The AP doesn’t mention that all of these people attacked Trump first, like John Lewis. And it doesn’t occur to the AP that Trump’s success might be in part because of, not in spite of, the fact that he defends himself against scurrilous attacks.

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The biggest news story of the day, apparently, is the dustup between Rep. John Lewis and Donald Trump, about which I wrote this morning. Although the story has little real significance, the Associated Press, the most influential news source in the U.S., spins it furiously to drive its anti-Trump narrative.

Start with the headline: “Trump unleashes Twitter attack against civil rights legend.” Most people only read headlines, and this one gives no clue that it was Lewis, not Trump, who started the fight by saying on Meet the Press that Trump will be an illegitimate president. And Lewis is identified as a “civil rights legend,” not as a hyper-partisan Democratic politician, which is what he is. Now to the article:

Donald Trump tore into civil rights legend John Lewis for questioning the legitimacy of the Republican billionaire’s White House victory, intensifying a feud with the black congressman days before the national holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. and as the first African-American president prepares to leave office.

Enough with the “civil rights legend”! That was 50 years ago, and has nothing to do with Lewis’s claim that Trump is an illegitimate president-elect, or Trump’s Twitter riposte to the effect that Lewis is an ineffective Congressman. Nor does the impending Martin Luther King day, or the departure of Barack Obama from office, have any relevance. These references are just thrown in so you know whose side you are supposed to be on.

And oh, by the way, did you know that Donald Trump is a billionaire? Is that going to be injected into the first paragraph of every story about Trump for the next four years?

Lewis, among the most revered leaders of the civil rights movement, suffered a skull fracture during the march in Selma, Alabama, more than a half-century ago and has devoted his life to promoting equal rights for African-Americans.

Oh, please. Lewis has devoted his life to being a hack Democratic Party politician. John McCain was a hero 50 years ago, too, but has that ever stopped the Democrats from criticizing him? No.

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 I certainly hope so, Paul !!!!  Trumps family seems to be a good start for the Country to start again with a CLEAN SLATE !!!!! 

well, well let's hope so

 I agree with you 100%  Philip, ........However Paul Simmon's assessment of the future is almost as foreboding as 8 more years of OBAMA !!!!

  Within the 8 years (hopefully) of a TRUMP Presidency, the AMERICAN PUBLIC must devise a DEMOCRATICALLY CORRECT way of returning the 2 Party system into a WORKING REPUBLIC AGAIN, without one or both Party's attempting to turn us into a Communist or Fascist State, a Socialist, Progressive, or any other type of Government that we have enjoyed up until 8 years ago when OBAMA tried unsuccessfully ( but damned near succeeded) in "screwing the pooch", BIG TIME. Thank GOD for the success of DONALD TRUMP  to save the day, and our Country in winning the PRESIDENCY......... but as we see, the FAR LEFT, COMMUNISTS and ANARCHISTS, etc. are trying their best to continue their fight to destroy us. This shall NOT occur if we AMERICANS stand together like we did for TRUMP and FIGHT LIKE HELL, to "PRESERVE OUR UNION", (without of course the CORRUPTION, and DIVISIVENESS of PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS that has gotten us into the current mess we face today !!!!)

The FIGHT to PRESERVE AMERICA, is really just beginning !!!!!!! TRUMP will be the TARGET of our ENEMIES, which include the COMMUNISTS and other neanderthals in the Mainstream Media, Academia, and in the Entertainment Industry. These  miscreants are our home-spun enemies of a FREE and UNITED SOCIETY, who must be rooted out, exposed and treated with the same respect that they have been treating ALL of us !!!!!  The time to act is NOW !!!!! WE MUST PREVAIL !!!!!

@Eugene You and I are talking about the same thing. You just call it "democratically correct" because you might feel a need to be politically correct. I don't have that need. I say things the way they are and I do not pretend otherwise. The opposition is our enemy and Trump cannot tolerate it. Unity can only be achieved when the far left, communists and anarchists are eliminated. At best we will institute a sham opposition like they have in Russia to give future elections the aura of legitimacy. After all, we need to appease some of the left wing countries in the world. 

 Paul....... I haven't been POLITICALLY CORRECT since Sherman's March !!!!!!

I was simply referring to the "Democratically Correct" system of Government we have been enjoying since before the onset of OBAMA's TREASONOUS COMMUNIST ADMINISTRATION took over. If you read my last paragraph you will find the last part of it suggests we ............."SHOULD TREAT THEM WITH THE SAME RESPECT THAT THEY HAVE TREATED US WITH " !!!! Let your imagination fill in the spaces !!!!

Again, we are on the same page since we want to determine what is respectful and what an acceptable opposition is. True American patriots cannot allow any kind of opposition or political movement. We need to silence and even eliminate dissent that does not meet the criteria.


I'm with you there, Paul......All the way !!!!!  When you let them go after they try to KILL YOU, they will  only try and try again until they succeed. NOT FOR ME !!!! They keep getting closer and closer to winning the whole ENCHILADA !!!! Obama almost succeeded but fell short of his "Communist backed GOAL", thanks to the emergence of DONALD TRUMP on a White Horse and Stetson to match........both GUNS a BLAZI'N !!!!!!!The enemies fell before him like wheat under the blades of a Harvester !!!! The ONLY thing left for the ENEMIES OF AMERICA is to STOP TRUMP IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE !!!!  The Secret Service, FBI, National Guard and Police from around the Country, will be a safeguard for our PRESIDENT, as will "THOSE WONDERFULLY NASTY  BIKERS from NEW YORK who will ALSO be PROTECTING the MAN, but won't be held back by and RULES of ENGAGEMENT imposed by government Lawyers !!!!! They take no prisoners AND THE AUTHORITIES will have difficulties separating the SLIME PROTESTERS from  NATURAL ROAD KILL !!!!!!

