Ted Cruz Strikes Back: ‘Too Many Republicans Willing to Be Complicit’

In the midst of the debate over a mammoth government spending bill, Republicans and Democrats found something to agree on: their dislike for Sen. Ted Cruz, who forced a rare weekend session for the Senate.

But rather than back down, Cruz opted to call out Washington politicians on Sean Hannity’s radio show Monday.

“Too many politicians in Washington don’t believe we can stand and fight,” Cruz told Hannity.

He lamented that Republican leaders frequently plead to put off tough fights for another day, as they wanted to do on immigration. Cruz predicted Republicans once again would find an excuse not to act next year as well:

Mark my words, Sean, the odds are enormous that come January or February, the very same voices are going to say, ‘Well, we’ve got a Republican majority, but we don’t have 60 votes, so we can’t fight yet.’ If we had 60 votes, they would come back and say, ‘You know, we have 60 votes but we don’t have 67. We don’t have enough to override a veto.’

“It’s always, always, always let’s fight tomorrow,” Cruz said. “At some point, what the heck are we doing? Either stand up and demonstrate we believe the principles we keep promising voters … or pack it up already.”

Cruz used the radio show to make a populist pitch. He said during the first six years of Obama’s presidency, “the rich and powerful have gotten richer and more powerful.” He noted that the top 1 percent in America today earn a higher share than in any year since 1928.

“The bigger government gets, the more it becomes a favor factory, the more it becomes special gifts for the powerful and connected,” Cruz said. “So what was the priority of both houses in this omnibus? It was every payoff for all the lobbyists rather than honoring the promises.”

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Ted I like what you say and I like how you say it, keep it up you have my Vote

Ted Cruz for president, Trey Gowdy for SPEAKER of the HOUSE.  "No" is not an acceptable answer.

Amen Brother.  Well said!!

Could not and can not agree with you more fellow patriot as we desperately need these two men in greater power in our Government!!!!

That ticket would be the best ever !

I am a conservative and a strong supporter of Sen. Cruz.  Sick of liberals and Rinos. 


That stands for 


I suspect McCain is getting money from Islam!

I suspect McCain wants our devotion and respect, earned or not.  It should be his because he breathes.  He is the GOP's answer to "Rev." Al Sharpton.

they also took up biz residency in NJ - about 50 miles west of Camden NJ to be close to the New Black Panthers headquarters (a taxpayer funded org.); and also the Port of Oakland - now a port to ship in drugs, out stolen items, in undocumented people - hanging out with the Guv... all the "biz" will help fund the new "military school" in Oakland.  Who's military will these youth be trained for?  To replace law officers?   One of their main goals is to take apart the police in our country and close down the prisons. 




everybody think back to 2009.  Marijuana was legalized in CA - but!! that hurt drug dealers' business, so Obama sets the Feds on legal growers and dispensaries.  Shuts them all down (and all that tax money) so drug dealers get their largest market back.  But with all the border patrol (back then) - and the decrease of profits while legal pot growers/sellers were allowed, Gov. allows use of Port of Oakland without being checked to make up the loss.

In the interim, same port is used constantly (back then - everyone knew it) to illegally send stolen merchandise and other commodities to the Middle East.  This was during the time I still lived there and was being threatened, harassed, stolen from (and a couple failed attempts).  Three cars were stolen - two not recovered.  By luck, my fave - once stolen out of a govt run/city operated parking lot - employees union...  I was lucky I threatened the police to arrest me if I didn't get the car back (knew parking employees had) or they had to write a report - they were refusing to do so; actually never did.  One cop finally gave in and had a talk with the thugs; low and behold - my car magically appeared back in the garage about an  hour later.  I was forced to pay fines the garage imposed - they had taken my receipt at onset of my confrontation and then lost it.  When I tried to leave once I finally got my car back, they made me pay $80 for losing my ticket... the cops were still there - they made me pay it.

A month later, same car...  luckily my father was a big sailor, knew all the other salty dogs in the Bay Area - one of which, just happened to be working on the loading dock the "day" my car arrived there (same one) and was being loaded onboard a ship to Mideast...  it's a unique car.  Anyway, since there was no paperwork/bill of sale on it - and he is one of the few honest workers there, he ran the serial nos. like suppose to...  my name came up as owner - knowing my dad, he called me to ask why I was shipping my car overseas.  ...after we figured out what was going on, he told me to get there stat - he'd hold everything up as long as he could.  Got in my truck and drove over the bridge as fast as possible...  two of the three that had stolen my car from garage were standing there - they'd been paid already; just talking... apparently everyone knows each other well...  I brought pinkslip and told the personnel it was my car - had been stolen; friend of family backed me up.  They refused to take it off ship.  Called port authority, they refused/laughed at me; called Oakland PD, through arguments that I was threatened to be arrested for trespass, they finally consented to me getting my auto back.  But the shipyard workers (union) told me I'd have to pay $800 cash for their hourly wages or they wouldn't get my car off/give back.  Cops agreed with them.  Was told had ten minutes before they left... Went to ATM across yard, withdrew $$$, ran back - paid.  Left truck parked in visitors' parking space close to road.  Drove car back to get friend to come back with to get truck.  When I got back to truck they'd taken plates off (and parking sticker) and I had a ticket for no plates - had to pay that too along with new plate fees and stickers.  Another car had been stolen a yr before all of this - luckily that one I was out of town on vaca when was called to inform of the theft - so the local police there, unknowing at the time, the Governor and union's harassments of me took a report and then called it back into SF.  SF police station was furious with me (for getting the report), so was my employer ...then the AG of CA.    Anyway, had a report.  Six mos. earlier that same car had been stolen and was found by nicer cops in front of the apartment of the original attacker that started the trouble btwn me and the State of CA.  This time not so lucky - right before the Oakland Port incident/theft of that car, I got a notice in the mail from the CA Treasury, that I had to pay a $1400 bond/release on my stolen vehicle to get my driver's license, until it was suspended because apparently the car was  towed from across the street in another town where relatives of the same attacker lived.  It was towed for abandonment and now there was a multi-month storage fee on it besides the towing fee - even though I'd reported it stolen, tow companies are supposed to check these things and report to police... didn't matter (I was told when) a friend drove me the 60 miles or so to recover the car... it was totaled but I had just put new tires on it and the interior was still pristine - only had liability on that one cuz it wasn't new...  we argued the tow/storage guy down to I pay him $300 and sign over title so he could sell the good parts.  With that document the DMV only charged me $400 to reinstate my driver's license.  Then my Toyota - that one after being stolen, I received a photo ticket - guess what a friend of the original harasser!  He was driving my car in TX right north of the border and ran a red light.  I had reported that car to the DMV in person/got documented that the car was stolen, I was no longer the owner - because the police wouldn't take report...  they're nicer in TX - I didn't even have to send her a copy to prove the car had been stolen, she believed me and dismissed the fines/ticket.  Said she would put it on the list for officers to look for; "if" he came back over the border and they saw him, they'd arrest the man.

This is what politicians like McCain (and Brown) do to people when they are complacent and/or just flat out involved in criminals allowed by our Prez (and Governor) to do their dirty work.  The car incidents were minor compared to other things done/attempted.  Millions of Americans have been affected because of RINO GOP politicians voting against the People's interests for their own gains/purposes.

I wish they would just get out of politics and let others who only want to govern fairly replace them.

The fact that the Rebulican establishment hates Ted Cruz so much, kinda' tells me that Cruz is doing something RIGHT! The last time I heard someone who had this clear a vision for American, it was Ronald Reagan.




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