Tech company CEO who threatened to assassinate Trump . . . is no longer a CEO

What a funny guy! This would impress his liberal friends for sure!

Matthew Harrigan, who up until yesterday was CEO of a tech company called PacketSled, took to Facebook in the aftermath of the election and declared his intention to assassinate Donald Trump. Here is a screenshot of his second Facebook post on the matter:

Tech company CEO who threatened to assassinate Trump . . . is no longer a CEO

The first one said he was going to get a sniper rifle and perch himself where it counts, whatever that means.

Anyway, the PacketSled board didn’t get the joke, and Harrigan is now unemployed.

See? Trump is already killing jobs! Well, only of people who want to kill Trump.

Now clearly, Harrigan is an idiot and shouldn’t be treated as representative of all the people who oppose a Trump presidency. Even most of the protesters and rioters aren’t contemplating anything like assassination.

But I do think it says something about the atmosphere the Trump-haters have fomented, before the election to be sure but especially after it. You’ve got a guy like Joss Whedon going around saying Trump must not be allowed to serve a term - however he thinks he’s going to pull that off - and others acting like we’ve just elected the second coming of Hitler.

Harrigan now claims it was all just a joke:

“My recent Facebook comment was intended to be a joke, in the context of a larger conversation, and only privately shared as such. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not engage in this form of rhetoric with any level of seriousness and the comment most certainly does not represent my real personal views in any regard. I apologize if anything that I said was either taken seriously, was offensive, or caused any legitimate concern.”

Best Regards, Matt Harrigan

Now maybe it was a joke, although his own board called the Secret Service on him, and rightly so. They’d be negligent not to in the event Harrigan actually went out and try to assassinate the president.

But more to the point, why did Harrigan think this would be a funny joke? I’d say in part he thought that because the left has now created such an atmosphere of hate toward Trump that people feel they can openly joke about such things and it will be widely well received by others.

PacketSled should be glad to have a board that recognizes there is no humor in joking about killing the president, and that would be the case if we were talking about Obama, Hillary or anyone. It’s not funny, and now you look like a total jerk. An unemployed jerk, that is.

Good luck in the next job interview asking why you left your last job. I’d love to hear how he explains that one. But maybe they’ll be understanding at Taco Bell.

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some people don't know how to properly use social media and should find better things to do

Harrigan needs to be in Prison, it's illegal to threaten a President or a President - Elect, now if the Secret Service or the FBI will just do their jobs and arrest him, his life will be complete.

10-4 Buddy..!!

This was a very stupid thing to have done  he will be lucky to find a job

My question is how on God's green earth did this idiot Harrigan get to be CEO of anything let alone a Tech company ?  There is a village somewhere missing its IDIOT and his name is Mathew Harrigan ! 

He was placed on Admin. Leave but this says nothing about him being fired.  This is misleading.

He resigned his position.

Where's the arrest warrant?

Even his job wasn't "killed".  It just has a newly promoted, better educated, conservative person occupying it.

Hey Matthew I have learned a large oil field in west Texas has been discovered there perhaps you can find suitable employment there.

No way!!  We don't want that Trash in Texas!!!  Send him to California!!!

Breaks me little bitty heart that Matt is NO LONGER CEO. . . .




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