Sen. Marco Rubio praised President-elect Trump's statements about Cuba on Sunday and slammed President Obama for what he described as a "pathetic" response to Fidel Castro's death.

Rubio, himself a Cuban-American, said during an appearance on CNN's "State of the Union" that he hoped Trump would roll back America's newly opened diplomatic relationship with Cuba if the Raul Castro regime did not make some concessions to the U.S.

"I'm a lot more confident in him doing it than I would have been in Hillary Clinton doing it," Rubio said of Trump. "So far he has said all the right things."

The Florida Republican had called Obama's statement of condolences to the Castro family "pathetic" on social media Saturday. He defended the dig on Sunday.

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 I say we ship these a**hole Hollywood/Sports Stars to exile in Cuba! These people are leaches.... Hypocrites.... So done with the phony crap! The poor Cubans that fled that evil regime have had to live in America without the opportunity of ever seeing their family members again in Cuba.Castro... pure evil! And Obama sits with him at a baseball game... What a slap in the face to Cuban Americans. No wonder they voted for Trump! Obama is warped!


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