Why George Washington Would Have Agreed With Donald Trump

“Our detached and distant situation invites and enables us to pursue a different course. … Why quit our own to stand upon foreign ground? Why, by interweaving our destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship, interest, humor or caprice? It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world ... ”

For all the lamentation about the level of rhetoric in this Trumped-up election year, the race between Donald Trump and all-but-certain Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is already shaping up to be a debate over America’s global role of the kind we haven’t had for decades, perhaps since the last “America First” movement of the late ‘30s. And it is a debate that some foreign-policy experts suggest is long overdue, even if it tends to distress U.S. allies around the world. ("The unthinkable has come to pass," Germany’s Die Welt wrote after Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee this week.)

It is also a debate that, were they still around to witness it, a majority of past U.S. presidents going back to George Washington would probably welcome—and most of them, believe it or not, might well take Trump’s side.

In his big foreign-policy rollout speech last week, Trump declared it was time “to shake the rust off of America’s foreign policy” and drop American pretensions about remaking the world in our image any longer. Or as he put it, in an obvious reference to the failed invasion of Iraq and intervention in Libya, America should abandon the “dangerous idea that we could make Western democracies out of countries that had no experience or interest in becoming a Western democracy.” Brazenly calling his agenda “America First”—never mind that was the name of the notorious pre-World War II isolationist movement—he also directly challenged the 70 years of bipartisan consensus over the post-World War II global order that America created. He suggested that the world needs America far more than the other way around, and he effectively warned U.S. allies that without a new global deal that demands a kind of tribute paid to Washington for its defense umbrella—he wants them to “prove” they are our friends, he says—he’d walk away from the world’s trade table, so to speak.

“We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,” Trump said. “The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony. I am skeptical of international unions that tie us up and bring America down.”

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Amen, Dee.

We need to stay out of muslim countries and build America up again as a sovereign nation, divorced from the UN, from NAFTA, from TPA, TPP, the ICC and all the rest. Let the muslim nations take care of themselves and fear us, as it used to be. I love what TRUMP! said, "the false song of globalism." This is proof that he knows exactly what it being done to we the people. Thank God.

Our federal government doesn't want that because they will lose money and power.  That is why they are fighting so hard against Trump.

I agree that George Washington would agree 100% with all of Donald Trump's views.

One World Government is the dream of the Clinton s, Soros, the UN and many European leaders but it is a pipe dream. The East is the East, the West is the West and never the twin shall meet. An old saw dating from the time of United Kingdom's colonial era that is proving to be true still. Trump is right!

I think Mt. Rushmore has room for one more man, Donald Trump!

New Era, new situation.  Trump is right, and, he is wrong.  It's a new world.  America - the pre-eminent champion of the Individual vs. the State - needs to take a lead in its outcome.

'East' meets 'West', and they both win - on a higher level than the level that they entered the process on.  Moving onto the level of Completion.

If any country is a direct threat, or attacks us either at home or overseas, then I feel we have a right to defend ourselves. If the muslims believe we won't do anything to them at all , then we are opening us up to attack.    Referencing WW2 Japan, and Germany.  I don't believe in attacking just for a show of force, but when it is necessary.  I am a veteran of Vietnam era.  And please no ( thank you for serving your country either.) I heard enough of that in my time too.




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SICK: Leprosy On The Rise In Los Angeles 

Ahh, the joys of open borders and Democrat leadership.

California is not just a public toilet but now there is evidence that leprosy is on the rise in Los Angeles County.

Barack Obama changed US law in 2016 and allowed immigrants with blistering STDs and leprosy to migrate to the US.

Medscape reported:

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease, is rarely seen in the United States, but cases continue to emerge in Los Angeles County, a new report says.

“Hansen’s disease still exists, and we need to educate medical students and physicians,” coauthor Dr. Maria Teresa Ochoa from Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, told Reuters Health by email.

Dr. Ochoa and colleagues identified 187 patients with the disease in a review of medical records from their leprosy clinic spanning 1973 to 2018. Most patients were Latino, originating from Mexico, and they experienced a median delay in diagnosis of more than three years, the team reports JAMA Dermatology, online August 7.

Multibacillary leprosy (MB) cases outnumbered paucibacillary leprosy (PB) cases by nearly eight to one (88.6% vs. 11.4%, respectively), and Latino patients were more likely than non-Latino patients to have MB, as were patients from Central or South America (versus other regions).

Most patients (80.7%) received multidrug therapy, and most (92.6%) received antibiotics for more than two years, especially if they had MB.

Only about half of patients (56.7%) had World Health Organization (WHO) grade 0 disability (no signs or symptoms suggestive of leprosy or disability) at the one-year follow-up, whereas 16.0% had grade 1 disability (loss of protective sensation) and 26.2% had grade 2 disability (visible deformity) at the last follow-up.

Among the patients who lost protective sensation, 87.7% (50/57) did not regain it following therapy.

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