I like your rhetoric Kathi and I hope that you mean it. But if you really mean it, fly the Confederate Flag. The US flag is the McCain Flag, the black supremacy flag that they use to wipe their butts on (see the pictures?), the flag of the dictator obama and his posse of black supremacy that has been praised and falsely lied about by conservative republicans for decades. You sound righteous, but so did so MANY conservative republican traitors for over a decade, as they slipped daily DEEPER into becoming raving lunatic black supremacist, traitors. Soon blacks gangs will increase there home invasions, raping, murdering and perhaps devouring white families. I know you may think that even saying that is crazy. Maybe when you see more murder it will convince you. So many conservative republicans have to be smacked in the face with reality before they believe, even then most continue to believe the lies hammered into them by years of media propaganda. It takes mental toughness, a high IQ, knowledge and the ability to forecast, in order to be able to predict the heinous intentions and murderous proclivities of millions of coddled commie,  black and moslem killers who consider themselves above the law. Only one out of every ten thousand conservative republicans possesses even a shadow of that ability. Most of the believers in black supremacy, Islamic goodness, communist heroism and Fox media and Commie media fairness, WILL NEVER CHANGE and will always be enemies of the majority. Why? Because their brains are fried by decades of 24-7 commie propaganda hitting them in every orifice. The structure of their soul was tainted by years of knowing lies. Why? Because most of them are cowards and too soft to deal with reality. If we had stopped the commie media 40 years ago, all those with a proclivity to cowardice and betrayal would not have been turned into zombies by the communist monolithic media. The media monolith must be raised to the ground and an objective media governed by strict laws of objectivity, must arise like a Pheonix from its ashes.

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