Pro-ISIS Muslim Prof in Pennsylvania is Paid w/Taxpayer Money

The last time Kaukab Siddique, a Pakistani Muslim professor at Lincoln University, a taxpayer funded black college in Pennsylvania made headlines, he was denying the Holocaust and calling for the destruction of Israel. On his Facebook page he states, "Know the Jews and you'll know your enemy".

He's only grown more charming ever since as he is once again in the news for explaining that unlike Muslim women, American women are "sluts".

Kaukab Siddique obviously views Americans and American women with contempt. He views Muslims as superior. His comments echo those of Muslim Brotherhood figure Sayid Qutb in "The America I Have Seen". This view of American (and non-Muslim) women as immoral is how Muslims justify the rape of non-Muslim women.

But just like Qutb, Kaukab Siddique has views much more toxic than these. Islamic Supremacists usually do. So let's get back to his claim that “no American Muslim is a terrorist.”

Kaukab Siddique's page has had photos repeatedly shared promoting Al Qaeda by Ron Tucker aka Atiba Abdullah Al-Amin. Tucker appears to work for Abacus Security, which claims that it provides services to State and Federal agencies. Siddique has also defended Al-Awlaki.

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I was wondering what is stinking, stinking worse than raw sewage.  Wolfiepoo's mooslime profs in PA.  Like a cockroach infestation in a slum, they are everywhere!

Why the hell do we put up with such crap-teachers??????

Because we have a crap president, see the connection??

Why are my taxes being used to pay this Professor? Stopped spending money we can't afford.

If they weren't paying him here to teach his ways to our young they would just send the money to alqueda or come to think about it I seem to remember a lot of commercials to help feed the starving in Africa before obama took over and I don;t remember seeing one commercial to help feed the starving in Africa since obama took office. Could that possibly explain a major portion of our deficit? Are we funding two nations on our tax dollars? No one will give me a straight answer on that question. Did Africa all of a sudden six and a half years ago find some new wealth that was hidden? Did Africa find some new crop and are now able to feed their starving?

I.m surprised that a few good, and loyal Patriots have not beat the crap out of that Prof yet and put him on a slow boat back to the middle on a destroyer full of Marines.....

Why doesn't he just go home?  We know obama loves terrorists so he won't do anything about it.   A REAL president would have him deported.

if PA would wake up  they could get him fired.  They must scream about this.

There is a time and place, for everything. Compliance to obey orders, kept the border patrol from Trump.

To take back ours, compliance and laws, need to be broken.

If we had an American in the W.H. this crap would not be going on! Time for an EXTERMINATION!!! Starting with the POS in the W.H.!!!

Hey i am a natural born usa citizen and i am so pissed off that these foreigners   come to the usa to soak up everything we are and than have the nerve to tell people  women are sluts and Israel is bad.  He and everyone else who do not like Americans  get the hell out of the usa and go back to where you came from. No one asked you come here and it is an insult to me that my tax dollars are going to support your wages as a professor.

Pardon the adult nature of what I am about to say in response to this idiot professor.

I am going to let you in on something I heard from a Vet returning from Afghanistan.  When asked if he met any nice women there he responded, "No they are not supposed to associate with Americans but they do. Because they have to have their virginity intact when they marry, they become butt sluts or resort to other methods other than actual intercourse."  So while Muslim men might think their women are pure, in many cases they just find a way around intercourse but they are far from pure!

That is why they mutilate the women's genitalia because they can't be trusted any more than any other man or woman who wants to sleep around.  The only reason many of their women don't fool around is that the mutilation they were subjected to removed any hope of experiencing the usual pleasure women have during sex. 




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Deep State Treason:  Former State Dept. Official Under Trump Tells China To Quit Negotiating Until Trump Is Removed In 2020

Deep state traitors no longer hide their deep hatred for the American people —

Mrs. Susan Thornton, the former acting assistant secretary of state in the Trump administration, told her Beijing audience to stop negotiating until President Trump is removed from office in 2020.

Until July 2018, she was Acting Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs at the Department of State and led East Asia policy making amid crises with North Korea, escalating trade tensions with China, and a fast-changing international environment.

The Conservative Treehouse and The South China Morning News reported:

A former official in the Trump administration has said that China can weather the storm brought by the trade war with the United States but might have to “keep steady, keep their heads down and wait” for change in the White House.

Susan Thornton, former acting assistant secretary of state to US President Donald Trump, told a gathering in Shanghai on Wednesday that she hoped a trade deal between the US and China could be concluded by next month.

But the reality was that it would “take a while” for China and the US to talk about cooperation again, Thornton, who in 20 years rose to become the US State Department’s chief negotiator for East Asia and Pacific affairs, told the South China Morning Post.

“I want to be optimistic,” said Thornton, whose 27-year career in Washington ended in July. “I tell all our foreign counterparts they should keep steady, keep their heads down and wait. [They should] try to not let anything change dramatically.”

“If this sceptical attitude towards talking diplomacy continues in this administration, you might have to wait till another administration,” Thornton said at an event held by National Committee of US-China relations and Shanghai’s American Chamber.

Embedded video
EAP Bureau    @USAsiaPacific

Acting Asst. Sec. Susan Thornton and EAP team en route to her nomination hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! 


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