Police Can Ransack Your Vehicle Without Your Presence?

police check car for drugs

A Tampa man is upset after returning to his expensive, decked out business truck after a concert to find it had been broken into and trashed. When he read the 2×3 scratched out note attached to the truck, he was most surprised to see that it was from Tampa police.

Sir, your car was checked by TPD K-9. The vehicle was searched for marijuana due to a strong odor coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. Any questions call Cpl Fanning.

That was the only notice left behind. Of course, no drugs were actually found.

POLL: Is the United States becoming a Police State?

Unfortunately, they ripped out the very materials he needs to run his business – like horns that no longer work and expensive electronics. And they are going to fight any legal attempts for compensation.

The department says it was legal, but an attorney said it’s an illegal search and only allowed under extreme, urgent circumstance.

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We are living in a "Police State" folks.............What can you say? 

I guess Brelan-Fayette Knighten said it all......"TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE HAS BECOME....TO SEARCH AND DESTROY!  We are now the subjects of the governing powers and fit only to be ruled.


Al is right!

There are elections coming up.  In some places there will be local offices (including Judgeships) on the ballot.  

As always, it is OUR responsibility - and duty - to be aware of a candidate's record if he/she is an incumbent.  If they do not show a clear record of supporting the types of decisons you feel are appropriate - vote for someone else!  It would be wonderful if you can find out the position(s) taken by the other candidate; however, even if the other candidate is an unknown, you may still want to consider a change in that office.  It may be better to install an unknown than to keep in office someone who you know does not support your wishes.  

If this type of change becomes standard operating procedure, people voted into ofice will know that if they do not represent the wishes of the majority of their constiuents, their political career will be short lived.  

We have to remind elected officials that it is US that are the bosses in this relationship.  

Get informed! . . . and . . . go to the polls and VOTE!

Yet another example of the Gestapo overstepping their bounds.  The police feel that it is their right to break the law and destroy a citizen's property.  I hope this guy not only sues the city of Tampa, but the Tampa police department and the individual Tampa storm troopers responsible for the invasion and destruction.

An interesting comment from the article:

Absolute Immunity

There are things that could be done to reign in questionable behavior by police and other public officials.
1. Eliminate both “absolute and qualified immunity” for ALL public officials. If public officials (yes, this includes police officers and their administrators, firefighters, prosecutors, court officials and all other “public servants”). If they knew that they could be sued personally (and possibly lose everything they own), they would tend to behave themselves.
2. Establish and enforce an “video audit trail” whenever there is interaction by any public official with the public. In the case of police and firefighters, no “video audit trail” would mean the inadmissability of “evidence” as well as censure and immediate dismissal with loss of pension if public officials’ fail to assure that this “video audit trail” is present. “Equipment malfunction” would not be a valid excuse. A “video audit trail” works both ways and would also do much to eliminate the possibility of frivolous lawsuits by the public against public officials as well as assure that public officials “behave themselves”. This is especially true in police interrogation rooms where police-coerced “false confessions” occur with alarmingfrequency.
3. Prosecutors should be subordinate to the grand jury. Grand juries should be able to indict without needing the prosecutor’s “permission”. Of course, there would be NO absolute or qualified immunity for prosecutors or grand jurors.
Police agencies should not be allowed to “investigate themselves”. Outside, disinterested agencies should do the investigating.
4. Civilian police review boards should be mandatory–they should exclude anyone who has a police background or relatives of police from serving. Civilian police review boards should be able to bring up charges against corrupt police officials and officers as well.
These three changes would put the public on an equal footing with our “leaders” (who are actually supposed to be subordinate to us citizens).
There have been many cases where people who have been legally recording police (mis)behavior have been harassed by police, their equipment damaged or destroyed, and charges brought against them. This police misconduct must stop! Severe punishment should be meted out to those public officials who interfere with lawful recording by citizens.

Authority does not replace morality and Florida is becoming one of the worst offenders.

Recently within the last year my neighbors house was nearly destroyed inside . He was in Iraq . His brother was there . The police were more interested in the friends but they tore up the house anyway . These activities are going on in every state . But you will notice that It does not happen to people that have the money to wage a legal war . 

Sue them till they bleed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again... first it's killing your son when he answers the door with a game player remote in his hand... now we have to watch our personal property from being vandalized by the LEO's!!

It has begun a while ago, what used to be protect and serve officers are becoming militarized predators. I fear the kettle will soon come to a boil.

Not onlyg should this man be compensated for the damage done.    The individuals envolved must be

fired and never permitted to work as cops again

Protect is a G- Dam word that needs to be taken out of any thing relateing to Goverment or State Goverment Or  out of law Keeping ie Police That word should have never been allowed to Refere to any of thoes mentioned ,it's an improper use of the word they DO NOT PROTECT NEVER HAVE, AND NEVER WILL.  POLICE AT BEST ,SERVE AND ASSIST PERIOD AND THAT IS ALL THEY WILL EVER BE.!




Political Cartoons by Al Goodwyn

Political Cartoons by AF BrancoPolitical Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


SICK: New Jersey Awarded $3.8 Million In Financial Aid To Illegal Aliens

 A local news report revealed that the state of New Jersey awarded $3.8 million in financial aid to illegal immigrants during the 2018-2019 school year.

According to a report from NJ.com, the state of New Jersey gave $3.8 million in financial aid to 749 illegal immigrant students in the last academic year. More than a quarter of the funding went to 328 illegal immigrants that attend Rutgers University.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a law last year that allowed illegal immigrants to apply for financial aid. Prior to the signing, illegal immigrants were permitted to apply to pay in-state tuition at public universities but they were not eligible for financial aid.

Murphy, who supports the spending, hit back at Republican critics by arguing that giving financial aid to illegal immigrants is compatible with American values.

“I’d even invite any of those folks who have that attitude, beginning with our president, to come on into this room and allow me or any of us to say, ‘This is the United States of America,’” Murphy said at the time.

David J. Socolow, executive director of the state’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority, defended the state’s decision to offer financial aid to illegal immigrants.

“This financial assistance offers these New Jersey students a life-changing opportunity,” Socolow said in a brief comment.“The successes of these first 513 students, who are now attending county colleges, state colleges and universities, and independent institutions around the state, will have a positive impact on countless additional lives.”

According to the report, there is currently no limit on the amount of illegal immigrant students that are permitted to receive financial aid from the state of New Jersey. State lawmakers forecast that they will spend approximately $5 million on financial aid for illegal immigrants each year.

Video: Flashback: NJ Governor signs bill allowing free tuition for illegal immigrants

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