Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten: My Salary’s Only $360K

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American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten, who was paid $543,150 last year, defended her compensation by claiming her pay is $360,000 and other reported expenses simply prove the union’s “transparency.”

As part of a series of April 28 Twitter posts demanding Congress hike the federal minimum wage to $10.10, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) District 1199 quoted from a January column Weingarten wrote for The Huffington Post.

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“Justice means that hardworking people must have access to a living wage,” Weingarten wrote. AFT paid Weingarten $556,981 in 2012 and $543,150 in 2013.

When her 2013 pay was pointed out on Twitter, Weingarten made an awkward attempt to defend the gold-plated compensation she takes from AFT members and forced “fair share” fee payers in districts represented by AFT:


Note that SEIU District 1199, far from reacting with shock that a leading spokeswoman for government redistribution of wealth took over $360,000 from workers last year, replied to Weingarten, “you do amazing work for working people, children and their families.”


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Again are we shocked ? In the old Soviet Union the party hacks got special treatment and goods. While the common people got crap ! It's the same with all true liberal/progressive/socialist/communists " I'm here for the little people!". Right ! That's why they exempt them selves from Obamacare. Oh it's great for you but not great enough for me and my union or the demo-ratic party in DC. What drivel ! Pathetic people who vote for these charlatans !

What is the matter with teachers?  They are supposed to be so well educated that they can teach our children, yet they are so stupid that they give part of their pay to this woman............for what?  So they can get something called "tenure" that protects them in their job?????????

Exactly....tenure? my ass....I worked in a union job and screw them, I also worked in right to work states. I made damn good money because of what I know not because of money I paid to someone to keep my job. If you are good at what you do the people you work for are not going to get rid of you. And, if they do, then you pull yourself up by the boot straps and go get another damn job. The reason I have my journey mans card is because I have knowledge that they can't take away from me and they aren't going to make me cut my hair. Yes, it's down  to the middle of my back and I'm a man......like I said, they pay me for what I know not how I look. If they don't like the way I look don't hire me. But I never had a problem finding work because I'm good at what I do.

He/she should take some of that money and have a makeover. Fugly is the word...

Her female lover likes her as is!


Yes. Sometime ago I watched a documentary on the White House Corruption. According to this it all started with the Clintons. They figured out a way to "legally"  sell out to the highest bidder. Then came Bush who knew about this but kept quiet. He soon got a "high" on the power that came with it. So now the torch has been passed on to Obama who is running wild with it!

most people only make less than 36 thousand....you are a fraud and just another grey suit that gets away with your puritan...I deserve this and you don't....syndrome. people need jobs..not a hike in the minimum wage...then 3 years from now you will want the min.wage raised to 15 bucks per hour.....what about more jobs to open the job market, and allow businesses to create more openings and expand.....now Obama wants higher electricity rates, higher gas prices, more taxes, more laws and mandates...your puny min.wage hike wont even begin to make any diff.

When are the union members going to realize they have been had.  When I was young, my dad was in a union and they did things for their members, a lot of things, even Christmas parties with gifts for the member's children. Of course that was a bribe to potential future members.  In any event, they have lost their way over the years. Dues by the billions are going to political endeavors rather than members needs.  Jobs have been driven overseas due to union greed.  I don't care how much responsibility this woman has, it is not worth half a million a year.

And the saying goes...........It's for the kids!!!!!!!! ya right.

Amazing work?

How amazing is that?

Proof positive you don't always get what you pay for...Semper Fi Nam 66-67




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