Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump answers questions after speaking at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies in Nashville,...When Donald Trump proposed mandatory deportation of illegal aliens, pundits and politicians on both sides of the political aisle were appalled. But on this issue it looks like Trump has the public on his side.

The fire from the right was almost as fierce as that from the left. "It's not conservative and it's not realistic and it does not embrace American values," said Jeb Bush.

Sen. Lindsey Graham called it "absolute gibberish."

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer called the idea "crackpot" and "morally obscene."

But the prize for overheated rhetoric goes to Hillary Clinton, who said Trump wants to "literally pull people out of their homes and their workplaces, round them up, put them, I don't know, in buses, boxcars, in order to take them across our border."

So what do these folks say about the fact that the majority of Americans back Trump on this?

The latest IBD/TIPP Poll asked 913 adults coast to coast if they "support or oppose mandatory deportation of illegal immigrants in the U.S." Not surprisingly, 87% of Trump supporters back the proposal.


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California may be run by crazies, but there is a large cadre of intelligent folks of all races and ethnicities. In 1994, there was a Proposition 187 on the ballot to stop giving illegals government benefits and health care except in dire emergencies.

The bill passed with a 78% majority.

Of course, after an extended battle,  a "progressive" communist judge was selected to review the ballot and he determined that it was unconstitutional. Leftists blame this on the demise of the Republican Party in CA.

The tens of billions it has cost California taxpayers, bankrupted hospitals and clinics and destroyed the Mexican family structure cannot be calculated.

Like Lyndon Johnson's Great Society destroyed the black family, the overturning of the proposition created a large population of government dependency of a people that are traditionally hard working and proud.

Why is it that a 78% majority cannot upend and boot the crazies?

...and why haven't they called for impeachment of the commie judge?

A man should have no concern for the thought of another if what they represent is sin, like Tresspassers, perverted gays, transvesters, murder's (Abortions) and so on, ALL forbidden now forced on our children. That's called rape of your morality,  a war crime. Done here to us citizens and our children, to prove Islam is right, our leaders have produced a place of sin,  is what Islam needed, proof....

I know someone from Mexico and they believe that we owe it to them and their people to let them come into this country illegally. Also if these people want to protect these illegals then let them feed, house, and take care of them with their own money. I am getting sick of these liberal scum acting like illegals are the best thing since slice bread.  And democrat bob casey calls them undocumented citizens .

Carson is rising but I cannot vote for anyone that would create a national crat majority via illegal invasion / pathway to citizenship. Carson supports a pathway so even if he wins he would be the last republican president ( see Calimexico'socialist voting pattern).

I don't see Carson as promoting a pathway to Citizenship that is any different from out existing laws.....guest workers, yes.....but they would not be citizens.

Only by tried and true application can a guest worker become a citizen.

Now, if Congress mucks up current law and opens floodgates, that is a different horse.

But I do not see Carson advocating for opening any floodgates.

Check my reply to Joanne

click here ....  My Reply

911 -

Have you read Dr. Carson's stance on Immigration Reform?   He wants to create a Guest Worker Permit like Canada offers.   He doesn't get it.  

Canada's southern border is America.

America's southern border is the gateway to Hell...3rd world countries of Mexico, Central America, South America and every 3rd world loser from any country who wants to illegally cross our border.    He is comparing apples to oranges.

Trump has a great plan:  Build the wall & deport illegals.  Period.


So, help me.
I don't get it either.
#1 They have to leave America
#2 they have to have a job offer and get a visit to legally enter
#3 they are not citizens and have no citizen rights

Sounds ok to me

What am I missing?

Eisenhower deported illegals to give jobs back to returning servicemen from WWII. Other presidents did it and history does not record it. Google it and see that this is standard practice before liberals decided to destroy America. Other eras actually wanted to embrace and protect America and the America worker. Then came the liberals.

I hear that Ben Carson is going up in the polls. That worries me. Will he have the same agenda to deport illegals? Nothing else matter right now but the border sealed, illegals deported and the Iran Deal stopped. Day Two - go to our liberal propaganda educational system and stop brainwashing our school children with anti-American history and sociology. Day Three - stop this insane practice of no term limits for our Congressmen/women!!! Tell the Supreme Court they need to go back to the Constitution and quite changing the Constitution. STATES RULE - YOU JERKS!! You do not!!!  Our Congressmen/women no longer represent America or our voice. They are strictly in it to bow to peer pressure of the Chief Mucky Muck (does any other title better fit Obama???).