It should be a really interesting Day, I hear Rosie O'Donnell is showing up on her "REINFORCED" Harley, with her "SHRINK" in the Side Car, Flying the ISIS Battle Flag from his ARSE !!!!  As usual....... a very sophisticated entrance from the "BLOATED BITCH OF LEZBIVILLE"!!!!!  All the other HOLLYWOOD MISCREANTS will follow her in their Parade !!!! They say it would be the LARGEST CONGREGATION's of "BENTLEY'S" in the world. Some 5000 last count.

I never heard of this clown Lewis.  If he is such a great civil rights legend for several decades - then why in HELL are there still so many slum GHETOS?  Valerie Jarrett as chief council to Obama is also a slum landlord in Chicago.  Democrats and RINOs are so convinced that Marxist - control - subversion and deceit coupled with hypocrisy are the keys to the pursuit of Happiness?

Gee, you don't think because they are demorats?

  JOHN LEWIS is only someone who, like thousands of other Blacks and Whites who were Beaten and Vilified for standing against SEGREGATION but "Lewis" was somehow designated as a HERO for doing what the other thousands did, yet never were given the notoriety. Now LEWIS is trying to CAPITALIZE on his HERO STATUS by calling DONALD TRUMP, the OFFICIALLY ELECTED AND CERTIFIED PRESIDENT-ELECT of the UNITED STATES....... " ILLIGITIMATELY ELECTED" !!!!!! LEWIS IS NO HERO !!!!!  HE IS A COMMON AGITATOR AND RACE BAITOR like AL SHARPTON and has LOST ALL CREDIBILITY as a FAIR AND REPRESENTATIVE ICON of the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT let alone the person who should decide the LEGITIMACY of ANYONE, especially the MAN who has won, Fair and Square the "PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES" !!!!!

Sit back Mr. LEWIS and dream about your past glory's in Selma, and leave the PEOPLE of AMERICA to decide and to rejoice in the ELECTION of an HONEST and JUST Leader of a Nation that has so much to offer us and the WORLD !!!!

You forgot his extraordinary hearing.  Remember he was the one on the capitol steps who heard a tea party member call him the "N" word.  no one else heard it, none of the recording devices heard it, none of the TV Cameras picked it up.

To me it just proves brain damage from his concussion.  He hears voices.

 Or he "INVENTS" them, Eugene...... as MOST "LEFT WING COMMUNISTS" do, if it serves the Narrative !!!!!

The Democrat Party, Hollywood, the Mainstream Media, and Academia, are RIFE with these MARXISTS and in this past election, the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES rose in unison to refute their claim to AMERICA as a COMMUNIST STATE, and voted into Office, DONALD TRUMP, the antithesis of COMMUNISM, and the most ardent supporter of CAPITALISM that we could have found in America to combat the forces of an Ideology crafted to destroy us.

  Let's join ALL our Forces together now and ACTIVELY SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP, in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!!!!!!




Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Tom Stiglich

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Angry Dem Impeachment ‘Witness’: Pam Karlan Donated Thousands To Hillary And Was On Clinton’s List For Potential SCOTUS Nomination

Image result for Pam Karlan

The House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, kicked off its first impeachment circus Wednesday morning.

The four ‘witnesses’ testifying have never actually witnessed any of Trump’s dealings with Ukraine firsthand — the four witnesses are law professors offering legal analysis.

One of the witnesses the Dems rolled out is an angry Hillary Clinton donor who was on Crooked’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

No wonder why this unhinged, dowdy woman is so pissed off!

“Professor Pam Karlan donated thousands of dollars to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination. So she certainly has no vendetta against President Trump,” GOP Rep. Mark Walker said.

Congressman Walker also pointed out that Noah Feldman, the Dems first partisan witness in Wednesday’s hearing tweeted about impeaching Trump right after he was sworn in.

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

Meet Noah Feldman, House Democrats first partisan witness.

Look at the date of this tweet. He has been trying to get @realDonaldTrump impeached since 46 days into his presidency.

His reason? Trump criticized President Obama.

This is a sham impeachment with sham witnesses. 

Noah Feldman @NoahRFeldman

Trump's wiretap tweets raise risk of impeachment  via @BV

Rep. Mark Walker   RepMarkWalker

The next witness, Karlan, has donated thousands to Democrats and was on Hillary Clinton’s list for a potential Supreme Court nomination.

So she certainly has no vendetta against @realDonaldTrump.

These witnesses are as serious as House Democrats impeachment case: not at all.

The entire sham show trial is stacked with partisan hacks who have wanted to impeach Trump from the moment he won in November of 2016.

Norm Eisen, the Democrats’ counsel who is blasting Trump and questioning witnesses in Wednesday’s show trial, tweeted about impeaching Trump before Donald Trump was even sworn into office!

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