Ted Cruz Press Release: Democrats Block Cruz Resolution to Create Joint Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi Attacks

Press Release of Senator Cruz

Democrats Block Cruz Resolution to Create Joint Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi Attacks

Cruz co-sponsors Cornyn Bill to Designate Fort Hood Shooting as Terrorist Attack

Contact: press@cruz.senate.gov / (202) 228-7561
Thursday, September 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced a resolution, S.R. 225, to create a joint select committee to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attacks from one year ago, last September 11, 2012. On Wednesday, Sen. Cruz requested unanimous consent to introduce and pass the resolution, but Democrats blocked it from consideration.

“On September 11, 2012, four Americans were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack against our embassy in Benghazi and one year later, there has still been no action of reprisal and no justice rendered upon the assailants,” Sen. Cruz said. “Failure to hold accountable the perpetrators of this vicious attack will leave terrorists around the world with the impression that they can kill Americans and escape the consequences, increasing the likelihood of future attacks. The American people deserve to have a complete account from their government of the events in Benghazi before, during, and after the attack.”

The Cruz resolution currently has 19 cosponsors including Sens. Vitter, Blunt, Toomey, Paul, Scott, Heller, Lee, Inhofe, Ayotte, Portman, Coburn, Roberts, Risch, Ron Johnson, Isakson, Crapo, Cochran, Grassley and Enzi.

Additionally, Sen. Cruz has cosponsored legislation, the Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act, filed by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to rightfully designate the Fort Hood shooting as a terrorist attack. In the aftermath of the shooting, the State Department designated the attack as “workplace violence” because the attack took place on U.S. soil rather than in a designated combat zone. This designation has prevented victims from receiving the same awards and benefits as their deployed counterparts who are wounded or killed in the line of duty. The Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act would correct this inequity and provide benefits the Fort Hood victims deserve.

read the text of his Resolution:


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The Democrats are doing their best to stall so it won't effect their bids for re-election or election in 2014. They don't realize it is already too late. Americans are tired of their acts of treason.

It will all be revealed someday.  I suspect that Obama will leave the country after he serves his term, to seek asylum.  Bet Russia wouldn't take him.  

I don't believe that this is about saving Obama! The whole political situation has morphed to the point that Dems are no longer trying to save Obama but the Democratic party and their own jobs.

How can there only be 19 cosponsors? The U.S. Senate sucks

Yeah, the only two Senators not owned by the bankers are Cruz and Paul.  The rest of  them are traitors.

GOD BLESS TED CRUZ FOR STANDING UP AND DOING THIS,(what I have Prayed for someone todo!!). ALL ALONG IT HAS BEEN ABOUT OIL AND GAS PIPELINE TO GO THRU SYRIA!! Anyone in OBAMAs way, well, see?? This is all on OBAMA!! TRESON!! CHARGE OBAMA WITH TREASON! Regardless if he's BLACK,(part Black!!). Anyone who was in it with  him and witness to his TREASON, Investigat them and suspend their OFFICE they hold!! Let us see when they are out of the way, where the other rats are!! Let alone the FED!! What did happen to all the GOLD after they removed it from underground at the TWIN-TOWERS, 9/11/2001. GUN RUNNING!! That is also grounds for TREASON CHARGES, AIDING and ABETTING HE ENEMY, AL QEADA and THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!! The creeps are in the WHITE HOUSE appointed to High positions, and SECURITY!!!! I kn ow what is going on!! I SEE IT EVERYDAY!!! 2+2=4!! 4 DEAD WITH OBAMA LEAD!!!!! I am sick of his blame everyone but him game!! CRIMINAL!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!! UNITED WE STAND!!

CYA. Shame on you people.

Party before country with both of them.

Protecting criminal corrupt government makes them just as guilty.

When this is over I won't settle for anything less than NUREMBERG STYLE TRIALS.

All of them Both Speakers. Pelosi and call Frank and Dodd back for trials. The whole mess of them.