What does Ben Carson actually say, anyway??? I know what Trump says and he is our only hope. I don't think Carson has the same moxie - and believe me, after Obama - we need moxie!!!! I could care less about the estimated cost of deportation. It is either deportation or the loss of the American culture and political system.

Jo Anne,

Strange that you voiced concern about Carson's position on immigration.

I received , from Ben Carson, one of the most sincere packages ever ffrom a politician.

In it he lists 12 reasons why he would make a good President.

Notably none of those address immigration.

There is a website...votesmart...that has catalogued candidates positions. It states the Carson, like most all other candidates would NOT go on the record on a number of issues.

Click here....   The votesmart website

For Immigration they provide a link to his position

Click here.........   Carson Immigration Prescription

His comments are not as forceful as Trump's but it appears the cover letter to his "Pledge" request he does say ...we must secure our borders

but in the link he lays out a sensible plan that includes border protection, employers, and guest workers. To be a guest worker, one has to leave the USA to re-enter legally.

He does not address "anchor babies"

So, I think in his quiet, reserved way is is for sensible immigration.

It would be so much easier if they would just say...we start by enforcing existing law....and consider other facets later...........even if they are pressed into details, they can use event triggered milestones vs time triggered milestones.

So....I feel ok with Dr Carson but would encourage him to be more forceful on immigration and give it higher priority

Dr. Carson would make a great Surgeon General.

Thank you my911. I agree that straight talk is more to my liking. Every word carefully monitored is difficult to process for specifics. That is why I love Donald Trump! Everyone gets his message loud and clear! He has no patience with protocol or legislatures or analysis. Trump fully understands that he has to use all the power of the presidency to undo all the power that Obama gave the presidency.

I do like Ben Carson but I think our nation is too far gone for him. We need Trump.

And, since my husband just told me that Obama has the votes for the Iran Deal, I am going to sign off in disgust AGAIN from this Tea Party discussion site! I had to quit the Tea Party chats (again in disgust) after the miserable Republican vote to support Obama's amnesty. Now, our miserable Republican congressmen/women are going to vote to allow his Iran Deal. There is no longer any point in politics. It is hopeless and we are stupid pawns in a political system that does not represent us.

I think Trump and Carson are both saints to sign on to that world, but I think they and Cruz have the true grit to help America. However, with our current system of putting lifers in Congress, we are a doomed nation. Thank the Supreme Court for that one. I want the list of Republicans who vote for Obama's Iran Deal and for them to be harassed by the Tea Party members for the rest of their lives.

We talk and talk and then our own elected misrepresent our orders. It is no longer God Bless America. It is God Help America!




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Political Cartoons by Tom Stiglich


Breaking — West Virginia Lawmakers Invite Persecuted Pro-Second Amendment Counties In Virginia To Join Their State

West Virginia lawmakers introduced legislation to invite persecuted pro Second Amendment Counties to join their state.

The West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution to remind Virginia residents from Frederick County that they have a standing invite — from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia.

West Virginia freedom fighters broke away from Virginia Democrat slave owners during the Civil War.

This week West Virginia has once again invited persecuted Virginia pro 2-A counties to come join their state.

Sounds like a winning plan!

Resolution 8 reads as follows:


(By Delegates Howell, Summers, Shott, Householder, C. Martin, Hott, Graves, Cadle, Barnhart, J. Jeffries, Maynard, Phillips, Foster, Hamrick, Steele, D. Jeffries, Wilson, Waxman, Bartlett, Paynter, Linville, Sypolt, Bibby, Hill, Ellington, Higginbotham, J. Kelly, Mandt, Pack, Dean and P. Martin)

[Introduced January 14, 2020]

Providing for an election to be had, pending approval of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and a majority of qualified citizens voting upon the proposition prior to August 1, 2020, for the admission of certain counties and independent cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the State of West Virginia as constituent counties, under the provisions of Article VI, Section 11 of the Constitution of West Virginia

Whereas, The Legislature of West Virginia finds that in 1863, due to longstanding perceived attitudes of neglect for the interests of the citizens of Western Virginia, and a studied failure to address the differences which had grown between the counties of Western Virginia and the government at Richmond, the Commonwealth of Virginia was irretrievably divided, and the new State of West Virginia was formed; and

Whereas, Such division occurred as the Trans-Allegheny portions of Virginia perceived that they suffered under an inequitable measure of taxation by which they bore a disproportionate share of the tax burden; and

