly can … through Iowa, through primaries — try to get the best socialist they can to be nominated.”

“Then just end up and say, ‘Now we’re close enough to the general election. We’ve thrown mud at the president through the House,’” he continued. “What they’re really doing — they’re using taxpayer funds to campaign against Trump. That’s all this is — a campaign fund that taxpayers are paying for in order to try to throw mud at the president. I’ll be surprised if they have that vote, but I can’t imagine they want to set up this president for reelection by having a trial in the Senate where they lose.”

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