White House Chief of Staff: Washington will work better if this president has his way

A senior administration official said Thursday that the solution to fixing Washington is simple: let President Barack Obama have his way.

“Is there one thing you can say to American voters they’re going to see that’s different, given the message they sent on Tuesday?” MSNBC’s Chris Jansing asked White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough.

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"...well, we're going to do it any number of ways." 

I would personally prefer - and recover from easier - watching exposes that the White House has collected of senior members of Congress in not so complimentary positions (theoretically speaking only, of course) than succumb to WH threats of:  "any number of ways."  (that man has a sociopathic smile - you just know the man never received a citizenship or nicest student award when in school... another sick one!) 

You listen to dve huh? :-)

Who is dve? :-)

Its a local radio station here in Pittsburgh, they make these little comedy stints where baghdad bob calls in to the radio station and says crazy shit bout how hes gonna attack America, its funny as hell. 102.5 wdve is the station :-)

Thanks for the info.

Look it up on youtube wdve baghdad bob :-)


Let's see who blinks first. I hope the Republican leaders have the impeachment papers already prepared for MB Barry Hussein (pbuh). The problem is that the communists in the administration will unleash the muslims dogs and create unrest in the black community if their front man is taken down.

Been pushing this factoid since 2009. Now if the Republicans finally figure it out.

That is what they are pushing, even is coming from the rinos.  Keep their rinos on their toes or nothing will be accomplished.

This man is not going to give in to what the American people want. He is as evil as the devil, in fact he just might be him.


He cares NOTHING for America!

Why don't Congress just KICK HIM OUT!

Obama is a fraud PURE AND SIMPLE!

He has no business even in America!






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