None of this slap on the wrist stuff and relocate them to another job. Napolitano, Sebelius and Bo. We love our country they just love themselves.

Punishment of treason if found guilty too. They're just a bunch of thugs.

Senate is a den of snakes -  Harry and his pals.

Got to LOVE TEXAS . . GO CRUZ . . 

So the twin towers were an act of work place violence because it was on US soil. Lib's always twisting the truth. Ft. Hood was a terrorist attack and our military deserves better than these Obama administration lies.

Americans are sick of the lib cover ups. 2014 is nearer everyday and another opportunity to create change. All of us must vote and not let another opportunity for change to pass us by, another opportunity to take our country back. 

Ted Cruz. Rand Paul and many others have sacrificed careers so the Dems could have their vote .  Most of them are too senile or close to it.  Some of them are still o. k. However, its time for age and term limits and popcorn

yes prez imcluded;. Time for the older Dems to go!


Old Rhinos also ie John McCain and and his sidekick Lindsey.



Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley


GOP Activist Investigating Hillary Clinton’s Lost Emails
Found Dead — Apparent Suicide By Black Plastic Bag Republican activist Peter Smith was found dead in his hotel room in May 2017 in Rochester, Minnesota.

The hotel staff found Smith with a black plastic bag on his head. He was trying to obtain Hillary Clinton’s lost emails.

UPDATE: Mueller and Congressional investigators have interviewed Smith’s acquaintances several times. Our sources say there is much more to this story.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Peter W. Smith, a Republican political activist and financier from Chicago who mounted an effort to obtain former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers, died on May 14 after asphyxiating himself in a hotel room in Rochester, Minn., according to local authorities. He was 81 years old.

Mr. Smith’s body was found by a hotel clerk in the Aspen Suites hotel, located across the street from the Mayo Clinic, according to a Rochester Police Department report. An associate of Mr. Smith said that he had recently visited the clinic. A representative for the facility wouldn’t confirm if Mr. Smith was a patient.

Mr. Smith died about 10 days after an interview with The Wall Street Journal in which he recounted his attempts to acquire what he believed were thousands of emails stolen from Mrs. Clinton’s private email server. He implied that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then serving as the senior national security adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump, was aware of his efforts…

…The police report said Mr. Smith was found by a hotel clerk with a plastic bag around his head attached tightly with black rubber bands. Mr. Smith “left documentation on why he committed suicide, medical records, his written obituary, and life insurance” on a table in his room, the report said.


Massachusetts Man Arrested After Trying To Hire
A Hit Man On Twitter To Kill ICE Agents For $500

A 33-year-old lefty from Cambridge, Massachusetts named Brandon Ziobrowski was arrested Thursday after offering anyone on Twitter $500 to kill ICE agents.

Ziobrowski also expressed his desire to slit John McCain’s throat in several tweets.

FOX News reported:

A Massachusetts man was arrested in New York on Thursday after trying to hire a hit man on Twitter to kill ICE agents for $500 and sharing his desire to slit the throat of Sen. John McCain, federal officials said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts said that Brandon Ziobrowski, 33, from Cambridge, Mass. was charged with one count of use of interstate and foreign commerce to transmit a threat and injure another person for the alleged Twitter posts this year.

Federal officials said Ziobrowski tweeted a murder for hire solicitation to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for $500, and repeatedly tweeted his desire to slit the throat of McCain, R-Ariz.

“The agents and officers out there enforcing federal laws are doing their job, plain and simple,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said at a news conference. “There is a difference between public debate and putting others in fear of their lives.”

Federal officials said Ziobrowski in March started tweeting threatening messages against federal agents that work for ICE.

On July 2, the 33-year-old allegedly tweeted: “I am broke but will scrounge and literally give $500 to anyone who kills ICE agent. @me seriously who else can pledge get in on this lets make this work.”

The Justice Department released a statement on the arrest of Ziobrowski:

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