Pity the poor citizen of a totalitarian country who appeals to his government for redress of a grievance. The act of challenging the wisdom of those in power by signing a petition has frequently resulted in secret police kicking down doors in the middle of the night to haul the hapless sap off to Siberia or worse.

Thank God that can’t happen in this country (yet). The worst that can happen to you for opening your mouth here is to have your intelligence insulted by a form letter from your senator. Savor this excerpt from Diane Feinstein:

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for repealing the recent health reform law. I appreciate hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to respond.

In 2010, President Obama signed health reform legislation known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. The ACA will help drive down health care costs for families, reduce the federal deficit, and take significant steps toward ensuring Americans have access to affordable insurance options regardless of their income level or health status. I support the ACA … The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has repeatedly analyzed the fiscal impacts of the Affordable Care Act and found each time that the Affordable Care Act will save the federal government more than $100 billion over a ten year period.

One wonders how long it has been since this form letter was last edited. We understand why she doesn’t mention Senator Max Baucus’s comments about the coming “train wreck.” Maybe that’s in his form letter. Does Harry Reid’s form letter state emphatically that Senators and Congresspersons are not exempt from the Obamacare exchanges and in fact can’t wait to sign up?

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The inmates are running the sanitarium!

I believe all of the progressives use the same letters and just sign their names. This sounds exactly like the crap I get from Levin and Stabenow.

Here, here...me too.  Don't you just love those generic letters sent out. 

I believe all of the progressives use the same letters and just sign their names. This sounds exactly like the crap I get from Levin and Stabenow.

Big brother did an outstanding job sending guns into Mexico getting a border agent killed. Big brother did an outstanding job siding with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Big brother did an outstanding job getting four Americans killed in Benghazi running guns and screwing up a kidnapping attempt on the Ambassador. Big Brother did an outstanding job spying on conservatives using the IRS. Big brother did an outstanding job targeting news reporters who threatened their agendas. Big brother did an outstanding job protecting vital government secrets with Snowden. Someone tell Big sister to shut the hell up!

Form letters are akin to the way that politicians do their jobs. What's worse is, they more than likely don't even write it, they have some incompetent staffer compose the thing and won't even proofread it.

Sort of the way legislation is passed in both houses.

The Congress people are working for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.  They do NOT Work for you, this is what has been happening all along, just people was, and is ,,not paying attention.  Barack Obama is the CEO of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. also,, he does not care about you or your life, and never will

These are the elites, brainless bunch of SOB's! REMOVE FROM OFFICE!!


Senator Feinstein is just another "Progressive Socialist" who is intent upon turning America into a third world COMMUNIST nation!

Hey this old broad and her hubby have made Billions from our tax dollars and will continue to do so as long as the B***ch stays in power. Google Blum and Feinstein scams. Funneling military contracts to hubby's consortium while on the military budget committee ect. 

Then, She ought to know, she can KISS MY CONSERVATIVE ASS TOO. Treasonous Bitch




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President insults leftists during social media summit

The president made reference to the Antifa attack on gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo in Portland last month.

“Do you ever notice they pick on certain people?” asked Trump.

Embedded video
Michael Sheridan@MSH3RIDAN

"Did you ever notice they don't come after Bikers For  Trump?"@realDonaldTrump calls out ANTIFA for the wussies that they are.

“He would tell you he’s not the toughest person physically in the world – they don’t go after Bikers For Trump, you ever notice that, they don’t go after our construction workers who love us, they don’t go after the police,” he added.

Trump went on to further insult far-leftists, joking, “They live in the basement of their mom’s home,” while asserting that they all had skinny arms.

“But they have the black masks on and they have sticks, they hit people in the face, in the head.”

“But you ever notice Antifa’s never there when we have a bikers rally….they’re never around, they’re always there when you have a single guy protesting in front of a school,” said Trump.

Trump then made reference to his administration’s move to withdraw federal funding from educational institutions that don’t allow free speech on campus.


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