Pepsi admits its soda
contains cancer-causing ingredients
by Dave Hodges
{} ~ When the Center for Environmental Health released test results showing that Pepsi intentionally covered up the presence of high levels of 4-Mel in its popular soft drinks in 2013... the company denied both the presence of this chemical in its beverages and the fact that it was dangerous. 4-Mel, which is short for 4-Methylimidazole, is a compound that is formed in the manufacturing of caramel coloring, and is a known carcinogen. Since then, the drinks maker has fought against complying with California state requirements to place a cancer warning label on the beverages that contain the ingredient, which include not only Pepsi, but also Diet Pepsi and Pepsi One. Now, a settlement in a class action lawsuit against Pepsi has gained preliminary approval from a federal judge in California. As part of the proposed settlement, Pepsi has agreed to ensure its caramel coloring’s 4-Mel levels do not exceed 100 parts per billion in products that are being shipped for sale within the U.S. They will also be required to test the soda using specific protocols... 

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That's a great reply

This comes to no surprise. Remember when Coca Cola had actual cocaine in it and Faygo had on its bottle labels the warning that its product causes cancer in laboratory animals. I thankfully gave up drinking soda especially Mt Dew a few years ago but I see people at work drinking it like it's liquid crack. There are better things to drink and remember this is also a company that has it in for President-Elect Trump and his supporters just like the Kellogg's Company.


Yes I do recall the CocaCola issue. I just wanted to let our members know of the Pepsi issue. I really don't connect politics with drinking cola or any other drinks. That's a different story.




EXPLOSIVE Press Conference w/ McConnell


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