Whereas, That this perception was further compounded by the effects of a scheme of representation by which Trans-Allegheny Virginia was not allowed to have its proper and equitable share of representation in the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, That this arrangement arguably resulted in the tax dollars of Trans-Allegheny Virginia being used to enrich the Tidewater through internal improvements which did not benefit the people of Western Virginia, while the people of the Trans-Allegheny had little to no say in how their tax dollars were allocated; and

Whereas, Though this course led to an irreconcilable division, and the subsequent formation of West Virginia, yet, the longstanding peaceful cooperation between this State and the Commonwealth of Virginia is a sign that such separation, undertaken even under the most challenging and onerous of circumstances, can, with the passage of time, yield lasting results which are beneficial to both sides; and

Whereas, In the intervening years, the same neglect for the interests of many of the remaining counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia has allegedly been evidenced by the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, Particularly, many citizens of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont contend that an inequitable measure of taxation exists by which they bear a disproportionate share of the present tax burden of the Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont also believe that, currently, a scheme of representation exists by which the citizens of Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont do not have a proper share of representation in the government at Richmond; and, consequently

Whereas, The people of the Southside, the Shenandoah Valley, Southwestern Virginia, and the Piedmont believe that their tax dollars are used to enrich the Tidewater and Northern Virginia through internal improvements which do not benefit the people of these other parts of Virginia, while the people of these other parts of Virginia have little to no say in how their tax dollars are allocated; and

Whereas, In recent days, these tensions have been compounded by a perception of contempt on the part of the government at Richmond for the differences in certain fundamental political and societal principles which prevail between the varied counties and cities of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, In the latest, and most evident, in this string of grievances, the government at Richmond now seeks to place intolerable restraints upon the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution to the citizens of that Commonwealth; and

Whereas, The Legislative body of West Virginia believes that this latest action defies the wise counsel which has come down to us in the august words of our common Virginia Founders: as the government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that tribune of liberty, Patrick Henry-who stated to the Virginia Ratifying Convention in 1788 that “The great object is that every man be armed. Everyone who is able might have a gun”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of a Signer of the Declaration and premier advocate of American independence, Richard Henry Lee-who stated in The Federal Farmer that “To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of that zealous guardian of our inherent rights, George Mason-who stated that “To disarm the people…[i]s the most effectual way to enslave them”; and

Whereas, The government at Richmond now repudiates the counsel of the declaimer of our independence and theoretician of our freedoms, Thomas Jefferson-who stated in his first draft of the Virginia Constitution, that “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms”; and

Whereas, The Boards of Supervisors of many Virginia counties and the Councils of many Virginia cities have recognized this dangerous departure from the doctrine of the Founders on the part of the government at Richmond; and

Whereas, These Boards of Supervisors and Councils have passed resolutions refusing to countenance what they affirm are unwarranted and unconstitutional measures by that government to infringe the firearm rights of Virginians; and

Whereas, The actions of the government at Richmond undertaken since the recent general election have, regrettably, resulted in unproductive contention and escalating a lamentable state of civic tension; and

Whereas, That, as has been proven in numerous instances, such as have been observed internationally in more recent times with the peaceful dissolutions of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, and the creation of South Sudan, or, earlier in Virginia’s own history, with the formation of Kentucky, the peaceful partition of neighboring peoples can occur, and, is often very beneficial to both sides in reducing tensions and improving the tenor of discourse over ongoing political and societal differences; and

Whereas, Article VI, Section 11 of The Constitution of the State of West Virginia explicitly permits additional territory to be admitted into, and become part of this state, with the consent of the Legislature and of a majority of the qualified voters of the state; and

Whereas, In a spirit of conciliation, the Legislature of West Virginia hereby extends an invitation to our fellow Virginians who wish to do so, to join us in our noble experiment of 156 years of separation from the government at Richmond; and, we extend an invitation to any constituent county or city of the Commonwealth of Virginia to be admitted to the body politic of the State of West Virginia, under the conditions set forth in our state Constitution, specifically, with the consent of a majority of the voters of such county or city voting upon such proposition; and we hereby covenant that their many grievances shall be addressed, and, we further covenant with them that their firearms rights shall be protected to the fullest extent possible under our Federal and State Constitutions; and

Whereas, Providing that the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia shall give its assent to any county or independent city presently part of the Commonwealth of Virginia having the opportunity and ability to do so, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Legislature of West Virginia.

Trump Holds Rally in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

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