White COP Kidnapped and Murdered by Black Men… Where’s the Media?

To the media, all life doesn’t have the same value.

While the examination of the death of Michael Brown consumes newscasts, a dead white cop killed by black men has garnered scarcely any attention.

The incident took place in Waynesboro, Va.

Police Officer Kevin Quick, a member of the Waynesboro Police Department, was abducted by four African-American men. 

The men, who allegedly had ties with a Los Angeles-based gang, took Officer Quick to an ATM to withdraw money.

Quick was then driven to the forest and killed execution-style by the gang members.

It’s alleged that the motive for the killing was to allow the four suspects to move up in the gang hierarchy by proving their toughness.

The case received little to no attention until this weekend, when a letter to the editor in the Lowell (Mass.) Sun brought the case back into the internet spotlight.

“Nowhere in the national media was this murder of a police officer put to paper,” the letter read.

“But when a white police officer shot a black man named Michael Brown in Missouri, it made the national news for months.”

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It is called liberal bias. Watching Al Sharpton take advantage of this, is understanding the buffoon that he is. The Tawana Brawley case of decades ago was his claim to fame, and his learning how easily  he could manipulate the media. It is his life's work and  even though he owes  $4.5 Million if taxes, he does not go to jail, as you or I would.

Al Sharpton got busted by the FBI for drugs and now works as their informant/operative. Which is why he seems to always be 'johnny on the spot'. FBI instigates a lot of the black/white hostility and do their own form of terrorist acts against our country.

It's called state run media. There is no difference between the USSR media 50 years ago and today's USA media except the Soviet media had no choice but to report what the communists made them report, our media does it by choice. Sickening!!


All thugs and their supporters need to be eliminated.



You are entirely right.  Gun up America.

Everybody needs to put the word n-----, back into the white language, it will bring out more attention to them and if we are such racist then all the whites need to go back to the racial thoughts when the KKK was really big.  Time to show these camel humpers, what racial tension really is.  No more false accusations the nation should rise up and show the blacks what real racism is, instead of a white cop being kidnapped should start picking them off the streets one by one and hanging them.

Agree 100% folks, we have to get rid of this black anarchy NOW. !!!

I don't agree with looting and destroying property but I also don't agree with legalizing murder by cops! You idiots have no idea how much police, prosecutor and court room corruption goes on in this country every fing day!

You are right concerning the internal corruption that exists within our government and within our judicial system. I think that many people would be shocked to realize just how deeply rooted this corruption is within our society. There is no doubt that the love of power can corrupt a man or a woman. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely!

But let us not hasten to condemn the vast majority of law enforcement officers who do, in point of fact, serve the public with honor and moral integrity. The fact that you open a barrel of apples and find two or three that are rotten, does not mean that the rot has spread to all the rest of the apples in the barrel.

As a veteran law enforcement officer of many years, I can attest to the fact that there are a few of those I worked with that had the wrong attitude about their authority and their sworn duties to the public. Some, a few, were "badge heavy". Some had no understanding of the constitutional rights of the citizenry they serve, due largely to a lack of education. One of the professors at college, who was the District Attorney of the county wherein I would work as a category 1 police officer stated in one of his lectures to the class that if we one day found that our badge ever got bigger than our heart, to take off the badge and find another form of employment. If a police officer ever looses his sense of human compassion, then he should truly re-evaluate why he still wears his badge of public authority! There is no room for racism in law enforcement, but I do understand the proclivity of some to embrace this errant and hateful belief. We see so much lawlessness on a daily basis, especially within the black community. However, we also see those within this same community who seek to do good and respect the rights of others, regardless of racial ethnicity. As I have said before, the true root of the problems we are witness to in our society is a sin problem. An attitude of lawlessness is growing and it is spreading like a cancer.

Well said. Thanks. My brother is a judge and must deal with the same issues every day.




Political Cartoons by Pat Cross

Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


 Gun Control Crowd Silent After Black Female
 Kills Three In Maryland Shooting 

A 26-year-old female stormed a RiteAid distribution center with a pistol this morning in Aberdeen, MD, killing three before turning the weapon on herself, according to police.

“Our suspect is a lone female suspect, age 26, who had a last known address in Baltimore County. She has died at the hospital from fatal injury, a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler said.

The shooter has been identified by multiple news outlets as Snochia Moseley, a disgruntled temporary employee who also happens to be a black female.

Normally in the case of a mass shooting incident like this, Twitter would be ablaze with calls for gun control measures, inane nonsense about terrorism, labels of toxic masculinity and dismantling gun rights groups like the NRA.

But something is different about today’s shooting: it was not carried out by a white male, leading to deafening silence from the usual suspects in the anti-gun world.

Moms Demand Action, a gun control group partnered with far left Everytown for Gun Safety, has been silent except for a generic “condolences” message posted to its Twitter page.

The group’s founder, ever-outspoken Shannon Watts, has not said a word about the shooting on her active Twitter feed.

There has been nothing but silence from petulant David Hogg, face of the Hitler youth pre-pubescent gun control crowd, who rose to national prominence after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February which killed 17.

Leftist activist Michael Moore has not weighed in, either (literally or figuratively).

Nor is cable news playing the story on repeat with live coverage, a “BREAKING NEWS” chyron, and gun-control activists on call as guests during every segment.

If all of these “activists” truly believed in the cause, shouldn’t the standard be the same regardless of the ethnicity and gender of the shooter?

Big League Politics reached out to Shannon Watts to ask her just that. She did not return our request for comment.

The FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the Maryland State Police, the Maryland Transportation Authority Police and the local municipal departments of Aberdeen, Havre de Grace and Bel Air are all investigating the incident.

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